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Deutsch-englisches Wörterbuch der Eins-zu-eins-Entsprechungen in zwei Bänden: Band 2: L - Z

Deutsch-englisches Wörterbuch der Eins-zu-eins-Entsprechungen in zwei Bänden: Band 2: L - Z

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Deutsch-englisches Wörterbuch der Eins-zu-eins-Entsprechungen in zwei Bänden: Band 2: L - Z

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4. Juli 2013


Ein didaktisch völlig neues, gebrauchsorientiertes Wörterbuch.

Würden Sie sich trauen, spontan und mit dem Gefühl absoluter Sicherheit folgende Wörter und Wendungen im Englischen zu verwenden?

- that speaks volumes
- walls have ears
- we have never had it so good
- let someone stew in their own juice
- put / place someone under pressure
- come under the hammer
- be the apple of someone’s eye
- shed crocodile tears
- an end is not in sight
- dream couple
- navel gazing
- salami tactics
- stomach wall
- credit-worthiness
- strength training
- election watcher
- warning triangle
- greenhouse gas emission

Dieses deutsch-englische Wörterbuch der Eins-zu-eins-Entsprechungen vereint auf mehr als 1000 Seiten über 20.000 solcher authentischen Wörter und Wendungen.
Sie stammen aus dem Alltagswortschatz und aus Fachgebieten wie Wirtschaft, Politik, Wissenschaft, Technik, Sport usw.
Jeder Eintrag wird mit einem adäquaten englischen Beispielsatz illustriert.
Das Wörterbuch ist das Nachschlagewerk für Schule, Studium und Beruf.
Es gehört in die Hand jedes Anfängers, Fortgeschrittenen und aller Fachleute, kurz, in die Hand aller, die mit Englisch zu tun haben.
4. Juli 2013

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Deutsch-englisches Wörterbuch der Eins-zu-eins-Entsprechungen in zwei Bänden - Books on Demand


L l

Lach nicht. – Don't laugh.

'Don't laugh,' said my friend, 'but I've decided to marry Miss Germany.'

Lächeln; ein Lächeln spielt über seine Lippen – smile; a smile plays over his lips

When she mentioned her first love, a smile seemed to play over her lips.

Lächeln; ein Lächeln unterdrücken – smile; suppress a smile

'I do like his silly fibs,' she said suppressing a smile.

Lächeln; Lächeln hervorrufen – smile; evoke smiles

When he was twenty, he founded a party, which so far has evoked yawns and amused smiles.

Lachen ist die beste Medizin. – Laughter is the best medicine.

'Laughter is the best medicine,' the doctor said.

lachen über etwas – laugh over sth

I cannot remember when we laughed so much over another person's misfortune.

Lachen; ein Lachen unterdrücken – laugh; suppress a laugh

He reiterated the same old arguments, and I could scarcely suppress a laugh.

lachen; nicht wissen, ob man lachen oder weinen soll – laugh; not know whether to laugh or to cry

When I read the article this morning, I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.

Lachen; sein Lachen unterdrücken – laughter; repress one's laughter

'I love you larding, - darling,' said the old man. The young woman could hardly repress her laughter.

lächerlich kleine Anzahl – ridiculously small number

Except for a ridiculously small number, the questions were far too difficult to answer.

lächerlich sein (Gehalt, etc.) – be laughable (salary, etc.)

Her salary was laughable compared to the income of her two sisters.

lächerlich sein (Maßnahmen, etc.) – be laughable (measures, etc.)

The measures the government has taken are simply laughable.

lächerlich; j-n vor j-m lächerlich machen – ridiculous; make sb ridiculous before sb

She was angry with him because he had tried to make her ridiculous before the guests.

lächerliche Situation – ridiculous situation

The two castaways found themselves in a faintly ridiculous situation, they were still wearing their frock coats.

lächerlicher Vorschlag – ridiculous suggestion

'We could dig a tunnel.' - 'What a ridiculous suggestion!'

Lächerlichkeit der Situation – ridiculousness of the situation

When he saw himself in the mirror, the ridiculousness of his situation overcame him again.

Lachfalten – laughter wrinkles

Sometimes we call Daddy 'El Rey de Tarifa', something to make his laughter wrinkles crinkle.

Lachgas – laughing gas

The two men released laughing gas to disrupt the performance.

Lachsforelle – salmon trout

The anglers returned with three 4lb. salmon trout.

Lachsleiter – salmon ladder

She watched the bear standing near the salmon ladder.

Lack der Zivilisation – veneer of civilization

What happened after the football match made him acutely aware of how thin the veneer of civilization is.

Laden; ein Laden schließt – shop; a shop closes

The shops close at 8.30.

Laden; einen Laden eröffnen/ schließen – shop; open/ close a shop

He opened his famous shop in 1997 and closed it ten years later.

Ladenfenster – shop window

We were depressed by the many empty shop windows in W.

Ladenkette – chain of shops

Major-St Just, a private company, wants to set up a new chain of shops.

Lage; die Lage ändert sich – situation; the situation changes

The situation was changing: West Germans didn't need any visa to visit the GDR.

Lage; die Lage unter Kontrolle haben – situation; have the situation under control

The general said his troops had the situation under control.

Lage; j-n in eine Lage hineinmanövrieren – position; manoeuvre sb into a position

He allowed some shadowy figures to manoeuvre him into this difficult position.

Lage; sich in eine Lage versetzen – position; put oneself in a position

Try to put yourself in the following position: You have to choose between marriage and expropriation.

Lager; j-n in ein Lager schicken – camp; send sb to a camp

After the war, thousands of former enemies were sent to death camps.

Laie; dem Laien etwas zugänglich machen – layman; make sth accessible to the layman

She treats the theme for the first time and succeeds in making it accessible to the layman.

Laienbruder – lay brother

In a monastery, lay brothers are subservient to the monks.

Laienprediger – lay preacher

Her father was an eloquent farmer who later became a lay preacher.

Laienschwester – lay sister

In the 1930s, she and her sister hid in a convent - as lay sisters.

Lakai; j-s Lakai sein (fig.) – lackey; be the lackey of sb (fig.)

It would be wrong to view journalists as the lakeys of politicians.

Lamm Gottes – Lamb of God/ Agnus Dei

The Lamb of God is a title given to Jesus in the New Testament.

Lammkotelett – lamb cutlet

The mixed grill was gorgeous; it consisted of rump steak, lamb cutlets, gammon and liver.

Lammnüsschen – lamb noisettes

He started to read out the menu: Lamb noisettes, served with mint sauce, ….

Lampe; eine Lampe ausdrehen – lamp; turn out a lamp

Turn out the lamp please.

Land der aufgehenden Sonne – land of the rising sun

After six years in Tokio, the new manager tried to introduce the industrial philosophy of the land of the rising sun.

Land erwerben – acquire land

It is not very difficult for Germans now to acquire land in France on which to build a house.

Land und Leute – the land and the people

The first chapter of his new book is called 'The Land and the People'.

