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Healthy Food Tips for Budget Conscious Homemakers


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Healthy Food Tips for Budget Conscious Homemakers

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Healthy Food Tips for Budget Conscious Homemakers

Table of Contents
Onion Bread
Traditional Noodle Making
Other Healthy Food Options
Healthy Hamburger
Spinach Salad
Natural Soups
Carrots and Orange Soup
Mung Sprouts
Traditional Spice Masala
Preserving Peas
Easy to Make Tomato Sauce
Making Traditional Yogurt
How to Make Perfect Yogurt
How to Prevent the Yogurt from Getting Watery?
Knowing More about Buttermilk
Traditional buttermilk
Making Butter Out Of Cream
What Are the Health Benefits of Buttermilk?
How Do You Make Traditional Buttermilk?
Spicy Salt
Author’s Bio


A healthy family is a happy family...
I was just looking through a large number of diet plans available in magazines, as well as on the Internet, when I noticed that many of these diet items were quite beyond the budget of an average budget conscious homemaker.

In fact, many of these items included rather exotic ingredients like dry fruit, nuts, avocados, olive oil, tuna and salmon, which though may be easily available in many parts of the world, are still beyond the reach and budget of a number of us, in other corners of the compass.

How many of us eat dry fruit regularly, especially almonds, raisins, pistachios, regularly with our meals? They are supposed to be very healthy, but for many of us, these are ingredients which are used on festive occasions to add that extra touch to Christmas puddings, special cakes and even meat dishes.

In order to keep healthy, in many parts of the world, especially when one is on a limited budget of a salaried breadwinner, limited by his paycheck, one needs to look at the best healthy food, without compromising on quality, quantity or trying to make do with second-best.

While asking my colleagues and friends for ways in which they kept healthy on a strict budget, I found out that a large number of them considered healthy food to be boring. Besides, they did not bother much about the budget, but they were indulging themselves in food, which they wanted to eat right now and their diet could go out of the window.

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