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A Second Yes

A Second Yes

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A Second Yes

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Feb 28, 2015


Caroline Haid’s first marriage was necessary and unpleasant. When her husband died, she promised herself she would never marry again. Now that her brother is willing and able to provide for her, Caroline has no need for a husband. Her promise seems easy to keep.

Until Jack Spencer begins to complicate her life. She can’t stop herself from falling in love with him. That love makes her question not only what she needs, but also what she wants. And now Jack is the one looking for an answer.

Feb 28, 2015

Über den Autor


A Second Yes - Charlotte Thorpe

A Second Yes

a novella

Charlotte Thorpe

Copyright 2015 Charlotte Thorpe

All rights reserved. Before Someday Publishing

Smashwords Edition

A Second Yes is a work of fiction. All names, characters, places, events, etc. are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.

~~ ~~

Texas 1886

Caroline knew Jack Spencer was going to be trouble the moment she laid eyes on him. Mostly because he had eyes on her… dark, brooding eyes that contained a strange mix of appreciation and fear.

She’d known him almost six months and the appreciation had grown considerably while the fear had lessened to the point that she knew she should be afraid. I don’t think they wore masks, he said now, those dark eyes daring her to argue with him.

Caroline happily obliged. Of course the thieves had their faces covered.

But if Anna could identify them, we could send the sheriff after them.

If we caught the outlaws, the stories wouldn’t have any.

Jack released a hearty laugh. You mean to tell me it’s the same five men responsible for all the mischief in your stories?

Every bit of it. She wondered if he really hadn’t picked up on that fact – she described them the same way every time – or if he only wanted to hear her defend herself.

Caroline’s brother, Sam, owned half the ranch where they lived. He and his wife were content to let her entertain the room with a story regardless of how little sense it made. Jack, who owned the more exasperating half of the ranch, always pointed out flaws. He seemed to actually delight in finding them.

Stories need villains, Caroline said, but I prefer to think of most people as incapable of such atrocities. So it’s always the same men. Or one of the men.

Here I thought we were unlucky, Jack said, to have so much trouble on our land. But we’re just bad at chasing it away? He lifted his eyebrows incredulously.

Caroline lowered herself into a chair. She typically stood when her storytelling got exciting. She had just been imagining Jack’s heroic rescue though and now he was looking at her so intently she might be on the verge of actual swooning. The man had no idea how unfairly he fought. You… and Sam… you do a wonderful job chasing off the thieves. This time and every time. It’s just that Anna is uncommonly pretty. Anna was also imaginary. Caroline had invented a young charge to star in her stories.

Ah. Jack sat back as though he’d understood.

He was likely biding his time for another interruption. Caroline tried to return to her story anyway. Let’s see, she said. Jack had successfully untied Anna. Sam, meanwhile, bound the hands and feet of her captor and left him in the cave. Jack wrapped his strong arms around Anna and assured her that she was safe. Then he rode faster than the wind to bring her back to me.

Until tomorrow, Jack mumbled.

Caroline ignored him. Anna was delighted to be reunited with me and with Ruth, she flashed her sister-in-law a smile, and the three of us spent the evening in the kitchen making up a special meal to reward the men for their daring rescue. But Sam was so hungry he ate it all before Jack could get much.

Hey! Jack looked at Sam as though he really had been that greedy.

Sam held his hands up in a gesture of innocence. Why do I always end up in the middle when you two are going at it?

We are not… Caroline sputtered. She did not like the insinuation that there was anything between her and Jack, not even an argument. I’m only trying to tell a story.

It was wonderful as usual, Ruth said. It was nice to have another woman in the house, especially one who could be counted on to be on Caroline’s side.

But here’s what I want to know, Jack said.

What? Caroline waited less than patiently for him to poke yet another hole in her fantasy.

If we left one of the men tied up in a cave, can we expect no more than four to cause trouble from now on?

Of course not.

Uh… Jack looked at her expectantly.

Well, naturally his friends go and untie him later.

Why didn’t you say that?

Caroline tried to glare at him. She knew he was being difficult on purpose. Unfortunately, she also knew that he knew she was enjoying it. It would ruin the happy ending.

Mock disapproval appeared on Jack’s face. Then why did you tell me?

Why did you ask? You know the story has to end happily.

He only smiled smugly.

Don’t worry, Caroline, Ruth said. We’ll separate that detail from the real story.

"I know you will. Caroline smiled at her friend. And tomorrow… I’ll tell you what I envision happening on Anna’s nineteenth birthday."

Sam nearly jumped from his chair. "That’s my

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