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Alice's Desire

Alice's Desire

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Alice's Desire

34 Seiten
31 Minuten
Apr 21, 2015


A sexy contractor soon has Alice flustered and in a tizzy. When her BFF and partner in their landscaping business, Lynn, makes her move for the man, Alice is torn. She’s using to stepping back and letting Lynn charm the guys. This time Alice doesn’t want to. Will the battle for Troy’s attention come between the two friends? Which one, if either, will end up in his arms?
This short romance from Chrys N. Jay takes you to the worksite, where the handsome renovator aims to flip more than houses.

Apr 21, 2015

Über den Autor

Moonlit walks, dreamy beaches, love notes and romance - this is what fuels the love stories Chrys N. Jay writes.


Alice's Desire - Chrys N. Jay

Alice’s Desire

by Chrys N. Jay

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2015 Chrys N. Jay

Cover design by Lisa Olive

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We did it! We got the Carlson bid, Lynn called out from her office.

Cool. I hopped up from my work space and hurried across the hall. For a brief moment I wondered why I was always the one jumping and running. I mean, wouldn’t it be just as easy for her to get up and come to my office? But, old habits die hard and I let that thought pass through the gray matter and disappear into space.

Lynn jotted another note on the notepad in front of her, then sent a megawatt smile in my direction. He wants to go with the second option we laid out, for design and installation. The only catch is, he’s in a time crunch and needs it done ASAP.

That might be a problem, I countered. The entire crew is tied up on the Rec Center job, so its done before we get penalized. We can’t mess around on this city job. The profit margin was too slim to lose anything on it.

Oh, don’t go getting your panties in a wad, Alice. We’ll manage. She stood and smoothed her hair back. I’m going to go run out and get Mr. Carlson to sign the contracts. Once I get his signature, I’ll see what timeline he has in mind. I’ll use my feminine wiles to finagle us some extra time with him.

You don’t need to go. I can run the contract out. Believe me, it really wasn’t a problem. Troy Carlson was a hottie. I wouldn’t mind seeing a little eye candy that afternoon.

But Lynn, my BFF and business partner, had other plans. She intended on delivering the paperwork. And, what Lynn wants, Lynn gets. Usually. Once she sets her mind to something, she’s like a bull dog and doesn’t let go.

Unlike me, good ‘ole Alice, who doesn’t always stand up for herself. I shrugged and went back to my desk. Damn! I wanted this bid. However, I’d always pictured myself being the contact point between A & L’s Landscape and the sexy house flipper.

I worked myself into such a snit that the rest of

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