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Two Fictional Tall Tales - A Mystery At the Old House By the Creek - A High Tech Supernatural Existence -

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Two short stories dealing with the bizarre and unusual. Where reality is espoused with the irrational. As the here and beyond are tested by those who find themselves between the worlds. In high tech supernatural existence a man's self interests are not fulfilled, where his love for his job has him ultimately taking revenge on those responsible for his firing. as he dabbles with forces outside his realm understanding who aim to help him on his quest for retaliation. In A Mystery at the Old House by the Creek, a vacationing reporter inadvertently stumbles into a mystery enveloping a town in an Old House situated just a stone's throw away off a lonely old dirt, gravel road by a Creek. Where Fate is solely responsible for events that seem extraordinary and out of this world, as the nosy reporter searches for the ultimate ground breaking story , placing his life in mortal danger

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