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Stoney Hawk (Stoney Hawk Novella series, #1)


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Stoney Hawk (Stoney Hawk Novella series, #1)

Länge: 91 Seiten1 Stunde


She was named after a Barbra Streisand song and grew up in an area of Detroit where one would have to fight to survive the streets. Stoney trained to be tough, and then became a private eye. She stood up for abused women and then one called her with a problem, she answered. The woman was being terrorized by an ex-boyfriend and asked if Stoney could help get rid of the man. Stoney agreed and with the help of her friend, Avery, a big, black, former enforcer they set out to protect the woman. A late night incident gave Stoney the chance to have the man arrested, but he would be out before long. Stoney looked into the man’s past and found out he may have murdered his wife. Stoney calls on an FBI acquaintance for help and he sends an agent out who was the lead on the original case of the missing wife. More trouble brews when friends of the abusive man show up to threaten Stoney and her client. More questions and answers lead Stoney and the agent to finding out where the missing wife is located. This is the first novella in the series about the female private eye, Stoney Hawk

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