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Deutsch-englisches Wörterbuch der Eins-zu-eins-Entsprechungen in zwei Bänden: Band 1: A - K

Deutsch-englisches Wörterbuch der Eins-zu-eins-Entsprechungen in zwei Bänden: Band 1: A - K

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Deutsch-englisches Wörterbuch der Eins-zu-eins-Entsprechungen in zwei Bänden: Band 1: A - K

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10. Juli 2013


Ein didaktisch völlig neues, gebrauchsorientiertes Wörterbuch.

Würden Sie sich trauen, spontan und mit dem Gefühl absoluter Sicherheit folgende Wörter und Wendungen im Englischen zu verwenden?

- that speaks volumes
- walls have ears
- we have never had it so good
- let someone stew in their own juice
- put / place someone under pressure
- come under the hammer
- be the apple of someone’s eye
- shed crocodile tears
- an end is not in sight
- dream couple
- navel gazing
- salami tactics
- stomach wall
- credit-worthiness
- strength training
- election watcher
- warning triangle
- greenhouse gas emission

Dieses deutsch-englische Wörterbuch der Eins-zu-eins-Entsprechungen vereint auf mehr als 1000 Seiten über 20.000 solcher authentischen Wörter und Wendungen.
Sie stammen aus dem Alltagswortschatz und aus Fachgebieten wie Wirtschaft, Politik, Wissenschaft, Technik, Sport usw.
Jeder Eintrag wird mit einem adäquaten englischen Beispielsatz illustriert.
Das Wörterbuch ist das Nachschlagewerk für Schule, Studium und Beruf.
Es gehört in die Hand jedes Anfängers, Fortgeschrittenen und aller Fachleute, kurz, in die Hand aller, die mit Englisch zu tun haben.
10. Juli 2013

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Deutsch-englisches Wörterbuch der Eins-zu-eins-Entsprechungen in zwei Bänden - Books on Demand


A a

à la carte – à la carte

The notice in The Magpie Café said: Please allow at least 20 minutes when ordering à la carte.

A und O – alpha and omega

Greed and hatred had become the alpha and omega of their politics.

ab und an – off and on/ on and off

They went to Gib off and on during the week.

abarbeiten – work off

Since I couldn't clear the debt in cash, I worked it off at a fixed minimum rate per hour.

abbrechen (Offensive, etc.) – break off

The general refused to break off the offensive.

abdrehen (Wasser, Gas) – turn off (water, gas)

They turned off the water and the gas supply when we didn't pay the bill.

abdrehen (Wasserhahn) – turn off (tap)

Remember to turn off the tap.

Abend; einen glücklichen Abend verbringen – evening; spend a happy evening

He and his uncle had spent a happy evening at St. Peter at the annual fair.

Abendausgabe – evening edition

The evening edition of the paper sells well.

Abendessen; das Abendessen servieren – supper; serve supper

When is supper served in your family?

Abendgottesdienst – evening service

Sunday evening services are held in St Patrick's Chapel.

Abendmesse – evening mass

All the villagers crowded the church in the evening mass.

Abendsonne – evening sun

The little silvery brook reflected the silhouette of the dwarfs in the evening sun.

Abendstern – evening star

Both morning star and evening star refer to Venus.

Abenteuer suchen – seek adventure

In 1911, he was a young man who sought adventure.

Abenteuerferien – adventure holidays

They have specialized in adventure holidays.

Abenteuergeist – spirit of adventure

The young woman was described as combining charm and intelligence with the spirit of adventure.

Abenteuergeschichte – adventure story

She told them a cute adventure story.

Abenteuerliebe – love of adventure

She hitch-hiked through Europe for pure love of adventure.

Abenteuerlust – lust for adventure

It was lust for adventure that led them to Desert City.

Abenteuerpark – adventure park

They are planning a large amusement and adventure park in our region.

aber es gibt … – but there are …

Finally, she became a teacher. But there are teachers and teachers.

aber nein – but no

This answer, one might have supposed, was the best answer. But no. She rejected it at once.

aber was geschieht, wenn … – but what happens when …

Education is regarded as one of the most important factors in our development. But what happens when students drop out and leave school or university?

