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Fearproof: How to Overcome the Paralysing Power of Fear

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FEARPROOF is thoroughly biblical, easy-to-read and very relevant.

It may come as a surprise, but the most common command God gave people in Scripture was: ‘Do not fear.’ Why? God knows our human nature and its propensity to fear.

Fear permeates all aspects and strata of society, is found in all personality types and attaches itself to all the pursuits of human beings. Learning how to cope with inevitable and wide-ranging fear is one of the most important and liberating lessons we can learn.

One of the keys to effective Christian living is to make right choices. FEARPROOF will help you discover:
+ How to unmask, identify and define fear so we can deal with it
+ How to limit the damage that fear seeks to do to us
+ How to reject fear as a permanent resident in our life
+ How to no longer live with debilitating and crippling fear
+ How to confront and face fear with tenacity and determination.

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