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Exercises for the Brain and Memory : 70 Neurobic Exercises & FUN Puzzles to Increase Mental Fitness & Boost Your Brain Juice Today: (Special 2 In 1 Exclusive Edition)

Exercises for the Brain and Memory : 70 Neurobic Exercises & FUN Puzzles to Increase Mental Fitness & Boost Your Brain Juice Today: (Special 2 In 1 Exclusive Edition)

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Exercises for the Brain and Memory : 70 Neurobic Exercises & FUN Puzzles to Increase Mental Fitness & Boost Your Brain Juice Today: (Special 2 In 1 Exclusive Edition)

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16. Dez. 2013


If you are interested in learning the best ways possible to improve mental health then you need a copy of "Exercises For The Brain & Memory : 70 Neurobic Exercises & Fun Puzzles To Increase Mental Fitness & Boost Your Brain Juice Today (Special 2 In 1 Edition)." This text is written in a fashion that is easy to understand and the author himself has used quite a number of the techniques outlined in the text to his own benefit. As more and more persons seek better ways to retain and improve their memory this text is well timed. It gives the reader the solutions that they need to get started on the path to having a fantastic memory. Just as the body needs physical exercises in order to function correctly, the brain needs to be exercised as well to prevent it from becoming sluggish. In addition, you've probably heard the saying that as you get older, you starting becoming more forgetful and your brain just doesn't function as well as it used to in your prime. Well, that eventuality can be slowed down in a fun way that most people enjoy which is figuring out or solving puzzles. ""Exercises For The Brain & Memory : 70 Neurobic Exercises & Fun Puzzles To Increase Mental Fitness & Boost Your Brain Juice Today (Special 2 In 1 Edition)" will help you improve your concentration and focus your mind. The mental exercises in this book will juice up your brain and not only are they exciting to do, but the mental stimulation can make you feel energized and ready to remember anything. If you are able, do one puzzle every other day or at least several times per week so that there's a consistency in doing these fun mental exercises. Before you know it, your mind will become more focused and your concentration will improve. You don't need to complete them in order; just flip through the pages and find one that you're in the mood to do on a particular day.
16. Dez. 2013

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Exercises for the Brain and Memory - Jason Scotts


The biggest thing that sets human beings apart from the majority of the animal kingdom is the ability to use Higher-order thinking skills (HOTS). HOTS, is a concept of education that is based on Bloom’s Taxonomy. To make it simple, humans can make their brain perform optimally to remember things, understand concepts, apply knowledge, analyze situations, create ideas, and evaluate conclusions.

Human beings are capable of doing that because they are gifted with bigger and more powerful brains. Unlike with birds or other animals, the human brain works better and offers more functionality. However, it does not mean that it is always like that.

Truth be told, people have varying IQ levels. Genetics is not only the factor that plays a huge role on determining a person’s ability to think. The other factor that affects the power of the brain is how people use them.

Brains are like blades. If you do not use it, it may not perform as well as it should. If you use it often, it will become sharper. A cognitively weak person will have a hard time solving problems, while another with a sharp brain will have an easy time finding solutions.

Did you know that intelligence and longevity are correlated? According to epidemiological studies performed in Scotland, the higher the intelligence of a person, the longer he might live. One of the theorized explanations for this phenomenon is that higher intelligence raises the chances of a person to know how to prevent life threatening elements. Fundamentally, a smart person’s intelligence hinders him from doing something that he knows would negatively affect his survival rate, and it also improves the tendency of that person to give more attention to caring for his health.

Of course, it would help a lot if cognitively weak people would train themselves to improve their brainpower. However, it does not mean that those who have powerful brains should just maintain their brainpower by just using their brains frequently. Actually, if they do that, they miss the chance of becoming more intelligent.

In case you believe that your mental abilities could use a lot of improvement, or you just want to strengthen your brainpower further, this book can help you. This book will teach you on how you can enhance your capability to think, and how you can keep your brain functioning at optimal levels.

The main technique or methodology of brain exercise that will be showcased in this book is Neurobic exercise. Neurobic exercises are activities that can enhance your brain’s performance. However, what makes these exercises unique from the traditional brain exercises introduced by experts and teachers back then is that most of them are quite unconventional. For example, traditional brain exercises require you to solve word problems. But when it comes to Neurobic exercises, you will need to wear shoes in your head and think of them as a hat. Was that weird? Fortunately, the book contains more eccentric exercises than that.

Do not worry; the scientific community accepts Neurobic exercises as valid brainpower improving activities. They have conducted tests with those exercises, and significant results were obtained. Also, the results of their researches about the Neurobic routine suggest that doing them can even reduce the chances of incurring Alzheimer’s disease.

And just to be sure that all bases are covered, this book also contains traditional brain and memory exercises. The exercises included in this book are especially selected just to make sure that it will improve your brain function, and at the same time, keep you entertained. Also, most of them are fairly new, and you might not recognize most of them.

The next part will also suggest some new methods of training your brain and memory. And in case you face a puzzle or problem, be careful in to check the succeeding pages. Some of the problems and puzzles in this book come with solutions. Reading those answers might spoil the fun, and defeat the purpose of improving your brain and memory.

Of course, the book has explanations on how the exercises listed here will be beneficial for you. The explanations are backed by scientific research and established facts. However, always remember that this book is made for informational purposes only. It does not offer and guarantee that any of the exercises here can cure or treat any brain or mind related conditions.

Thank you for downloading this eBook. I hope you will have a fun time reading, and performing the exercises in this book.


A growing new body of knowledge called Neurobics is gaining popularity. Neurobics refers to mental exercises that enhance the brain’s performance. Dr. Lawrence Katz was an early pioneer in the

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  • (4/5)
    Some helpful information and suggestions for keeping the brain alert and active can be found here. There were some puzzles and brain teasers, but not too many. The author also gives suggestions for daily and simple ways to help improve brain function and memory. These are easy to do and practical. Many of these I have read about before, but there were some new ideas as well. He also gave some suggestions of apps and online games to improve brain function. I'm not sure how much hard science or research went into the book, but nothing the author suggested is harmful. A copy of the book was given in exchange for an honest review.