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Quick Guide to Making Easy Money Buying and Selling on EBay

Quick Guide to Making Easy Money Buying and Selling on EBay

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Quick Guide to Making Easy Money Buying and Selling on EBay

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Feb 6, 2015


Need some extra cash or a home based business? The solution is as easy as eBay! Learn the details of making a nice income from Lee James, a successful eBay seller. Making money is fun and you never even have to leave the comfort of your home!

Feb 6, 2015

Über den Autor

Lee James is an eager writer and entrepreneur with an obsession to be successful. Failure isn't an option nor acceptable in the difficult world we live in. Lee learns quickly and writes everything down for your benefit. Learn from the best and get ahead of the rest!

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Quick Guide to Making Easy Money Buying and Selling on EBay - Lee James

Quick Guide to Making Easy Money

Buying and Selling on EBay

By: Lee James

Edition 2

Copyright 2013 Lee James

Published by Lee James at Smashwords

Share Knowledge Publishing

Table of Contents

About the Author


Chapter 1 - Opportunities on EBay

Advantages of EBay

Recent Changes to EBay

What to sell?

Chapter 2 - The Basics of Starting a New profile

Basics to Start Selling

Set Up Site Preferences

New Account Locked or Restricted


Chapter 3 - Buying on EBay


Search Techniques

What to Buy

Buying Opportunities from China

Art of Auction Bidding

Second Chance Offers

Shifty Shipping

Getting Blocked

Buying Bulk Wholesale

Leaving Feedback

Chapter 4 - Selling Basics

Fixed Price or Auction Format

Variation Listings

Writing the Listing Title and Description

Chapter 5 – Shipping and Packaging

Shipping with USPS

Delivery Confirmation


Proper Packaging

Mailing Objects in a Basic Envelope

Mailing First Class

Mailing Priority Mail

Flat Rate Packaging

Regional Rate Packaging and Prices

Media Mail

Parcel Post

Dates on the Shipping Labels

Lost in the Mail


Other Shipping Services

USPS Packaging Supplies

Printing Tips

Chapter 6 – Art of Selling

Profit Margins and Pricing

.99 Cents or Less Sales


Selling Jewelry

Selling Clothes

Listing for Free

EBay Fees

Sales Ranking

Chapter 7 – General Seller Issues

Unpaid Item Case

Customer Use and Abuse of Opening Buyer Protection Cases

Avoiding Mistakes

Customer Service

Getting Negative Feedback

Multiple Seller Accounts

PayPal Chargeback

Opening an EBay Store


Listing Services

Free Listing Templates

Slow Sales

Chapter 8 – Glitches and Common Mistakes


Browser Issues

Missing Description

Error When Listing

Quantity Discrepancy

Item Description Freeze

Free International Shipping

Return Address

User ID Photo Not Displaying

Ship Notice Not Showing

Tracking Data Not Automatically Uploaded to PayPal

EBay Shows Sold but PayPal has No Record

Payment Icon Not Showing Paid

Disappearing Links

After a Move

Getting Charged for Free Listings

Can’t Pay a Seller

Item Never Sells

In Conclusion

Dedicated to all the Struggling People of the World

About the Author

Lee James began a career in sales very young beginning at age four with painted rocks sold to neighbors and helping out at family businesses through childhood. After almost forty years experience it’s still a passion and lifelong obsession to sell products that people want.

Lee has had many jobs including sales, customer service, and working for the post office which offered valuable behind the scenes experience in shipping packages. Accomplishments include obtaining a college degree in business and operating several eBay stores.

After being asked constantly for advice on how to sell using eBay, Lee decided to write a book and share this exciting money making opportunity with everyone!


Welcome to Quick Guide to Making Easy Money Buying and Selling on EBay. If you’ve always wanted to try selling on eBay but didn’t know where to start, this book is for you! Maybe you’ve tried selling but didn’t stick with it or couldn’t find products to sell. There are solutions you weren’t aware of and now making money on eBay is easier than ever!

Are you short on time? That’s not a problem because this is a quick guide that’s written without all the hype or fluff and gets straight to the point. If you’re looking for a great home-based business that can be done without ever leaving the comfort of your house, you’ve found it! Perfect for stay-at-home Moms, people with health problems, or anyone wanting to make money!

This book is an essential must have tool for anybody wanting to be successful selling on eBay! You’ll benefit from valuable information and techniques meant to complement eBay’s existing data base of instructions for buying and selling. Detailed explanations on various subjects such as: the art of bidding, tricks of sales rank, best ways to ship products, cost cutting tips, common mistakes and glitches, how to search for great deals, creating impressive listings, how to be successful and more! Everything you need to make extra money or a living on eBay is right here within these pages!

Chapter 1 - Opportunities on EBay

EBay has opened up a whole new way to buy and sell for millions of people. It can be considered a year-round, always open garage sale for the average person. EBay can mean increased sales for established businesses as a valuable tool for reaching new buyers. And even a safe and secure platform for international buyers and sellers to trade goods with limited risk.

EBay continues to grow and change into the worlds preferred way to buy and sell. The possibilities are limitless and now it’s even easier than ever for the average person to make good money on eBay.

Whether you’re selling a product currently not offered or simply buying items at a low price and reselling them with a nice profit, it all can be done on eBay. In some situations you never need to leave your house, doing everything on eBay, from buying to selling. Open your mind to new avenues of making money by following your interests. Motivation comes naturally when you’re doing what you love!

Advantages of EBay

EBay has leveled the playing field for all sellers by allowing everyone the same tools to succeed in sales. The little guy can easily compete with big business and thrive. Because customers choose purchases based on a variety of reasons, a new seller is just as likely to make a sale as more established businesses.

Some of the main benefits of eBay are the Best Match default line up in search results. This means eBay places the best sales listings at the top of the list which has nothing to do with lowest price. This keeps profit margins up and sales high without destroying the value of merchandise. Some of the other online sellers sort products by price only which tends to favor the lowest and can continually lower profit margins.

Anything is possible on eBay! Buyers pay what they want in auction format by placing bids. An item in high demand may sell for far more than you could ever imagine. On eBay the value of an item is based on customer demand and not cost to produce or provide.

A high buy it now price may be purchased because the buyer doesn’t want to wait for an auction to end. Surprising sales are common on eBay because of the many variables including timing, demand, number of interested buyers, and listing choice. This makes selling very exciting and can even be an addiction for some people.

Items that couldn’t easily be found before can be located in minutes. Complete inventories can be searched on eBay by anyone doing a Google search. This puts your item in front of many potential buyers that other websites cannot offer. Traffic directed to eBay is far greater than what the new seller with a website can generate alone. EBay is an established automated way to sell that anyone can utilize.

Because of the internet and eBay, the average person can sell items

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