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Queen Mother (Secrets of the Night "Creatures", #2)

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Zephora had always been the one to know when things were to come. She'd had the ability of foresight for as long as she could remember. Her role as Queen Mother has been one used to guide others and to protect her people. She has suffered great losses, but has dealt with them and persevered. At least that is what she thought.

You get two novellas in one book.
Finding out the two boys that were stolen from her at such a young and impressionable age is one thing. Learning that those boys grew to be men and have led an army that have done unspeakable things to their people is another. She faces a decision that no woman, let alone mother, should ever have to face.
Does she carry out her duty as Queen Mother and take their lives? Or does she decide as their matier (mother in the Y'satnaf language) to allow them to live with the families they've just begun?
Decisions. Decisions. Her people grow impatient and so does her family. What will Zephora decide?

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