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Feather for Hoonah Joe: Alaska Can Be a Very Small Place

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Sal Kindle has been sprinkling the pages of the feather series with so much homespun grit, that it's hard to imagine that an octogenarian can really develop any more facets to her earthy personality. Her husband, Joe Michael, doesn't think so either, which makes life all the more interesting when the two of them not only take on a new business venture, but also discover there's more to Sal than anyone dared imagine.

Within the scenarios of Hoonah, Alaska, Rhinebeck, New York, and brief moments in Sitka, Alaska, and New York City, new adventures for Mara, Doug, Joe, and Sal lead to even more new adventures--right up to the clifhanger of an ending that will leave you either grabbing the arms of your chair, or frantically checking the battery level of your e-reader to make sure you can make it to the end of the story in time to find out what really happens.

Feather for Hoonah Joe is the fourth in the Feather series of mystery novels and some say it is one of the best in the series.

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