Abfalleimer der Geschichte – rubbish bin of history

In 1989, the policy of the Socialist Unity Party was buried deeply in the rubbish bin of history.

Abfallhaufen; j-n auf den Abfallhaufen der Geschichte werfen – scrapheap; throw sb on the scrapheap of history

In many East-European countries the people have thrown their former leaders on the scrapheap of history.

Abfallprodukt – waste product

One of the waste products of photosynthetic metabolism is oxygen.

abgerundete Darstellung – rounded account

The committee failed to provide a rounded and convincing account of what happened.

abgesägtes Gewehr – sawn-off gun

He killed his competitor with a sawn-off shotgun.

abgeschlossen; eine Angelegenheit als abgeschlossen betrachten – closed; regard a matter as closed

We need not discuss this matter any longer; we regard it as closed.

abgeschnitten sein von – be cut off from

The lagoon is cut off from the sea by a broad pebble bar, which is at least two miles long.

abgeschnitten von (fig.) – cut off from (fig.)

Many people had grown up almost totally cut off from the music of Western Europe.

Abhängigkeit unter Kontrolle bringen – bring addiction under control

I hope my friend will bring his addiction under control.

Abhängigkeit von Importen/ Exporten/ etc. – dependence on imports/ exports/ etc.

The accident reminded the Europeans of their increasing dependence on oil.

Abiturprüfung – Abitur examination

Of those who pass the Abitur examination at the end of the Gymnasium course, more than 50% go to university.

Abkommen; ein Abkommen läuft aus – agreement; an agreement runs out

The agreement will replace the old one, which runs out at the end of next month.

Abkoppelung – decoupling

The new treaty does not involve any decoupling of their allies from their defence.

abkühlen lassen (Speise) – let chill (food)

Let the crema catalana chill for an hour or so.

Abkühlung der Sonne – cooling of the sun

The cooling of the sun might lead to a catastrophe on earth.

abladen (Kohlen, Sand, Säcke, etc.) – off-load (coal, sand, sacks, etc.)

It took some four hours to off-load the tobacco bales from the waggon.

abladen (Kummer, Probleme, etc.) – off-load (troubles, problems, etc.)

Once a week Mrs P. came to see my mother to off-load her troubles.

abladen; Arbeit auf j-n abladen – off-load work on sb

It is unfair to off-load work on your colleagues.

Ablagerung von Fett – deposition of fat

The team were developing a drug that would slow the deposition of fat inside arteries.

ABM Vertrag – ABM Treaty

Some experts think that the radar station is a clear breach of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (ABM Treaty) of 1972.

Abmachung; eine Abmachung läuft aus – agreement; an agreement runs out

The agreement runs out on December 31st.

abnehmen (Bein, etc.) – take off (leg, etc.)

The doctors saved the boy's life, but one leg had to be taken off above the knee.

abnehmen (Hut, etc.) – take off (hat, etc.)

When he approached the draped coffin, he took off his hat.

Abnutzungskrieg – war of attrition

The two countries declared a truce when they saw it was no longer possible to maintain the long war of attrition.

Abnutzungskrieg (fig.) – war of attrition (fig.)

In her new drama, the authoress describes a war of attrition in marriage.

Abreißkalender – tear-off calendar

The tear-off calendar was still lying on her desk.

abrunden (Bild, etc.) – round off (picture, etc.)

The negotiations were relatively successful, only a trade agreement was needed to round off the picture.

abrunden (Urlaub, etc.) – round off (holiday, etc.)

On the final night, our friends invited us to a barbecue in their garden to round off a wonderful holiday in Cornwall.

abrunden (Zahl) – round up/ down (number)

You divide the number by 17,738 and round it up or down.

abrupt enden – end abruptly

The waltz movement ended abruptly.

abruptes Ende – abrupt end

The rich and remarkable civilization of the Incas came to an abrupt end.

Abrüstungsinitiative – disarmament initiative

The Helsinki Accord set the stage for the disarmament initiatives of the 1970s.

Abrüstungskonferenz – disarmament conference

The next disarmament conference will be more successful.