Land; ein Land besuchen (pol.) – country; visit a country (pol.)

Next month the First Secretary will visit Britain.

Land; ein Land niederhalten – country; hold down a country

First they built castles with which they held down the country and the people.

Land; ein Land öffnen – country; open up a country

The Poles have succeeded in opening up their country to foreign trade.

Land; ein Land verlassen – country; leave a country

In the 19th century Germans left the country in droves.

Land; ein Land zusammenhalten – country; keep a country together

After the declaration of independence of the Lithuanians, it was difficult for Gorbachev to keep the country together.

Landarzt – country doctor

Staken is a country doctor. Your mother ought to see an eye doctor.

Landbesitzer – landowner

The man they found near Emericapulco was a landowner's son.

landbewohnend – land-dwelling

Some experts believe that the brachiosaurus was a land-dwelling animal.

Landbrücke – land-bridge

The first immigrants after the glacial epoch will have come over to England by a land-bridge from the continent.

landesweit – country-wide

Yesterday, country-wide demonstrations were announced by the French farmers.

landgestützte Raketen – land-based missiles

The minister said the government hoped the talks would lead to the removal of all land-based missiles from Europe.

Landgraf – landgrave

Though she was from a middleclass family, she married the son of a landgrave.

Landhunger – land hunger

The farmer bought thousands of acres to satisfy the land hunger of his sons.

landhungrig – land-hungry

The tribes were endangered by land-hungry settlers.

Landidylle – country idyll

In the novel, the author describes the contrast between a real country idyll in the Southwest and life in London.

Landkorridor – land corridor

The enemies now control the land corridor linking the two cities.

Landleben – country life

In this short story, town and country life are contrasted..

landlos – landless

The government began to confiscate farmland from private owners for the benefit of landless conquerors..

landloser Bauer – landless peasant

It was in Guerdshaven that his family, who had been landless peasants, worked as share-croppers.

Landmädchen – land girl

Though he was an officer, he married a land girl after the war.

Landmasse – land mass

Millions of years ago, the forces hidden in the earth lifted and shifted the European and African land masses.

Landmine – land mine

After the war, several civilians were killed by land mines.

Landnahme – land-taking

In the Middle Ages, land-taking took place on a large scale in Eastern Europe.

Landoffensive – land offensive

The general launched another land offensive.

Landreform – land reform

The new coalition government promised to respect the main lines of the land reform.

Landschaftsarchitekt/ in – landscape architect

Her sister is a landscape architect and works in Berlin.

Landschaftsgärtner/ in – landscape gardener

One of his daughters wants to become a landscape gardener.

Landschaftsmaler – landscape painter

Turner was a landscape painter.

Landschaftsmalerei – landscape painting

Many English artists devoted themselves both to portrait painting and to landscape painting.

Landschönheit – country beauty

She was a Dalarne country beauty who played a not so unimportant role in politics.

Landsitz – country-seat

Tillemans painted rural scenes and views of country-seats.

Landspekulation – land speculation

Many of the farmers suffered by a rise in rents, caused by land speculation.

Landstraße – country road

Driving on a country road in Schleswig-Holstein in 1945, he happened to meet his brother.

Landtier – land animal

Between 100 and 200 million years ago, some species of land animals seem to have taken to the air.

Landverkauf – land sale

Poverty and taxes after 1945 caused successive land sales.

lang erwartet – long-awaited

The long-awaited appearance of her work in book form is most welcome.

lang lebe … – long live …

At the end of the Olympics, there was a sense of 'doping is dead, long live the Games'.

lang sein (Stange, etc.) – be long (pole, etc.)

How long is that pole?

lang sein für j-n (j-s Beine, Arme, etc.) – long; be long for (sb’s legs, arms, etc.)

The magpie's legs are rather long for a bird that is no wader.

lang versprochen – long-promised

In 1984 the Sandinistas held long-promised elections.

lange bevor … – long before …

It was the monks who helped the poor long before they got any money from the state.

lange Geschichte – long story

'Why did you stay in England?' - 'That's a long story.'

lange Hosen tragen – wear long trousers

When did you first start wearing long trousers?

lange Jahre – long years

The long years of communist government are over.

lange Liste – long list

The student chose four novels from a long list of possible examples.

lange Nase – long nose

The painting shows her thin oval face, high cheekbones and long narrow nose.

lange Sekunden – long seconds

'Don't touch me!' she screamed. He stood staring at her for five long seconds.

lange Stange – long pole

In Dudby, there stands a statue of a lamplighter with a long pole.

lange Stunden – long hours

What is so depressing for old people is the loneliness of the long hours in winter.

lange Tradition – long tradition

The annual staff meetings are part of a long tradition which goes back to the foundation of the department.

lange warten – wait long

We had to wait long.

lange Zeit – long time

They first met in 1959, I think. In any event, 48 years is a long time, and they may both have changed their minds.

Längen haben – have longueurs

Her biography has its omissions and its longueurs.

Längen voraus sein – be lengths ahead

Until three weeks before the election, the right-wing candidate had been lengths ahead.

länger leben – live longer

Now people live longer, which causes many financial and sociological problems.

langer Schatten – long shadow

Until Gorbachev, no president had dared to reform the system. Perhaps they were all deterred by Stalin’s long shadow.

Langerhanssche Inseln – Islets of Langerhans

It is the beta cells of the Islets of Langerhans that produce insulin.

langes fettiges Haar – long greasy hair

'Who is the fellow over there, the one with the long greasy hair?' - 'He's my friend.'

langes Gesicht (fig.) – long face (fig.)

After the fair, long faces confirmed the slump in prices.

langes Leben – long life

What is the secret to a long life?

langes Wochenende – long week-end

He spent the long weekend in York.

langfristige Arbeitslosigkeit – long-term unemployment

Psychologically, long-term unemployment is a bad thing.

langfristige Konsequenzen – long-term consequences

They talked about the long-term consequences of the agreement.

langfristige Lösung – long-term solution

In their talks they tried to find a long-term peaceful solution.

langfristiges Ziel – long-term goal/ aim

The publication of the new grammar must be regarded as a long-term goal.

langhaarig – longhaired

In the Sixties, longhaired young people were often regarded as trouble-makers by the older generation.

Langkornreis – long grain rice

Shirley served lobster salad with long grain rice.

langsam aber sicher/ stetig/ etc. – slowly but surely/ steadily/ etc.

Slowly but surely, she was gaining political experience.

langsam dämmernd (fig.) – slow-dawning (fig.)

The article describes the Swiss' slow-dawning conviction that European integration is necessary.

langsam fließendes Wasser – slowflowing water

The water hyacinth grows in slowflowing or standing water.

langsam reifen – mature slowly

The wines of the Moselle region mature slowly.

langsam wachsen – grow slowly

Oaks grow slowly.

langsam wachsend – slow-growing

The oak is a slow-growing tree.

langsam zu der Erkenntnis kommen, dass … – come slowly to a recognition that …

Most entrepreneurs have slowly come to a be-lated recognition that new concepts are very important.

langsamer Tod (fig.) – slow death (fig.)

