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The Complete After Life Lessons Collection

783 pages11 hours


What does it mean to live, to hope, to love in a dying world?

After Life Lessons takes you on the road with straggling survivors of a zombie apocalypse, as they try to heal first each other and then what is left of their society.

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After Life Lessons is a Survival/Post-Apocalypse series with a Women’s Fiction bent. The Complete Collection includes

++ After Life Lessons: Book One,

++ After Life Lessons: The Interlude

++ After Life Lessons: Book Two.


In the wake of a devastating epidemic, Emily finds herself alone, grieving and struggling to survive with her young son, Song. They encounter Aaron, an Army medic on a mission of his own.


After Life Lessons: Book One follows their journey from mere struggle to survive, into a life they slowly begin to recognize as worth living again. Once settled and fortified, they take to road once more in Book Two in order to find Aaron’s family. Instead they find new enemies and new allies and a dangerous mission for the future of the region.

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