Abrüstungsprozess – disarmament process

A new generation of sea-launched missiles is likely to pose an obstacle to the disarmament process.

Abrüstungsvertrag – disarmament treaty

A conventional disarmament treaty is to be endorsed at the Congress of Paris.

Abrüstungsvorschlag – disarmament proposal

Last week the president tried to explain his disarmament proposals.

abschalten (fig.) – switch off (fig.)

Students will switch off after an hour or so even if the topic of the seminar is extremely interesting.

abschalten (Heizung, etc.) – switch off (heating, etc.)

He used to switch off the heating and the radio when he left the house.

Abschiedsbesuch – farewell visit

It was only when she was 95 that she paid a farewell visit to her native village.

Abschlussprüfung – final examination

All the students passed the final examination.

Abschlussrede – closing speech

Later on Dr Smith took the podium for the closing speech of the congress.

abschneiden (Truppen, eine Armee, etc.) – cut off (troops, an army, etc.)

Cut off from home, 500 miles away, the army was incapable of further resistance.

abschneiden von der Außenwelt (Dorf, etc.) – cut off from the outside world (village, etc.)

For three weeks the tiny village was cut off from the outside world.

abschreckende Wirkung – deterrent effect

The deterrent effect of the death penalty is unproven.

abschreiben (Geld, etc.) – write off (money, etc.)

'How much does she owe you?' - 'Three hundred pounds.' -'We will simply have to write them off.'

abschreiben (Sachen aufgeben) – write off

The beach was littered with boats that the smugglers had simply written off.

abschreiben (Theorie, etc.) – write off (theory, etc.)

The lecturer wanted to make us believe that Darwinism had been essentially written off in some scientific circles.

abschreiben; j-n abschreiben als – write sb off as

Now that he has failed his examinations four times, he must be written off as a hopeless case.

abschütteln (Verfolger) – shake off (pursuer)

They crossed the river and shook off their pursuers.

abseits sein (Sport) – be off-side (sport)

John was off-side when he scored the goal.

Abseitsregel – off-side rule

The experts are thinking of altering the off-side rule.

absetzen (König, Kaiser, etc.) – depose (king, emperor, etc.)

Napoleon III was deposed in 1871.

absetzen (ök.) – offset (ec.)

In some countries, companies can offset losses from one subsidiary against profits from others.

Absicht; die Absicht ist klar – purpose; the purpose is clear

The purpose of the programme is clear.

Absicht; j-s Absicht sein – intention; be sb's intention

They were frustrated. That can hardly have been John's intention.

Absicht; nicht die Absicht haben – intention; have no intention

She said she had no intention, as yet, of getting involved in their activities.

Absicht; seine Absicht deutlich machen – intention; make one's intention clear

The chairman has repeatedly made clear his intention to resign.

Absicht; seine Absicht erklären – intention; declare one's intention

The president declared his intention to end the strike.

Absicht; seine Absicht signalisieren – intention; signal one's intention

The government has signalled its intention to rush through legislation facilitating the building of new houses.

Absicht; seine Absicht verkünden – intention; announce one's intention

After the elections, the new government announced its intention of introducing new, comprehensive, schools.

Absichtserklärung – declaration of intent

Earlier conferences had produced a string of declarations of intent and put off the most decisive problems.

absolut nichts – absolutely nothing

When I pressed PLAY absolutely nothing happened.

absolut phantastisch – absolutely fantastic

'Did you like the tennis match last night?' - 'Absolutely fantastic!'

absolut sicher sein – be absolutely sure

'Who's the chap with the bowler hat?' -'The president.' -'Are you absolutely sure?'

absolute Mehrheit; die absolute Mehrheit gewinnen – absolute majority; win an absolute majority

The Democrats seem to have won an absolute majority in the elections.

absolute Mehrheit; die absolute Mehrheit halten – absolute majority; hold on to one's absolute majority

We hope that the party will be able to hold on to its absolute majority.

absolute Wahrheit – absolute truth

For many people it is difficult to believe that there exists no absolute truth.

absoluter Gehorsam – absolute obedience

Authoritarian regimes always demand absolute obedience and iron discipline.

absoluter Monarch – absolute monarch

Louis XVI was an absolute monarch.

absoluter Traum (fig.) – absolute dream (fig.)

