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Feelied: Tales of Imperica

54 pages42 minutes


A collection of tales about the imps, who are like fairies, but have golden skin and orange wings. This collection includes five stories and spans across hundreds of years.

Jasper Island: the story of a miner foreman's encounter with a loud-mouth naturist.

The Offender: an account, as recorded by a bard with a flair for the experimental, of one imp's crime, which was not crime, and the punishment that followed.

The Agent: a story emphasizing the importance of language as a conceptual devise and thought-aid, as explored through the story of an agent of the totalitarian Emperor as he deals with a band of nomads who "resist the aid of State".

The Voice of The Shogun: Penult, a loyal samurai imp, is faced with an impossible choice.

The Tax-collector: a story taking place in an anarcho-capitalist society, emphasizing the dangers of such extreme, runaway capitalism, corporatism.


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