The article describes the slow death of feudalism in some German states.

langsamer Walzer – slow waltz

We heard the band playing a slow waltz.

langsames Wachstum (ökon.) – slow growth (econ.)

Pushing interest rates higher leads to slower growth, which depresses tax revenues.

Langschiff – longship

The Nordic conquest of England was in part made possible by the development of longships which carried Viking armies.

Langspiel- – long-playing

They sold long-playing cassettes for $4 each at the music shop.

Langspielplatte – long-playing record

I've sold more or less all my long-playing records.

Langstreckenbomber – long-range bomber

Half of the warheads are mounted on long-range bombers.

langweilen; j-n mit etwas langweilen – bore sb with sth

He bored his friends with tales he had written himself.

Langwelle – long wave

What they needed was a longwave receiver.

Langzeitstudie – long-term study

They are doing a long-term study into why some people have a gift for languages.

Laserdrucker – laser printer

The laser printers will become cheaper still.

Laserstrahl – laser beam

The doctor directed the laser beam toward the tumour.

lass bald von Dir hören – let me/ let's hear from you soon

Let's hear from you soon. You know, Mother is very ill.

lass dir das eine Warnung sein – let that be a warning to you

You know that Lisa was killed in the car accident. Let that be a warning to you.

lassen Sie mich hinzufügen, dass … – let me add that …

Let me add that freedom of the press is a fundamental principle of democracy.

lassen Sie mich nochmals wiederholen – let me repeat again

But let me repeat again, the new book will not appear until 2010.

Last; j-s Last schultern – burden; shoulder sb's burden

After the death of her father, the eldest daughter attempted to shoulder the family's burdens.

Lastwagen; einen Lastwagen fahren – lorry; drive a lorry

While at the university, he used to study at night, driving a lorry by day.

Lastwagenverkehr – lorry traffic

In Switzerland there is a ban on lorry traffic at night and on Sundays.

Latein-Amerika – Latin America

She never lost contact with those who developed liberation theology in Latin America.

Laterankonzil – Lateran Council

The Lateran Council in 1215 was held under Pope Innocent III.

Lateranverträge – Lateran Pacts

The Lateran Pacts between Italy and the Vatican were signed in 1929.

Latexfarbe – Latex paint

Mumsons' Glamour Latex Paint. Sale price 5.98 per gal.

Lauchcremesuppe – cream of leek soup

Which do you prefer, cream of asparagus soup or cream of leek soup?

Lauchsuppe – leek soup

'Which would you like as a starter, cream of tomato or leek soup?' - 'Leek soup.'

Lauf der Geschichte; den Lauf der Geschichte ändern – course of history; alter/ change the course of history

Gorbachev has altered the course of European history.

Lauf der Weltgeschichte; den Lauf der Weltgeschichte ändern – course of world history; change/ alter the the course of world history

One bullet might have changed the course of world history.

Lauf; das Gesetz nimmt seinen Lauf – course; the law takes its course

Now that they have arrested the former First Secretary, the law must take its course.

Lauf; Ereignisse nehmen ihren Lauf – course; events take their course

Since that fateful ballot, events have taken their course.

Laufbahn; seine Laufbahn krönen – career; crown one's career

He crowned his career by being chosen honorary member of the Senate.

laufende Ausgaben – running expenses

Voluntary contributions have fallen short of supporting the Castle's running expenses.

laufende Kosten; die laufenden Kosten bezahlen – running costs; pay running costs

The Centre's $40.000 annual running costs are paid by the Rimee Foundation.

laufende Kosten; die laufenden Kosten decken – running costs; cover running costs

The manager said that for 10% of the firms, current prices do not even cover running costs.

Laufrad – running wheel

The researchers observed the mice they had allowed to play with running wheels.

Laufstil – running style

Emil Zatopek's running style was reminiscent of a locomotive.

lausiges Wetter – lousy weather

'What lousy weather!' my grandmother used to say when she returned to England from her holiday in Florence.

laut lachen – laugh loud

Whenever something funny happens, it is Kate who laughs the loudest.

laut über etwas nachdenken – think aloud about sth

He was dismissed when he began to think aloud about the flaws of the political system.

laute Proteste – loud protests

The gangsters have killed several people in Porto Yedra, and loud protests are suddendy heard.

laute Stimme – loud voice

She spoke in a loud but expressionless voice.

Lautenspieler/ in – lute-player

Aunt was an excellent lute-player.

Lautsprecher – loudspeaker

They installed some twenty extra loudspeakers.

Lavastrom – stream of lava

The streams of lava ran down the sides of the volcano at high speed.

Lawine; es gibt eine Lawine von (fig.) – avalanche; there is an avalanche of (fig.)

There is already an avalanche of books on GM food.

laxe Praktiken – lax practices

If anything led to the accident, it was the lax safety practices.

laxes Verhalten – lax behaviour

It is his lax behaviour that has caused the lack of discipline.

Leben existiert – life exists

Some scientists believe that life could exist on other planets.

Leben retten – save lives

Many more lives could be saved in the camps if they had the doctors, the money, the instruments.

leben und leben lassen – live and let live

Her grandmother's two mottoes were 'Live and let live', and 'Good deeds bear interest'.

leben und sterben für j-n – live and die for sb

In the second version of the story, it is the father who lives - and dies - for his children.

Leben und Tod – life and death

The introduction of modern technologies at the end of the 20th century became a life and death question.

Leben und Werk – life and work

The Author of the 'Letters to my Daughters'. His Life and Work.

leben, um zu arbeiten – live to work

The well-known adage ‘the French live to eat, the Germans live to work’ is a simplification.

leben, um zu essen – live to eat

The well-known adage ‘the French live to eat, the Germans live to work’ is a simplification.

Leben; das Leben ist lebenswert – life; life is worth living

Life isn't worth living without love and respect.

Leben; das Leben ist voller Überraschungen – surprise; life is full of surprises

John was caught in the trap he had set the day before. Life is full of surprises.

Leben; das Leben lebenswert machen – life; make life worth living

It is our mutual love that makes life worth living.

Leben; das Leben leichter machen – life; make life easier

The currency reform will make life easier.

Leben; das Leben von Menschen retten – life; save the lives of people

Colonel Martens' selfless courage saved the lives of so many.

Leben; ein hektisches/ spartanisches/ etc. Leben führen – life; lead a hectic/ spartan/ etc. life

She was tired of the hectic life she led.

Leben; ein Leben harter Arbeit/ etc. leben – life; live a life of hard work/ etc.

The early settlers lived lives of hard work, sobriety and mutual aid.

Leben; ein Leben nach dem Tode – life; a life after death

Do you think that there is a life after death?

Leben; einer Sache neues Leben einhauchen – life; breathe new life into sth

Mr Ernest Clement was one of those experts who tried to breathe new life into folk dances.