Angelica's new hat is an absolute dream.

absolutes Minimum; auf das absolute Minimum reduzieren – absolute minimum; reduce to the absolute minimum

The staff will be reduced to the absolute minimum.

ABS-System – ABS system

The tests were carried out to tune the ABS system to its optimum.

Abstammung; deutscher/ englischer/ etc. Abstammung sein – descent; be of German/ English/ etc. descent

Catherine the Great is of German descent.

Abstand von … zu … – distance from … to …

What is the distance from the earth to the moon?

abstoßen; eine Niere abstoßen – reject a kidney

Ultrasonic probing showed the doctors that a kidney was about to be rejected.

Abtreibung; eine Abtreibung haben – abortion; have an abortion

After her twelfth child in May last year she had an abortion.

Abtreibungsgesetz – abortion law

The existing abortion law has been under constant attack from different social groups.

Abtreibungsklinik – abortion clinic

There has been a festering quarrel over the nearby abortion clinic.

Abtreibungspille – abortion pill

The abortion pill enables women to have an abortion without surgery.

abwägen; etwas gegen etwas abwägen – balance sth against sth

She had to balance the interests of her son against those of her daughter.

Abwärtsspirale – downward spiral

After the revolution, the country was trapped in a downward spiral of recession and inflation.

Abwärtstrend – downward trend

The economists are predicting a downward trend in US interest rates.

abwechseln mit – alternate with

In southern Finland dense forests of birch and pine alternate with fields, rivers and lakes.

Abwehrepisode (med.) – rejection episode (med.)

The rejection episode did not begin until six hours after the transplant.

Abwehrmechanismus – defence mechanism

It is believed that interferon triggers off the natural defence mechanisms of the human body.

abzusehen bleiben – remain to be seen

What new insights will emerge from this year's lectures remains to be seen.

abzweigen (Straße) – branch off (street)

The side-streets branch off at right angles in Witsworth.

Achillesferse – Achilles heel

Europe was the candidate's Achilles heel.

Achse des Bösen – axis of evil

The Conservatives denounced several countries in the Near East and the Far East as the axis of evil.

Achsenmächte – Axis powers

In 1941, the Axis Powers dismembered the state of Yugoslavia.

achtes Weltwunder – eighth wonder of the world

Some people seem to regard the The Great Barrier Reef as the eighth wonder of the world.

Acht-Punkte-Plan – eight-point plan

According to the eight-point plan, Germany undertook to limit its total troop strength to 370,000.

Acht-Stunden-Tag – eight-hour-day

We owe the eight-hour-day to the unions.

ad hoc – ad hoc

The inevitable effect of ad hoc restrictions will be chaos.

ad hominem – ad hominem

You should never make ad hominem claims.

Adam und Eva – Adam and Eve

Christians believe that Adam and Eve were expelled from Paradise.

Adamsapfel – adam's apple

The vocal chords are two little muscles within the adam's apple.

Adlerauge (fig.) – eagle eye (fig.)

The teacher looked up. His eagle eye spotted her neighbour, who had fallen asleep.

Adoptiveltern – adoptive parents

The young pregnant woman visited the childless couple to vet them as adoptive parents for her as yet unborn son.

Adoptivkind/ Adoptivtochter/ Adoptivsohn – adoptive child/ daughter/ son

They discussed whether the background of their natural parents should be disclosed to adoptive children.

Adoptivmutter/ Adoptivvater/ Adoptiveltern – adoptive mother/ father/ parents

The adoptive mothers meet once a month to discuss their problems.

Adressenänderung – address change

Address changes to BAKG, Leipzig, please.

advocatus diaboli – devil's advocate

He seems to like the role of the devil's advocate.

Affäre; eine Affäre (mit j-m) haben – affair; have an affair (with sb)

He had quite a lot of affairs, and most people regarded them as scandalous.

