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Fear To Live For

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It's all about making the right choice.

Andrew Jonah Peters has spent all his life making choices. Some of them as trivial as which candy to buy while some of them as life-changing as choosing which parent to live with after their divorce. Every moment has been filled with the fear of losing oneself because of the bad choices. Of regretting not taking what the heart desired for. And then came 'he'.

In one encounter with 'him', Andrew was forever changed. There was a way to figure out his heart's desire: through fear. And so started the fall into the addiction of the thrill. The thrill of planning. The thrill of anticipation. The thrill of a successful execution. But there must always be a price. The addiction grows all-consuming within him.

And when the secret he hides behind his 'normal teenager' life is exposed to the world, everything changes. Nothing is the same and Andrew has to face it all with the addiction demanding satisfaction as well. And so in the darkest moments of his life, a question arises from within: Should I live in this harsh world or should I escape into the soothing death?

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