Leben; etwas ist j-s Leben – life; sth is sb's life

His son remembers: 'He did love his family, but football was his life.'

leben; ich kann damit leben – live; I can live with that

Only 60% voted for the candidate. But he can live with that.

Leben; in j-s Leben treten – life; enter sb's life

When asked why he had not yet married, her uncle used to answer: ‘A suitable woman has not yet entered my life.’

leben; j-m ein Jahr/ etc. zu leben geben – live; give sb a year/ etc. to live

The doctor's diagnosis gave his father only a year to live.

Leben; j-m sein Leben verdanken – life; owe sb one's life

He was grateful to her, he said, because he owed her his life.

Leben; j-n das Leben kosten – life; cost sb their life

His attempt to flee from the camp cost him his life.

Leben; j-n Leben und Freiheit/ Gesundheit/ etc. kosten – life; cost sb life and freedom/ health/ etc.

Obedience to authority can cost you and me life and freedom.

Leben; j-s ganzes Leben sein – life; be sb's whole life

The club meant everything to him, it was his whole life.

Leben; j-s Leben auslöschen – life; extinguish sb's life

On June 28th 1914, a bullet extinguished Ferdinand's life.

Leben; j-s Leben bedrohen – life; threaten sb's life

When she helped Mr S., her life was threatened.

Leben; j-s Leben bereichern – life; enrich sb's life

There are many people whose lives have been enriched by Selma Lagerlöf's stories and novels.

Leben; j-s Leben fordern – life; claim sb's life

The tsunami in 2004 claimed the lives of 150,000 people.

Leben; j-s Leben ist in Gefahr – life; sb's life is in danger

When the Communists came to power, her life was in danger and she went to America.

Leben; j-s Leben leben – life; live the life of sb

He is not rich, but he has always lived the life of an Italian landowner in Tuscany.

Leben; j-s Leben nähert sich dem Ende – life; sb's life is approaching its end

Together the three sisters were older than 270 years; their lives were approaching their ends.

Leben; j-s Leben ruinieren – life; ruin sb's life

The widow married a rich old man. The resulting scandal ruined the lives of their children.

Leben; j-s Leben verändern – life; change sb's life

Their eldest son's death in 1900 changed their lives for ever.

Leben; mit j-s Leben spielen – life; gamble with sb's life

The inquiry showed that those who were responsible had gambled with the astronauts' lives.

Leben; sein eigenes Leben leben – life; live one's own life

'She's twenty now,' said Maggie, 'she's entitled to live her own life.'

Leben; sein Leben (für etwas) riskieren – life; risk one's life (for sth)

She said she refused to sell a treasure that her father had twice risked his life for.

Leben; sein Leben geben – life; give one's life

These soldiers have given their lives in the cause of defending their native town.

Leben; sein Leben verlieren – life; lose one's life

Twenty seamen lost their lives.

Leben; sein Leben wegwerfen (für nichts) – life; throw one's life away (for nothing)

‘You idiot,’ said his father, ‘you might have thrown your life away for nothing. We all thought you were dead.’

Leben; sein normales Leben wiederaufnehmen – life; resume one's normal life

I doubt whether the prisoners will be able to resume their normal lives.

Leben; sich das Leben nehmen – life; take one's own life

Lonely people are more likely to attempt to take their own life.

Leben; sieben/ drei/ etc. Leben haben – life; have seven/ three/ etc. lives

If your cat had seven lives, then ours had nine.

Leben; zwei Leben leben – life; live two lives

He works shifts three days a week in a factory in the nearby town; on two days he works as a taxi driver. He lives two lives.

lebend; j-n lebend sehen – alive; see sb alive

Her neighbour seems to have been the last person to see her husband alive.

lebende Legende – living legend

Minetti was one of a handful of actors who deserved the label 'living legend'.

lebende Organismen – living organisms

Natural gas and oil were created by living organisms.

lebender Beweis – living proof

She was an astonishing individual, living proof that genius and malice can both abide in one human being.

lebendes Fossil – living fossil

Can you give me the name of a living fossil?

Lebensaufgabe – life's task

This woman found her life's task in helping thousands of refugees to survive.

Lebensbedingungen – living conditions

In spite of many efforts and successes, the living conditions of many artists are less than satisfactory.

lebensbedrohende Krankheit – life-threatening illness/ disease

Her doctors were delighted at her recovery from a life-threatening illness.

lebensbejahend – life-affirming

The author's second novel is realistic, consummate and life-affirming.

Lebensbereich – area of life

In many areas of life, people seem to have given up the notion of fairness.

Lebenselixir – elixir of life

Maybe one day it is the geneticists who will find the elixir of life.

Lebenserwartung – life expectancy

The second half of the 20th century has seen a huge increase in life expectancy.

Lebenserwartung – expectation of life

In the industrialized countries of Western Europe, the expectation of life reaches the early seventies.

Lebensform – living form

The lake is an important ecosystem which contains many living forms.

Lebensform – life-form/ form of life

Millions of years ago, other lifeforms, such as dinosaurs, flourished in the same way as the mammals do today.

Lebensfreude – joy of life

They enjoyed the arts in such a relaxed way, without any snobbishness. They are natural, part of the joy of life.

Lebensgeschichte – life story

The actress decided not to write her life story herself.

Lebensgewohnheiten – habits of life

She knew well the characteristic habits of life of the two suitors.

lebensgroß – life-size(d)

The life-size posters of the former president disappeared overnight.

Lebenshaltungskosten – living costs/ cost of living

These statistics show which country has the lowest living costs.

Lebenshunger – hunger for life

That hunger for life was his weakness.

Lebensjahr – year of life

Their twelfth baby died in the first year of life.

lebenslange Treue – life-long fidelity

Part of a wedding ceremony are the vows of life-long fidelity made before God.

lebenslanges Lernen – lifelong learning

Lifelong learning is a prime requirement for a career in any job.

Lebensmittelbestrahlung – food irradiation

A majority of consumers is obviously against food radiation.

Lebensmittelchemie – food chemistry

Bridget has specialist knowledge and some research experience in the fields of food chemistry and food technology.

Lebensmittelchemiker/ in – food chemist

The university is seeking to appoint food chemists as senior lecturers.

Lebensmittelexporte – food exports

The minister refused to discuss cutting the subsidies the government pays on food exports.

Lebensmittelhersteller – food manufacturer

Bridget has worked for three big food manufacturers so far.

Lebensmittelindustrie – food industry

As far as he knew, Angy had found a job in the food industry.

Lebensmittelpaket – food parcel

The Germans sent thousands of food parcels to Roumania.

Lebensmitteltechnologie – food technology

Bridget has specialist knowledge and some research experience in the fields of food chemistry and food technology.

Lebensmittelvergiftung; eine Lebensmittelvergiftung erleiden – food poisoning; suffer food poisoning

The whole group suffered food poisoning from eating oysters in a nearby restaurant.

Lebensphilosophie – philosophy of life

She saw now that it was impossible for her to understand his philosophy of life.

