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Auf der Höhe Zweiter Band
Auf der Höhe Zweiter Band
Auf der Höhe Zweiter Band
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Auf der Höhe Zweiter Band

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Berthold Auerbach, eigentlich Moses Baruch Auerbacher, (* 28. Februar 1812 in Nordstetten (heute Ortsteil von Horb); † 8. Februar 1882 in Cannes) war ein deutscher Schriftsteller. (Auszug aus Wikipedia)
Erscheinungsdatum27. Dez. 2015
Auf der Höhe Zweiter Band
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Berthold Auerbach

Berthold Auerbach (1812-1882) was a German-Jewish author and poet best known for his novels and short stories, which often focused on the lives of rural and working-class people. Auerbach was born in the Black Forest region of Germany and grew up in a poor family. Despite his lack of formal education, he developed a love of literature and began writing poetry and prose in his early 20s. Auerbach's breakthrough came with the publication of his novel "Spinoza" in 1837, which won him widespread acclaim and established him as a major literary figure in Germany. He went on to write numerous other works, including the novel "Barfüßele" and the short story collection "Schwarzwälder Dorfgeschichten" (Black Forest Village Stories), which is considered one of his most important works.Auerbach's writing was known for its realism and its sympathetic portrayal of ordinary people, especially those from rural and working-class backgrounds. He often drew on his own experiences growing up in the Black Forest and his observations of the struggles and joys of everyday life. His works were widely read and translated into many languages, and he was highly regarded by his contemporaries, including other prominent German writers such as Goethe and Heine. In addition to his literary career, Auerbach was also involved in political and social activism. He was an advocate for Jewish rights and worked to promote education and literacy among the lower classes. He was also involved in the 1848 revolutions in Germany, although his political views moderated in later years. Auerbach passed away in 1882 at the age of 70, leaving behind a legacy as one of the most important writers of 19th-century Germany. His works continue to be read and studied today, both for their literary merit and for their insights into the social and cultural issues of his time.

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