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Fearful Symmetry

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The town of Bath has taken on a new melody: murder

The elegant but sedate city of Bath might not be an obvious place for an international musician to settle down, but Sara Selkirk finds herself drawn back to the town. It doesn’t hurt that the dreamy DCI Andrew Poole, Sara’s friend and only pupil, lives there. In this, the second of Morag Joss’s Sara Selkirk Mysteries, Joss’s Bath is once again the city that readers want to get lost in.

Sara’s attraction to Andrew leads her to do something a musician of her caliber would never normally do: She joins him in the Circus Opera Group, Bath’s community opera society. This isn’t Covent Garden. The interpersonal politics of aging divas, two vain composers, and an overeager protégée are plenty for Sara to deal with—murder, on the other hand, is something else entirely. As the investigation preoccupying Andrew hits closer to home for Sara, it is up to her to find the pattern in the killings before it’s too late.

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