Lebensqualität; die Lebensqualität verbessert sich – quality of life improves

The Secretary General said that the quality of life for all citizens would improve.

Lebensqualität; die Verbesserung der Lebensqualität – quality of life; the amelioration of the quality of life.

When the TV team came back for a follow-up film, they were surprised at the amelioration of the quality of life.

Lebensraum – living space

The members of the self-help group try to strike a balance between private living space and the shared activities.

Lebensraum (pol.) – 'Lebensraum' (pol.)

It was part of their political programme to conquer 'Lebensraum' in the East.

lebensrettend – life-saving

Some firms charge very high prices for life-saving pharmaceuticals.

lebensspendende Kraft – life-giving force

Perhaps we should see the horror of life as a life-giving force.

Lebensstandard; der Lebensstandard steigt/ ist hoch/ niedrig – standard of living; the standard of living rises/ is high/ low

Their standard of living is substantially lower than that of their neighbours, which has been rising over the years.

Lebensstandard; einen Lebensstandard haben – standard of living; have a standard of living

Most people today have a standard of living undreamt of by former generations.

Lebensstil – lifestyle; style of life

My sister's family and mine have quite different lifestyles.

Lebensversicherer – life insurer

Nowadays, life insurers handle huge sums of money on behalf of individuals.

Lebensversicherungsgesellschaft – life-assurance company

Currently, British life-assurance companies are trying out interest swaps.

Lebenswerk – life('s ) work

There will be two van Gogh exhibitions this year in the Netherlands. They'll show his life work.

lebenswert; das (j-s) Leben ist lebenswert – worth living; (sb's) life is worth living

Life isn't worth living without love and respect.

Lebenswille – will to live

Mrs David was a happy woman before the death of her sons and husband robbed her of her will to live.

Lebenszeit – lifetime

Jesse Owens, a legend in his lifetime.

Lebensziel – life-goal

The experts tried to get information on the life-goals of students at the university.

Lebenszyklus – life cycle

Salmon have an anadromous, eel a catadromous, life cycle.

Leberkrebs haben – have liver cancer

An old woman, who has liver cancer, has just been admitted for chemo.

Leberpastete – liver pâté

'Are you ready to order?' - 'Yes, as a starter I'd like home made liver pâté with fingers of hot toast.'

Leberzelle – liver cell

They isolate liver cells for research projects.

Leberzirrhose – liver cirrhosis/ cirrhosis of the liver

But you know that heavy drinking causes liver cirrhosis, don't you?

lebhaft sein (Gespräch, Diskussion, etc.) – be lively (conversation, discussion, etc.)

The discussion about the asylumlaw was lively.

lebhaft; ein lebhaftes Gespräch haben – lively; have a lively conversation

The two sisters had a lively conversation.

lebhafte Erinnerungen – vivid memories

The old man was fearful, retaining as he did vivid memories of the air raid on his home town in 1942.

lebhafte Farben – vivid colours

They are famous, Hoffmann-Güth's works with their vivid colours.

lebhaftes Bild – vivid picture

The book gives a vivid picture of life in a Welsh town at a time of rapid change.

Lebzeiten – life-time

Only three of his novels were published during his life-time.

leckes Boot – leaky boat

The two men escaped in a leaky sailing boat.

Lederausgabe (eines Buches) – leather edition (of a book)

He was looking for the luxurious leather edition of Rilke's works.

ledergebunden – leather-bound

Messrs H. Pralley and Co made the leather-bound registers for the company.

Lederhandschuhe – leather gloves

Not far from the site of the crime, they found a pair of black leather gloves.

Lederhose; Lederhosen tragen – leather trousers; wear leather trousers

Why do so many Bavarians wear leather trousers?

Lederindustrie – leather industry

The Rhenish Palatinate is famous for its leather industry.

Lederjacke – leather jacket

'Where did you buy that leather jacket?' - 'In Florence.'

Ledermantel – leather coat

He was arrested in the morning, before six, by three men in brown leather coats.

Lederschuhe – leather shoes

Today we've bought Timothy a pair of leather shoes.

Ledersitz – leather seat

We found the pin on the driver's leather seat.

leer; ein Tisch ist leer – empty; a table is empty

In the restaurant, nearly all tables were empty.

leer; eine Straße ist leer – empty; a street is empty

He left the pub. The street was empty.

leer; sich leer fühlen – empty; feel empty

When her husband died, she was shocked at first, then she felt empty.

leere Drohung; eine leere Drohung sein – empty threat; be an empty threat

Yesterday, the premier said he would resign. Today, his secretary is at pains to point out that this is no empty threat.

leere Geste – empty gesture

Last month, the committee - as an empty gesture, since it has no real power - voted to sack the chairman.

leere Taschen (fig.) – empty pockets (fig.)

The new government, entrusted with the management of the country's empty pockets, raised taxes.

leere Worte – empty words

He declared that he was against the regulations and that he would fight for the students. But these are empty words.

Leere; die Leere füllen – void; fill the void

To fill the void that surrounded him, he needed books, vicarious life, vicarious experience.

leerer Bauch/ Magen – empty stomach

After the breakdown of the Soviet Union, many Russians realized that an empty stomach is the price of freedom.

leerer Strand – empty beach

When she opened the window, she saw a little child running down to the empty beach.

leeres Gerede – empty talk

The conference last Monday produced only empty talk.

leeres Leben – empty life

Her brother-in-law draws a sad and desolating picture of an empty life.

leeres Versprechen – empty promise

What he told you sounds like just another empty promise.

leerstehen – stand empty

The cottage must have stood empty for weeks.

Legalisierung der Abtreibung – legalization of abortion

At the recent party conference, some members of parliament argued against the legalization of abortion.

legendärer Held – legendary hero

The legendary hero Hereward held out against the Norman invaders, but in 1077 he was defeated and had to flee.

Legende; eine Legende sein (fig.) – legend; be a legend (fig.)

Like Clay in America, Schmeling is a legend in Germany.

Legion sein – be legion

Books about the true love are legion.

Legionärskrankheit – legionnaire's disease

The two men died of legionnaire's disease.

legitim sein – be legitimate

It is surely legitimate to ask whether the politicians have learned anything from the many scandals.

Legitimationskrise – legitimization crisis

Many economists think that capitalism is facing a ligitimization crisis.

Legostein™ – lego brick™

At Billund, houses, castles, bridges and ships are made of lego bricks.

Lego-System™ – Lego system™

The Lego system, invented in Denmark, has proved one of the greatest successes.

Lehrbefugnis – licence to teach

He is one of those church historians whose licence to teach was withdrawn by the Church.

Lehre und Forschung – teaching and research

Very good universities succeed in merging teaching with research.

Lehren ziehen – draw lessons

In the concluding chapters, the author seeks to draw lessons from German unification.

Lehrerausbildung – teacher education

One of his colleagues is an expert in teacher education.

Lehrererwartung – teacher expectation

The students discussed the teacher expectation that pupils should know the basic rules of English grammar.

