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Samarpan (Giving up all the activities unto Supreme Soul)


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Samarpan (Giving up all the activities unto Supreme Soul)

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Samarpan, i. e. giving up all the activities unto the Supreme Soul is a book that I wish to write on the basis of strengthening the human intellect towards the reality of modern life. In this age of materialization the human being become more anxious for achieving new heights in all sphere of life. Due to the anxiety, the human mind deviates from the reality, deviates from recognizing the purpose of life, the purpose of the universe, the purpose of the Supreme Soul for making the mankind. The human mind deviates from knowing the human character.

I have tried to explain few aspects of human life on the basis of which one could realize the purpose of his existence. When the human being is able to know the purpose of his existence, definitely he would succeed in his life. We are here to succeed. The Supreme Soul makes the mankind to savour the beauty of the universe.

This book would be helpful for all professionals and relevant to everyone irrespective of age, sex, religion and nationality.

When we watch a movie few scenes are more attractive than others, still we watch the whole movie. Likewise I wish all the readers those who pick up this book should read it completely and if necessary read it many times. I hope this book will be a good friend and guide during the time of distress. Whenever you feel low then start reading this book. I am sure you will get the required inspiration and energy to rise from the difficult situations in your life and taste the success.

Keep one thing in mind that you are here in this universe to succeed.

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