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A Devil In The Pines II, New Blood

A Devil In The Pines II, New Blood

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A Devil In The Pines II, New Blood

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Dec 22, 2014


It’s three years after Jason and Bobby meet up with
the Jersey Devil. They are determined to find answers
to the questions that have been haunting them ever
since their first encounter. The only way to have
their curiosity satisfied is to go back into those dark,
eerie Pine Barrens on the night of a full moon.
In “A Devil in the Pines II, New Blood,” Jason and
Bobby gather all their courage and go back to their
old friend Jack’s house, which sits right smack
dab in the middle of those scary woods. Even though
Jack warns them that the night they want to go is
the most dangerous night of all...they don’t listen
and go anyway. They wish they would have listened.
Dec 22, 2014

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A Devil In The Pines II, New Blood - Stephanie Armiger



In the first book, A Devil In The Pines, Jason introduces us to the Jersey Devil and his mysterious legend. In this book Jason continues his story and we meet the Devil again. We learn things that have never before been revealed. We find out where he comes from, why he likes a certain part of the Pine Barrens, and why his legend never dies. Maybe there’s a reason it’s been kept a secret so long.

So, if you really want to find the answers, be brave, and read on.

The italicized words are from the original legend.

In the legend of the Jersey Devil, Mother Leeds says:

If I ever have another baby, then let it be a devil!

Apparently the Prince of Darkness was listening, and Mother Leeds’ wish came true.

I agreed with Dad when he said that all the Pine Barrens meant to him were darkness, death and nightmares. And as far as I knew, the biggest nightmare was still alive and living in those woods.

Some people say you should forget the past and move on, but how can you when it follows you around like a dark cloud? I felt it, I smelled it, and it haunted my dreams. I was driven to find some kind of answer. For three years Bobby and I did research. Were the Jersey Devil’s killings random? Did he hold grudges from when he was human? And who the heck was he? We wanted to know, yet, maybe we didn’t. The 50s had turned into the 60s, and we had finally built up enough courage to resume the hunt. We had found other folks who said they had seen the Jersey Devil, heard him scream, or had an encounter with him. All of this helped to convince us that we weren’t crazy. Yes, I felt a bit better…but I never felt safe again.

It was the end of the summer back in 1956, the night our mom was killed. Bobby was only five when it happened so he didn’t remember much. But we both remembered our mom, and we miss her to this day.

She was always there for us. She was the kind of mom who would

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