Lehrerfahrung – teaching experience

Applications were invited for the post from candidates with teaching experience and research interests in linguistics.

Lehrjahre (fig.) – apprentice years (fig.)

In the 1920s, the poet's apprentice years, he travelled widely in the Soviet Union to study communism.

Lehrmaterialien – teaching materials

The results of his research have proved of fundamental value for the preparation of teaching materials.

Lehrmethode – teaching method

A good teacher's teaching methods should always be eclectic.

Lehrverpflichtung – teaching obligation

Her teaching obligation here amounts to ten hours per week. So she has time enough to carry out other teaching obligations.

Lehrverpflichtungen – teaching duties

Teaching duties of the successful applicant will include the organization and running of courses in literature.

Leib und Seele zusammenhalten – keep body and soul together

In order to keep soul and body together, she is forced to take bum jobs when she arrives in Sidney.

Leibwächter – bodyguard

Two of the bodyguards were killed when terrorists attempted to kill the President.

leicht aussehen – look easy

First English looks easy, but then you realize that the Romance languages are easier to learn.

leicht bekleidet – lightly dressed

It was a warm night, the guests were lightly dressed.

leicht bewaffnet sein – be lightly armed

The freedom fighters were lightly armed.

leicht erklärt sein – be easily explained

So far universities have been silent. Their silence is easily explained.

leicht für j-n/ etwas zu tun sein – be easy for sb/ sth to do

Which of the two chemicals is easier for the tissue to absorb?

leicht herzustellen sein – be easy to produce

Molotov cocktails are relatively easy to produce.

leicht klingen – sound easy

Her job is to gather truffles. That sounds easy; but then truffles are rare and difficult to find.

leicht steigen – rise slightly

The value of the Euro rose slightly in the course of the last month.

leicht stottern – stutter slightly

He is a man of 54 with white hair, and he stutters slightly.

leicht wie eine Feder – light as a feather

He lifted the girl from the fence. 'She's as light as a feather,' he said turning to her mother.

leicht zu erreichen/ zu heizen/ sauber zu halten/ etc. sein – be easy to reach/ heat/ keep clean/ etc.

Though the hut is hidden behind the trees, it is easy to reach.

leicht zu täuschen/ zu überzeugen/ reinzulegen/ etc. sein – be easy to deceive/ convince/ fool/ etc.

Ask John; you know he is easy to convince.

leicht zu verstehen sein – be easy to understand/ comprehend/ grasp

The grudge he has against his friend is easy to understand.

leicht; eine leichte Angelegenheit sein – easy; be an easy matter

Performing a play is not an easy matter.

leicht; es ist leicht, etwas zu entscheiden/ machen/ etc. – easy; it is easy to decide/ make/ etc. sth

It is not easy to decide which of the two swimmers is the better one.

leicht; es j-m leicht machen – easy; make it easy for sb

To make it easy for you to convince your friends, we'll give you a large sum of money.

leicht; etwas ist nicht so leicht, wie es klingt – easy; sth is not as easy as it sounds

Forming a coalition government is not as easy as it sounds.

leicht; etwas leicht abtun – lightly; to dismiss sth lightly

His imprisonment is not an event to be dismissed lightly.

leicht; etwas leicht übersehen (nicht bemerken) – easy; overlook sth easily

Such remarks are easily overlooked.

leicht; etwas leichter tun – light; do sth lighter

After the exam you will go home lighter.

leicht; j-n leicht auf die Wange/ Schulter/ etc. küssen – lightly; kiss sb lightly on the cheek/ shoulder/ etc.

'I love you,' he whispered and kissed her lightly on the shoulder.

leichtbewaffnet – lightly-armed

They have more than 7.000 lightly-armed troops.

leichte Arbeit – light work

Their mother is still active; she helps with light housework and minds the dog and the cats.

leichte Aufgabe – easy task

She has a knack for, and is skilful at, writing interesting compositions, which is no easy task for a student.

leichte Aufgabe – light task

The group would have had no light task to walk from Trier to Santiago de Compostela.

leichte Brise – light breeze

When we left the house, it was dark; the rain had stopped; a light breeze had got up.

leichte Entbindung; eine leichte Entbindung haben – easy delivery; have an easy delivery

It's her first child; we all hope she'll have an easy delivery.

leichte Kleidung – light clothing

Angelica wore a light summer dress, Bridget a light frock.

leichte Mahlzeit (Frühstück, etc.) – light meal (breakfast, etc.)

After a light lunch, she returned to her office.

leichte Musik – light music

Peter likes both light and serious music.

leichte Rezession – light recession

Some experts expect a light recession.

leichte Schuhe – light shoes

I wear light shoes in winter, too.

leichte und bequeme Kleidung – light and comfortable clothes

If you want to go to Lindisfarne on a hot summer day, you should be dressed for the occasion, and that means light and comfortable clothes.

leichte Unterhaltung – light entertainment

The French can learn a lot from the British about light entertainment, I think.

leichte Verfügbarkeit – easy availability

The article identifies the easy availability of drugs as the main problem.

leichte Waffen – light weapons

The managers sold light weapons to the rebels.

leichter Boden trocknet aus – light soil dries out

The garden is like a desert; the light sandy soil dries out badly in summer.

leichter Boden; leichten Boden haben – light soil; have light soil

I wish we had light soil here; it's much easier to dig.

leichter gesagt als getan – easier said than done

I would refuse his invitation, but that's easier said than done.

leichter Nebel – light mist

When we marched round the bend, we could see the tents shrouded in a light mist.

leichter Regen – light rain

When they came out of the caves, a light rain was falling.

leichter Schlaf – light sleep

Because of my light sleep, I awoke; someone was fumbling about in the drawer.

leichter Sieg – easy victory

An easy victory for the left seems highly probable.

leichter Sommeranzug/ leichtes Sommerkleid/ etc. – light sommer suit, light summer dress/ etc.

She bought her husband a light summer suit.

leichter Verkehr – light traffic

There was only light traffic last Monday between Chideock and Lyme.

leichter Wein – light wine

She prefers the lighter wines to the fortified varieties.

leichter Wind – light wind

It was late one morning, with a light west wind blowing across Lake Mathew, when Septimus Frog left his reed hut.

leichtes Fahrzeug – light vehicle

The pontoon bridge should be used only by light vehicles.

leichtes Geld – easy money

It is a pity that after his first success the author should have fallen for the lure of easy popularity and easy money.

leichtes Mahl – light meal

After a light meal at the Miner's Country Kitchen, the guests went to Cape Cornwall.

Leichtflugzeug – light aircraft

They've ordered a new light aircraft.

Leichtgewicht (fig.) – lightweight (fig.)

The president was an intellectual lightweight.

Leichtindustrie – light industry

Towns like Stuttgart are famous for their light industry.

Leichtmetall – light metal

Aluminium is a light metal.

Leichtmetalllegierung – light metal alloy

The new plant is producing light metal alloys.