Afrikanische Killerbiene – African killer-bee

The African killer-bee has been found in one of the country's chief honey-producing regions.

Afrikanischer Elephant – African elephant

The African-elephant population has been declining for decades.

Afrikanischer National-Kongress – African National Congress

Mandela was the most important leader of the African National Congress.

Agrarreform – agrarian reform

The minister explained the main lines of the agrarian reform to the peasants.

-ähnlich (dolch, traum, etc.) – -like (dagger, dream, etc.)

Storks have dagger-like bills.

Ähnlichkeit; hier endet die Ähnlichkeit – similarity; here the similarity ends

Dr Smith follows E.F. Eerim in seeing the sect as having noble aims. But here the similarity ends.

Aids bekommen – get AIDS

Both he and his three brothers had got AIDS.

Aids haben – have AIDS

The exact number of people who have AIDS is unknown.

Aids Virus – AIDS virus

Some people, it seems, are immune to the AIDS virus (HIV).

Aidsfall – AIDS case

The doctor said that in some districts of the city hospital wards were filling up with AIDS cases.

Aidsforschung – AIDS research

The experts told the politicians that much more cash was needed for AIDS research.

Aidskrankheit – AIDS illness

The doctor stated that the patient had AIDS illness a year before sleeping with a prostitute.

Aidsopfer – AIDS victim

As long as there is no duty of notification, nobody will know the exact number of AIDS victims.

Aidspatient – AIDS patient

The HIV virus is recoverable from between 40 and 50 per cent of AIDS patients only.

Aidstest – AIDS test

The poll showed that most people in our country are against compulsory AIDS tests.

Aids(über)träger – AIDS carrier

Nobody can say how many AIDS carriers there are all over the world.

Airbag – air bag

Does this car have an air bag?

Airbus A 3000® – Airbus A 3000®

The first Airbus A 3000 was constructed at the end of the 1970s.

Airbusprogramm® – Airbus programme®

It is absolutely clear that the two countries will continue to participate in the European Airbus programme.

Akademie der Wissenschaften – Academy of Sciences

The famous dissident has been a member of the Academy of Sciences for many years.

akademisch werden – become academic

The silver coins will long have been sold, so the question of who should have inherited them has become academic.

akademische Frage – academic question

Whether our daughter can continue her studies in Great Britain is no longer an academic question.

akademische Freiheit – academic freedom

The freedom within the law to question and test received wisdom and to teach new ideas is part of academic freedom.

akademischer Grad; einen akademischen Grad anerkennen – academic degree; recognize an academic degree

German universities recognize academic degrees at whichever German university they may have been awarded.

akademisches Jahr – academic year

The number of students at the UdS for the academic year 1989/ 90 rose to about 20,000.

Akademisches Konzil – academic council

For years, he was a member of the academic council of the university.

Akazienbaum – acacia tree

The farm house is surrounded by acacia, olive and eucalyptus trees.

Akkordeonspieler/ in – accordion player

The little girl asked Mrs Netherlander, the great accordion player, for an autograph.

Akt des guten Willens – act of good will

The government tried to present the amnesty as an act of good will.

Akt des Vertrauens – act of faith

Raising children is an act of faith.

Akt; die ersten zwei Akte verpassen – act; miss the first two acts

We were late because of the storm and missed the first two acts.

-Aktie (Euphone, etc.) – share (Euphone, etc.)

He said that each Euphone share was worth $200.

Aktie; mit Aktien spekulieren – share; speculate in shares

Kalou and Brigid are speculating in shares.

Aktien ausgeben – issue shares

They issued thousands of shares to raise the necessary amount of money for the project.

Aktien erholen sich – shares recover

One year after Black Monday, shares had recovered a bit.

Aktie; eine Aktie sinkt/ Aktien sinken – a share sinks/ shares sink

She couldn’t believe it. Her shares had sunk again.

Aktienpreis – share price

Share prices were extremely low after what is called Black Monday.

Aktienpreise fallen um … Prozent – share prices fall by … per cent

When the chairperson resigned, the company's share prices fell by 3% in a week.

Aktionärsversammlung – shareholders' meeting

The shareholders' meeting will have to elect the auditors.

