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Fearsome is the Fakahatchee

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This eBook, written by Charles LeBuff, launches his first volume in the new L. G. Clark South Florida Trilogy series. LeBuff’s fictional trilogy is a series of novels pertaining to major crimes that occur in Southwest Florida’s Collier County, but which have ramifications and storylines that spill over into other parts of South Florida. LeBuff has tapped into many of his own life's experiences to develop the characters, plots, and locales incorporated into this series. Fearsome is the Fakahatchee is in a small part a spin-off of LeBuff’s previously published, but now out of print in paper, best-selling historical Florida novel, The Calusan.
Fearsome is the Fakahatchee begins when two tropical botanists discover a frightening and grisly situation; a crime scene deep in the remote and wild Fakahatchee Strand of Collier County, in Southwest Florida. The head of the county’s Major Crimes Unit, womanizer and country music fan, Captain L. G. Clark takes the lead in the ensuing complicated investigation. Through a complex series of methods and interactions he, with the help of his two new undercover agents, struggles to close this bizarre and brutal murder case.

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