Leichtschwergewicht – light heavyweight

Who did you say brought the Light Heavyweight Championship back to Britain?

leiden; nicht viel leiden – suffer; not suffer much

Ernest died while learning to drive; probably he didn't suffer much.

Leidenschaft; eine Leidenschaft für etwas haben – passion; have a passion for sth

Throughout her life, she had a passion for books and films.

Leidenschaften anfachen – fan passions

The passions aroused by her decision to be a contender were fanned by her political speeches.

Leidenschaften aufwühlen/ anstacheln – stir passions

The debate about quality assessment has stirred many teachers' passions.

Leidenschaften erregen/ aufwühlen – excite passions

It is obvious that German unification excited passions throughout Europe.

leihen; j-m etwas leihen – lend/ loan sb sth

She wouldn't even lend me the notes she had taken.

Leinenkappe – linen cap

Van Gogh's 'Two Little Girls' (1890) wear linen caps.

Leinentischtuch – linen tablecloth

He stole a furtive glance into the room: The silver had been polished, the best linen tablecloths brought out.

Leipziger Messe – Leipzig Fair

His father bought the jopo puppets at the Leipzig Fair in 1947.

Leitartikel – leading article

The problem of over-population was discussed in the leading article of last week's 'Politics'.

Leiter des Marketing – director of marketing

He applied for the position of Assistant Director of Marketing

Leitfaden – guiding thread

The guiding thread in these short stories is the protagonist's love life.

Leitlinien folgen – follow guidelines

We have to follow the guidelines.

Leitmotiv – leitmotif

Which word is the leitmotif in this novel?

Leitwährung – leading currency

The dollar has been, is and will remain the world's leading currency.

Lektion; seine Lektion lernen (fig.) – lesson; learn one's lesson (fig.)

Smith had to resign, but he remained chairman. And he had learned his lesson.

Leninorden – Order of Lenin

On the photo, you could see the spy wearing the Order of Lenin and other decorations.

Lerche; eine Lerche singt – lark; a lark sings

I was lying in the grass and heard the larks singing high in the air.

lernen von – learn from

Some teachers collect their students' mistakes in order to learn from them.

lernen, mit dem Hunger/ der Kälte/ etc. zu leben – learn to live with hunger/ cold/ etc.

Hunger has been the norm in the area for most of the time, and the locals have learnt to live with it.

lernen, mit einer Situation zu leben – learn to live with a situation

I know, I know, you've lost your dog, but you must learn to live with the situation.

Lernerfahrung – learning experience

Teaching is as much a learning experience for the teacher as it is for the student.

Lernerfolg – learning success

The best students calculate and follow their own route to learning success.

Lernhilfe – learning aid

An excellent grammar can be a good learning aid.

Lernmethode – learning method

Good teachers know that they should be experts in teaching and learning methods.

Lernproblem – learning problem

Catherine will help to run a club for children with learning problems.

Lernprozess – learning process

She explained to the students when to employ which learning strategies in the learning process.

Lernprozess (fig.) – learning process (fig.)

His resignation was the result of a long learning process.

Lernschwierigkeiten – learning difficulties

The expert told the teachers that the number of pupils who exhibited learning difficulties was less than five per cent.

Lernschwierigkeiten; Menschen mit Lernschwierigkeiten – learning difficulties; people with learning difficulties

One of her friends, a teacher, worked in an evening club for people with learning difficulties.

Lernstil – learning style

Not all students adopt the same learning styles.

Lernstrategie – learning strategy

She explained to the students when to employ which learning strategies in the learning process.

lerntheoretisch – learning-theoretic

If we had more data, it would be possible to construct a learning-theoretical account of this phenomenon, i.e. that the little boy repeats every word and sentence.

Lerntheorie – learning theory

Most learning theories are based upon behaviourism or rationalism.

Lernziel – learning objective

Because of the quota, what we need is standardized learning objectives.

Leselampe – reading lamp

He bought her a Swedish reading lamp.

Leseliste – reading list

Which novels of D.H. Lawrence are on your recommended reading list?

lesen Sie die Wahrheit über … – read the truth about …

Wernitzky became a legend during his life time. Now read the truth about the man.

Lesepublikum – reading public

MacErn is going to present English ballads to a Scottish reading public.

leserfreundlich – reader-friendly

With a few exceptions, the book is very reader-friendly.

Leserschaft – readership

The journalist asked the novelist what she expected from her readership.

Lesesaal – reading room

This photo shows his sister in the reading room of the museum.

Leseverstehen – reading comprehension

Listening comprehension and reading comprehension are the two receptive skills.

Lesezimmer – reading room

They are redecorating the reading room at the local library.

letzt; der/ die/ das letzte …, der/ die/ das/ wo/ etc. – last; the last … that/ who/ where/ etc.

Deflation is the last thing Germany needs. And Germany is about the last place where you would have expected it.

letzte Gelegenheit – last opportunity

We see this meeting as the last opportunity to find a solution.

letzte Hoffnung; j-s letzte Hoffnung sein – last hope; be sb's last hope

She was my last hope; if she hadn't helped us, we would have emigrated.

letzte Ölung – last unction

When he was 99, he returned to the true faith, well in time for the last unction.

letzte Stunde; j-s letzte Stunde ist gekommen – last hour; sb's last hour has come

He was cornered; he knew his last hour had come.

letzte Warnung – last warning

I think Andy should treat his accident yesterday as a last warning.

letzte Woche/ letzten Monat/ Juli/ letztes Jahr/ etc. – last week/ month/ July/ year/ etc.

They met last week.

letzte Worte – last words

Her father's last words reveal that he had loved her mother.

letztes Angebot; j-m ein letztes Angebot machen – final offer; make sb a final offer

I'll make you a final offer. Three hundred for each volume.

letztes Wort; das letzte Wort gehört j-m – last word; the last word belongs to sb

The last word belongs to Professor Finchestowe.

letztes Wort; j-s letztes Wort sein – last word; be sb's last word

Concerning the introduction of new tests, the student leader said he hoped that was not the staff's last word on the subject.

Leuchtender Pfad – Shining Path

The journalists interviewed one of the leading guerillas of the Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path).

leuchtendes Beispiel – shining example

'Economic progress. Estonia, a shining example,' the headline read.

leuchtendes Beispiel – gleaming example

At the turn of the century, there were hundreds of actors who regarded the great Smith as a nobly gleaming example.

Leuchtkäfer – luminous beetle

Are fireflies a sub-species of what are called luminous beetles?

Leute beschäftigen – employ people

He is a press baron who employs more than 20,000 people.

Leute studieren – study people

We like the little restaurants in Aigues Mortes, where you can study people on the street while you eat.

Leute zusammenbringen – bring people together

The club brings people together.

liberaldemokratisch – liberal-democratic

How many liberal-democratic members does the European Parliament have?

liberale Wirtschaftsordnung – liberal economic order

A liberal economic order is superior to any type of command economy.

liberales Drogengesetz – liberal drug law

Holland has the most liberal drug laws in Europe.