Aktionskomitee – action committee

The reporter interviewed the members of the action committee.

Aktionsplan – action plan

The authorities are preparing an action plan to tackle the problems.

aktiv bleiben – remain active

My grandfather was a gardener and a sportsman and remained active into his eighties.

aktive Politik – active politics

In his memoirs, he describes the reasons which drove him from his teaching career into active politics.

aktiver Dienst – active service

Soon after his active service began, he married a rich heiress.

aktiver Vulkan – active volcano

The Mauna Loa is the world's biggest active volcano.

Aktivistengruppe – activist group

She is a member of one of those activist groups that sprang up after the revolution.

Akustik; die Akustik ist gut/ schlecht/ etc. – acoustics; the acoustics are good/ bad/ etc.

I couldn't understand what she was saying; the acoustics were so bad behind the two columns.

akut sein (Krise) – be acute (crisis)

He said he didn't think Germany's financial crisis was acute.

akut werden (Mangel, etc.) – become acute (shortage, etc.)

The housing shortage is becoming acute in some cities.

akute Krise – acute crisis

If they do not raise taxes, a far more acute economic crisis is likely to result.

akute Probleme haben – have acute problems

Small wonder that the firm has acute financial problems of its own.

akuter Mangel – acute shortage

There is an acute shortage of men and women on the farms in North Frisia.

akzeptabler Kompromiss – acceptable compromise

The judges will have to seek an acceptable compromise.

Akzeptanz gewinnen – win acceptance

Their plans will certainly win wider acceptance.

Al Aksa-Moschee (Jerusalem) – Al Aqsa Mosque (Jerusalem)

This photo shows John in front of the Al Aqsa Mosque and that one in front of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.

Alarm auslösen (Rauch, Hitze, etc.) – trigger off alarm (smoke, heat, etc.)

The fire-alarm was triggered off by the smoke in the cellar.

Alarmglocken läuten (fig.) – alarm bells ring (fig.)

When the opposition heard of the government's plans to cut taxes, alarm bells rang.

alarmierend hoch – alarmingly high

The scientist told the press that there was an alarmingly high lead pollution level in the town centre.

Alarmsystem – alarm system

My friend, a clock collector, has had an intruder alarm system installed in his bungalow.

Alexander-von-Humboldt-Stiftung – Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

How much money will the Federal Government put at the disposal of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation?

Algenteppich – algae carpet

The algae carpet extended for some two hundred yards off the Cobb.

Alibifunktion – alibi function

To describe enthusiasm for bronze medals as taking on alibi functions for many athletes would certainly be wrong.

Alka-Seltzer® Tablette – Alka-Seltzer® tablet

All that was left over from the experiment were several Alka-Seltzer tablets.

Alkohol anrühren – touch alcohol

After the accident he never touched alcohol in any form.

Alkohol enthalten – contain alcohol

Viez contains only a small percentage of alcohol.

Alkohol trinken – drink alcohol

My daughters do not drink alcohol.

Alkoholabhängige/ r – alcohol dependent

Her parents could not understand why she insisted on marrying a drug and alcohol dependent.

Alkoholabhängigkeit – alcohol(ic) dependence

He had drunk alcohol for years and was looking for a clinic for drug and alcohol dependence.

alkoholfrei – alcohol-free

I do like the new alcohol-free bitter.

Alkoholgehalt – alcohol(ic) content

The natural alcohol content of the wine was over the 12.5 per cent limit.

Alkoholkonsum – alcohol consumption

In the past ten years, their alcohol consumption has slowed down.

Alkoholmissbrauch – alcohol abuse

Alcohol abuse is one of the scourges of our society.

Alkoholprobleme haben – have alcohol problems

John had alcohol problems and was extremely jealous of his wife.

Alkoholvergiftung – alcoholic poisoning

She seems to fear that one day her son might die of alcoholic poisoning.

