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Federal Government Committing Federal Crimes (for 29 Years)?/Unabridged: President Obama's 'Covert-Lawlessness'

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President Obama's 'COVERT-LAWLESSNESS': Today, it is important for the Public to be aware of how dangerous and ‘UNCONSTITUTIONAL’ it is for the US Federal Government to have the “ABSOLUTE POWER” to secretly disobey and to not enforce the 14th Amendment (to provide all its citizens “equal protection of the laws” against Crime and Racism) as President Obama continues to secretly maintain and enjoy His UNCIVILIZED ‘RACIST GRIP OF CRIME AND TERROR AGAINST HIS KIDNAPPED AND TORTURED’ Asian-American Hostages who still seek TRUTH AND JUSTICE after being severely punished and confined by the US Federal Government (for 29 years) for being the ‘INNOCENT VICTIMS’ of Federal Crimes by NBC.

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