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MineCraft : 70 Top Minecraft House & Redstone Ideas Exposed!: (Special 2 In 1 Exclusive Edition)

MineCraft : 70 Top Minecraft House & Redstone Ideas Exposed!: (Special 2 In 1 Exclusive Edition)

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MineCraft : 70 Top Minecraft House & Redstone Ideas Exposed!: (Special 2 In 1 Exclusive Edition)

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17. Dez. 2013


Mastering redstone is one of the more difficult challenges a Minecraft player can take on. It's confusing, complicated and tedious enough to make even the most dedicated players start pulling their hair out. Minecraft: 70 Top Minecraft House & Redstone Ideas Exposed (Special 2 In 1 Edition) will explain some simple concepts that can give players a head start to understanding how this unusual red powder works. For those of you who just want to dive in and start making redstone machines, it also demonstrates how to construct some invaluable contraptions such as arrow traps, alarm systems and automatic minecart delivery systems. In addition, in this special edition, Minecraft : 70 Top Minecraft House & Redstone Ideas Exposed ( Special 2 In 1 Edition), you will also learn how to build a lodge and fountain in Minecraft, using fully detailed blueprints and detailing every step in building fantastic houses Enjoy and download the special 2 in 1 exclusive edition now!
17. Dez. 2013

Über den Autor

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MineCraft - Jason Scotts


In the world of Minecraft, almost everything is possible. Most of the things that can be built here can only be limited by one’s imagination. This ebook contains helpful ideas in building a house and redstone equipment that will give you advantage over your friends and monsters. For those who want to have an edge over friends or those who just want to have fun, this 2 in 1 exclusive edition is a must-read.

The first part of this ebook offers 70 different ideas on how to build a house or fortress. The ideas here do not only include defensive addition to a building but also decorative structures that can turn your ordinary house into a splendid villa. The ideas include defensive and offensive structures as well as traps that can protect you just in case a mob forces their way in or monsters decide to attack you at night. Also included are aesthetic additions that not only beautify your home but also allow for improvement in your defenses. The early parts of the book contain ideas on the different materials to be used when building a house. The ideas include the aesthetic and functional aspect of the material as well as the source and availability of those materials in a particular biome.

Other parts discuss the interior and roof designs. Some of the ideas are plainly for beautification purposes while others are clearly for offensive use. Ideas on the roofing range from making your house look ordinary to making it look foreboding. The latter parts include crazy ideas you might want to try out. The said ideas range from traps to mind boggling mazes that will certainly surprise your friends.

The second part of this ebook contains 70 ideas about redstone devices, machines and art structures. The ideas range from the ordinary redstone lamp to the insane redstone nuke. Redstones are unique materials in the MineCraft world for they can be combined with other materials to create devices and machines.

The first part includes ideas on how to construct devices for survival. This includes automating daily chores such as harvesting eggs and mining, while the next part teaches you how to weaponize redstones. If you’re looking for canons and battleships, this is the best part to look. Others parts include traps that can kill your friends and enemies alike and can be incorporated into your house design. This is the perfect part of the book to look at if you want to assassinate a friend. Some of the ideas serve no purpose at all but to simply entertain you. Other ideas also skirt the impossible but doable realm.

The ideas presented here are great for beginners that want to explore the MineCraft world without the trouble of starting from scratch.

Using the ideas included in this ebook will enable any beginner in MineCraft to become an effective builder and a survivor. Never mind if the ideas presented are doable or not; just have fun and let your friends get amazed by how awesome you are at MineCraft.

Part 1 House Ideas

Chapter 1 - Building Material

The type of building material you will use for your house is pretty basic in Minecraft. It’s actually one of the things you will have to think about when crafting and designing your houses. Some materials can be used to pimp up the place and some of them are there for functional purposes.

So, when you ask what materials are your favorites or what materials you often use to build your house, the answer usually varies from player to player. However, players will provide a certain caveat; that it all depends on the type of house or shelter you’re building.

Two Main Reasons for Material Selection

The two main reasons for material selection are that the material is either to be used for aesthetic purposes (i.e. to make your shelter/house look nice). Who would want to live in a dump, right? Some houses are nice, your basic blocks in place but if it’s plain and bland you might want

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