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Transforming the City


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Transforming the City

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Leaders who daily are pushing back the boundaries of what “can” be done in the cities and adding to the collective understanding of how to do urban ministry are creatively developing global urban ministry. We took advantage of the collective knowledge and experience of outstanding ministries and ministers from around the globe to create this unique “how to” book. We offer it as a beginning not an end. We hope that it stimulates your thinking and dreaming. Where you can see areas that can be amplified and expanded we invite to write the book or article or create the seminar or resource that is needed to equip the colleagues that God has called to the cities. This book was written by a team of experts, in less than one week, using networked computers using computers by more than a few self-declared computer illiterates. Real-time transcription, interviews, creative facilitation, and on the fly graphic design created a new model for capturing and sharing expertise.
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