Licht absorbieren – absorb light

The new material absorbs light in the red part of the spectrum.

Licht am Ende des Tunnels – light at the end of the tunnel

All our previous attempts ended in failure; now it seems we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Licht ausdrehen – turn out the light

Don't forget to turn out the lights before you leave the house.

Licht brechen – break light

Glass prisms can break light into its colours.

Licht kommt aus einem Raum – light comes from a room

Angie knocked on the door of a room from which light came.

Licht verwenden (Malerei, Photographie) – use light (painting, photography)

It is interesting to study Turner's ways of using light.

Licht zieht Insekten/ etc., an – light attracts insects/ etc.

The pale light of the streetlamp attracts not only moths, but bats, too.

Licht; ans Licht kommen – light; come to light

Every year, new material comes to light which shows how hasty the conclusions of the 'experts' have been.

Licht; das Licht spielt auf etwas – light plays on sth

The lovers were sitting on a park bench watching the moon light playing on the water.

Licht; die Lichter gehen aus (fig.) – light; the lights go out (fig.)

Not all the lights in Bonn went out when the government moved to Berlin in 1999.

Licht; ein interessantes Licht auf etwas werfen – light; cast an interesting light on sth

This tale casts an interesting light on Maupassant's way of working.

Licht; in einem … Licht darstellen – light; present in a … light

It is important to start presenting the different trades in a more positive light in order to attract more young people.

Licht; sein Licht unter den Scheffel stellen – light; hide one's lights under a bushel

It's enough to drive you mad! She's always hiding her lights under a bushel.

Licht; sich im besten Licht zeigen – light; show oneself in the best light

To show himself in the best possible light, he invited his old aunt once a month.

lichtdurchflutet – flooded with light

I like that school building because it is flooded with light and surrounded by olive trees.

Lichtgeschwindigkeit – velocity of light

The velocity of light is about 300,000km per second.

Lichtgeschwindigkeit – speed of light/ light speed

All photons travel at the speed of light.

Lichtjahr – light year

How many light years is the Andromeda Galaxy away?

Lichtjahre entfernt sein von (fig.) – be light-years removed from (fig.)

The film betrays an insight and a passion that is light-years removed from the platitudes of other contributions.

Lichtquelle – light source

What do they use as a light source?

Lichtrechnung – light bill

Some people are so poor they cannot pay their light bill.

Lichtstrahl – ray of light

In class, the children learned by experiment that a ray of light is bent by a lens.

Lichtstrahl – light beam

The scholar studied certain facts about light beams.

Lichtwellen – light waves

Stephen is studying light and radio waves.

Liebe auf den ersten Blick – love at first sight

She had always assumed that love at first sight existed only in novels, but then she saw him.

Liebe entfachen (zur Musik, Dichtung, etc.) – kindle love (of music, poetry, etc.)

The love of music was kindled in Ernesto by his father playing the mandolin.

Liebe seines/ ihres Lebens – love of one's life

In 1959, Catherine found the love of her life.

Liebe versteht – love understands

Mother loves us with a love that understands and holds us.

Liebe; j-m Liebe geben – love; give sb love

To bring up children, you must give them love. Then they have the security to go out into the world.

Liebe; j-s Liebe verlieren – love; lose sb's love

Carina admired her mother but began to lose her love when she was about ten years old.

Liebe finden – love; find love

Their daughters found the love they sought.

lieben; er liebt mich, er liebt mich nicht, … – love; he loves me, he loves me not, …

The boy had picked some daisies. 'She loves me, she loves me not, …'.

liebenswürdige Schwäche – amiable weakness

The judge said it was wrong to regard stealing books from a library as an amiable weakness.

lieber Leser – dear reader

If, dear reader, you are confused because our hero has no name, let's call him Dag.

Liebesaffaire – love affair

At the beginning of her studies, Mary trailed from one unhappy love affair to the next.

Liebesapfel – love apple

In former times the tomato was known as the love apple, perhaps because people believed it was aphrodisiac.

Liebesbeziehung – love relation

In a love relation, you both give and take.

Liebesbrief – love letter

The poet's widow refused to have these passionate love letters published.

Liebesduett – love duet

There is beautiful music in the last act, notably the love duet between the hero and his girl.

Liebesgedicht – love poem

The paper discusses Lovelace's love poem 'To Lucasta, going to the Wars'.

Liebesgeschichte – love story

The collection contains seven love stories and two ghost stories.

liebeskrank – lovesick

At that time, he was a lovesick boy.

Liebesleben – love life

She said she was not interested in Laclos' love life.

Liebeslied – love song

He's bought his wife a record of Schumann's love songs.

Liebesnacht – night of love

They had talked about going to Venice next year; and he had called her 'Duckie' during nights of love.

Liebesnest – love-nest

After the party, his friends went back to their love-nest above the grocer's.

Liebesverhältnis – love relationship

Her mother fixation led to a series of impossible love relationships.

Liebhaber der Musik/ Kunst/ des Weines/ etc. – lover of music/ art/ wine/ etc.

Michael is a lover of good wines.

-liebhaber (Kunst, Musik, Wein, Natur etc.) – -lover (art, music, wine, nature, etc.)

Their younger son-in-law is an artlover.

-liebhaber (Katzen, Hunde, etc.) – -lover

She said she would never marry a cat-lover.

Liebling der Götter – darling of the gods

I knew it would be difficult to prepare such a darling of the gods for what awaited him.

Liebling der Medien – darling of the media

He married Joan Canterwick, darling of the media for two years, then forgotten.

Lieblingsprojekt – pet project

'What is Mr Smith's pet project?' - 'Machine translation.'

Lieblingstheorie – pet theory

To try out his pet theory, the guinea pigs were subjected to a new test.

Liederbuch – song-book

I have inherited my grandfather's song-book, the one that has his initials on the cover.

liegen; der Schlüssel zu etwas liegt in j-s Kindheit/ etc. – lie; the key to sth lies in sb's childhood/ etc.

The key to her brother's irrational behaviour lies in his childhood.

liegen; Stunden/ etc. liegen zwischen zwei Ereignissen – lie; hours/ etc. lie between two events

She had met Stephen Martin twice in her life; between these two occasions lay seven years.

Liftboy – lift-boy

In London he worked as a lift-boy.

Liga der Rotkreuzgesellschaften – League of the Red Cross Societies

The King invited the chief delegate of the League of the Red Cross Societies.

limitierte Ausgabe – limited edition

The drawings I bought are part of a strictly limited edition and are signed by the artist herself.

Lindenallee – avenue of limes

From her bedroom window she could see the rider emerging from the avenue of limes.

Lingua-Programm – Lingua programme

Do you know who is responsible for the Lingua programme at Oxford University?

Linie, j-s Linie folgen – line; follow sb's line

Long before the end of Communism, the Italian communists had ceased to follow the line of Moscow.

Linie; die … Linien angreifen (mil.) – line; attack the … lines (mil.)

They thought it was better not to

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