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A Second Chance (Chance Series , #1)

A Second Chance (Chance Series , #1)

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A Second Chance (Chance Series , #1)

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Sep 30, 2013


Rayleigh Bell is your typical everyday high school girl. For years she has been bullied for being overweight and not blending in with the right crowds. Never making friends, constantly left alone, unless being tormented on a regular basis, she decides enough is enough, and convinces her parents into moving away. New look, new town, new school, this is her new start. When she meets football player Tate Davis, they spike up an unlikely friendship that has his girlfriend, Courtney, beyond pissed. She doesn't like the idea of her boyfriend spending so much time with the new girl in town. When their friendship blossoms into something more than Rayleigh could have imagined, will Tate`s determination of staying friends with Courtney, keep Rayleigh and him from being together? Or will they overcome it all and have the happy ever after they both want with each other?

Sep 30, 2013

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A Second Chance (Chance Series , #1) - Isabella Bearden


Chapter 1

My name is Rayleigh Bell and I recreated myself. 

Have you ever been the one kid in class that was picked on constantly, because of your weight or for wearing glasses or just being different? That was me. I was the kid in class that was taunted and picked on every day from being overweight, to the hideous glasses I had to wear on a daily basis. And the clothes that I had were nowhere near close to being popular to me or anyone else. I was always short and stubby, until I found kick boxing.

I started kicking that bag before my last year of high school and the weight just fell off. More than one hundred pounds all together. All the anger that was built up in me from all the teasing and name calling-I just kicked it all away. Then I got contacts, got rid of the glasses, stopped dying my hair black, and let my natural auburn hair grow out and got it cut into layers that cascaded down my back. I also got myself a new wardrobe. But there was one thing that l wasn't looking forward to, my senior year. I wanted to move, to get out, a whole new beginning.

To Start over.

Luckily, my family agreed with the decision I had made, so me and my mom and dad, along with my twin brothers, just up and moved. My brothers didn't mind, since they were only in the sixth grade and didn't have many friends anyway, and my only best friend was my Great Dane, Tiny. We named her Tiny because when we got her, she was tiny enough to slip through the picket fence around our old house. She wasn't even close to being Tiny anymore.


It's moving day. I listen to my iPod all the way there; Wide Awake is playing in my ears.  Someone taps my knee. I turn from the window and look at my mom who's trying to speak to me.

What do you think of the neighborhood so far honey? My mom asks me.

I look around and realize that we must be nearly there. We pull up to a white house with blue shutters that looks really homey. We all get out and walk up to the house just as the movers back the truck up in the driveway.

My parents found a house with three bathrooms, which means not only do I get my own room, but I get my own bathroom too. I walk into my bedroom to see not only do I have a bathroom, but I also have something I never imagined. I open a set of French doors and step onto my very own balcony taking in my surrounding's. Before I could enjoy the scenery and the sun on my face, I hear some guys yelling next door and the sound of a basketball bouncing away. I couldn't see them from where I was standing, so I decided to walk back down stairs to help unload the truck, as I was about to make my way down, my mom stops me.

So what do you think? she asks, looking around the house.

I like it, Mom. It's so different. Thank you for my bedroom, I say with a smile. I start to walk away, but stop. Mom, have you seen Tiny? Tiny usually follows me everywhere, but I haven't seen her since we got out of the SUV.

Check with your brothers, she may be with them, she says. I nod my head as I walk outside to look for her. Glancing around, she wasn't in the front yard, and I peeked in the backyard expecting her to be rooting around in the abandoned flower beds, but no Tiny.

Is this your dog?

I turn and standing there is the most handsome guy I've here seen-with a basketball in one hand, a smile on his face, and my tiny sitting obediently at his feet.

I couldn't help but too look, he is muscular and tall with brown shaggy hair. I try not stare, but damn, he is so fine. I see him starting to chuckle, I'm pretty sure there is drool coming from my mouth now. Pulling my gaze from this fine guy, I straighten myself up.

Yes, she wandered off when we all got out of the car. I'm sorry if she bothered you.

He bends down to scratch Tiny's head, and then smiles up at me. Nah, she isn't bothering me. He looks down at Tiny and loves on her some more. Are you the new neighbor? He asks me, while standing up.

Yeah. I'm Rayleigh and this big baby here is Tiny. I state, pointing at Tiny.

Rayleigh. He says slowly, as he lets it roll off his tongue, eyeing me. I'm Tate.

