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Refreshing Basil Drinks Recipes to Impress Friends and Family


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Refreshing Basil Drinks Recipes to Impress Friends and Family

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I fell in love with basil when I grew my own  and started using it for sauces and putting whole leaves into sandwhiches. When I discovered basil in drinks - a new world opened up for me.

In the world of cooking it can take hours to find that just right recipe that you still will have to modify to make your own and meet your needs. 

This cookbook is an attempt to save you time, energy and possibly money. This book provides a little something for everyone, the single drinker, the family relaxing and the neighborhood party. Basil is fast becoming the new standard for refreshment. Fusion of drinks often provide more nutrients mixed with a taste that will refresh the mind.

Not every recipe will suit you - but you are sure to find a few recipes here that will give you a new flavor for your summer drink repertoire. Amaze friends with something new!  

The benefits of basil are numerous, th the herb has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.  It is no wonder that many new smoothies and juices are including a handful of basil as a major ingredient.

We hope you will not only enjoy reading this recipe collection, but will benefit by incorporating the herb into your daily food regimen.


Darla Hanger

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