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Must Love Dogs How To Form Friendships With Dogs And Teach Your Dogs With Kindness


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Must Love Dogs How To Form Friendships With Dogs And Teach Your Dogs With Kindness

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I have had four generations of Beagles.

My last Beagle was the great-granddaughter of my first.
So I have had experience with dogs from the cradle to the grave.

This eBook includes:

How to introduce yourself to, and make friends with, dogs.

How to teach your dogs with kindness, affection, praise and play.

How I taught my Beagles to come when I called them.

How I house-trained my Beagles in 2 days.
And the effect lasted a lifetime.

How I taught my Beagles to walk off-lead safely through the inner-suburbs.

How I taught my Beagles to cross busy main roads safely.
None of my Beagles were ever injured while crossing roads.

How I got my Beagles over any fears.

How to be a leader and not a subjugator.

And, why abusive dog training methods such as:

being the Alpha Male or Female;
using fear, intimidation and guttural sounds;
using rejection as a weapon;

are so common.

Often ineffective.

And, always unnecessary.

Dogs, in their natural state, do not use rejection, crates, choker chains or head-halters.
But, incompetent dog trainers do.

This eBook is about love of dogs.

Enjoying dogs.
Playing with dogs.

With Walks, Play Dates, Beach Days, . . .

Whether you have a dog.
Or, not.


About, teaching dogs with kindness.
As one friend to another.

This eBook is not about dominating dogs.

And, my kindness approach works.

Because dogs do like to please those who are kind to them.

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