RAYLEIGH! I hear my name being called.

I'm sorry, that's my dad. He must be looking for me to help move some things in.

Yeah. I've got to get back to my game anyways. I'm assuming since we are next door neighbors that we will be going to the same school.

Uh, yeah I believe so.

Well if you ever need a ride or anything just let me know.

Sure thing. I bent down to grab Tiny's collar to walk her back to the house, as I look back up, I see Tate's green eye's burning into mine. Oh his eyes are going to be the death of me.

RAYLEIGH! We hear again.

I'M COMING! I shout back to my dad.

I'll see you around.  I tell Tate as I turn away to walk back to my house.


I get back over to my new home and spot my dad talking to the movers. I walk past him, telling him I would be right back, so I can put Tiny in the house, making sure she wouldn't run back next door.

I walk back outside to where my dad is in the moving truck moving boxes to the front.

Sorry dad. Tiny decided to pay our new neighbors a visit.

It's okay. Just need to get this stuff inside. Grab those two boxes there and take them inside where they belong. My dad states to me.


As I pick up 2 light boxes, I hear someone behind.

Do you need any help? I jump dropping the boxes I had.

I hear him move behind me, I look over and see him bending over and help pick up the boxes. I'm sorry; I didn't mean to scare you.  I look up to acknowledge him, getting trapped in those green eyes of his. I just thought maybe you could use some help. He states.

Uh, thanks but I think I have it. I tell him with an apologetic smile.

As I was about to excuse myself, my dad clears his throat from inside the truck. I look up and see my dad standing close enough to see what is going on.

Dad, this is Tate. Tate is our next door neighbor.

Nice to meet you, Tate. If you would like to help, you can grab a couple of boxes and follow Rayleigh inside. I look at my dad and give him an evil face, as he just smirks at me.

Oh this should be interesting.

Tate grabs two boxes and follows me inside, I tell him just to sit them down in the kitchen. As we are about to head back outside to get more boxes, my mom comes down stairs.

Who is this, honey? She asks, I can tell by her voice she is curious.

Mom, this is our neighbor, Tate. We met a few minutes ago, when Tiny decided to pay him a visit.

Oh, Well nice to meet you, Tate. I'm sure you already met my husband.

Yes ma'am. He answers.

Before my mom could say anything else, I excuse us to go grab more boxes. Tate walks ahead of me, when my mom holds me back.

Well isn't he a cutie. She says, shoving me a little.

Yeah, I guess. I tell her, like I haven't even paid an ounce of attention to him.

Chapter 2

After unloading everything and getting my room organized, I look at the clock and see that it's almost 11 o'clock. We moved right when school is starting back, so I knew this weekend was all about getting prepared.

Saturday morning came bright and early. As I get up to get ready for the day, I hear some kind of commotion outside. I walk to my french doors and look over towards Tate's house. There was a man and woman outside yelling at each other. The man was getting inside of a car with his briefcase. I guess Tate doesn't have the best home life.

Seeing the man leave, I went to get ready for the day. I put my hair up in a messy bun, apply a little amount of make-up, along with denim shorts and a tank top and slid on my flip flops. 

I walk down stairs, hearing dishes banging against each other.  I turn the corner and see my mom cooking breakfast and my dad looking for something in the kitchen.

Good Morning. I tell both of my parents as I pour myself a cup of coffee. 

Morning Sweetie. Mom says as she gives me a kiss on the cheek, as my dad waves to acknowledge me.

Whatever he is looking for, he isn't giving up on it so easily. I stand by the counter as I sip on my coffee, while my mom finishes up breakfast. As she adds the finishing touches, my brothers come running down stairs fighting over which of them Tiny, gets to sleep with. 

I put my coffee down. Hold up, rug rats. Tiny is not sleeping with either of you. She is sleeping in my room like she always does. I tell them sternly.

I don't want my brothers thinking that just because we moved means things are going to change. Things are going to be just the same way as before, just in a completely new neighborhood.

Okay. The twins say in unison.

I pick up my cup, and face my mom. So mom, since school starts Monday, can we get the supplies that we need? I ask her.

My mom knows that I like to be organized and ready. I don't like being behind or anything when it comes to school.

Mom nods her head yes, as she starts lifting the eggs out of the pan onto a plate. "I already made plans for all of us to go get school supplies." Mom says looking at my brothers. They always pitch a fit when it comes to going school shopping. But me on the other hand, I love it.

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