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The Rise: Kroth 3


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The Rise: Kroth 3

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His genius for adaptation gives recent immigrant Duncan Wemyss the chance to win some security even in the fantastic environment Down Under, where the sky gapes below you and the ground is overhead.

But the Antipodeans are restless and ambitious. They are searching for a leader to rescue them from the horrors which ooze from under the South Pole....

A review from the renowned historical novelist Dee Swift, author of A Divided Inheritance, for the first in the series, The Slant.

There is a lot of humour ... but there's also enough danger and tension to make you want to carry on reading... The strength of the writing is in the imagining of a world with fewer, simpler laws and what that might mean for a human trying to survive in it.

A review from Ann E. Edwards...

This is a brilliant book. The writing is fluent and easy to read and the story carries you along on a huge adventure into a realm which is very different to the one we live in. You share young Duncan's trepidition, as he feels his way through the challenges that face him. This book is for all sci-fi enthusiasts, young and old.

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