Alkoholverkauf – alcohol sales

In a democratic state it is probably wrong to introduce a state monopoly on alcohol sales.

all das ist nichts, verglichen mit … – all this is nothing compared with …

In short, their bungalow near the sea is posh. All this, though, is nothing compared with their town house in Malaga.

alle Arten von – all manners of

Some statistics show the incidence of all manners of illnesses rising unabated in the Third World.

alle Erwartungen übertreffen – surpass all expectations

When I launched the programme I hoped it would be a success, but the public reaction has surpassed all expectations.

alle fünf Kontinente – all five continents

This company has offices in more than fifty countries on all five continents.

alle für einen und einer für alle – all for one and one for all

The spokesman told the reporters that the union's motto was: all for one and one for all.

alle gegen alle – all against all

When the government resigned, revolution broke out, there was a war of all against all.

alle Glaubwürdigkeit verlieren – lose all credibility

In his country the politicians seem to have lost all credibility.

Alle Macht den Sowjets! – All power to the Soviets!

It was Lenin who said: 'Down with the government! All power to the Soviets!'

Alle Rechte vorbehalten – All rights reserved

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reprinted without prior written permission of the publisher.

alle Rekorde brechen – break all records

The huge numbers of lemmings this year have broken all records.

Alle Wege führen nach Rom. – All roads lead to Rome.

'All roads lead to Rome', said the communist leader.

alledem (während) – all this (during)

They must have broken into the house after 8 pm; the children were sleeping, the servants watching TV. And where was Mr Smith during all this?

allein; sich allein fühlen – alone; feel alone

He had never felt so alone

allein die Garage/ das Haus/ etc. – the garage/ house/ etc. alone

The garage alone costs $10,000.

allein handeln – act alone

Last month's attack was the deed of one man acting alone.

allein lassen – leave alone

A man who left his two sons alone for three days was found guilty of neglect by a court yesterday.

allein letztes Jahr – last year alone

Last year alone they sold 5,000 books.

allein sein (fig.) – be alone (fig.)

'I've been invited to her garden party; but I'm very nervous, you know.' -'Don't worry, you are not alone; I myself have had panic attacks, too.'

allein sein in (fig.) – be alone in (fig.)

To judge by the letters she received she was by no means alone in her condemnation of the dismissal of the two women.

allein stehen gegen – stand alone against

The king stood alone against the barons.

alleine leben – live alone

One of my colleagues has lived alone for years with a huge collection of books.

alleine regieren – govern alone

For years, the Conservatives have governed alone.

alleinige Verantwortung – sole responsibility

Why should the two brothers bear the sole responsibilty for finding a solution?

allem Anschein nach – to all appearances

She is, to all appearances, a very intelligent woman.

allen Menschen alles sein – be all things to all men

His mother used to say: ‘You cannot be all things to all men for ever.’

Allensbach® (etc.)-Umfrage – Allensbach® (etc.) poll

Many people feel they can rely on Allensbach polls.

aller Farbschattierungen – of all hues

Press commentators of all hues have praised the President's plan.

aller Hoffnung beraubt – bereft of all hope

She has lung cancer and is bereft of all hope.

aller Zeiten – of all time

Who is the greatest chess player of all time?

Allergie; eine Allergie gegen etwas entwickeln (fig.) – allergy; develop an allergy to sth (fig.)

The author said he didn't want to be interviewed because he had developed a severe allergy to TV cameras.

allergische Reaktion – allergic reaction

Anaphylactic shock is a lifethreatening allergic reaction.

alles andere verblasst daneben – everything else pales besides this

Of all portraits, I like Roger van der Weyden's 'Portrait of a Lady' best. Everything else pales besides this.

alles bedeuten (j-m) – mean everything (to sb)

Their daughters and grandchildren mean everything to them.

alles geht nach Plan – all goes according to plan

If all goes according to plan, John's 'Miner's Country Kitchen' will reopen in June.

alles ging gut, bis … – all went well until …

All went well until the new law was passed.

alles in allem – all in all

His summary could have been a bit more concise. But, all in all, it is an excellent book.

alles in einem – all in one

Grayton is a monastery, a school and a community. All in one.

alles Mögliche tun – do everything possible

Most people do everything possible to avoid AIDS.

alles oder nichts – all or nothing

It's all or nothing, if we don't get out of the mine now we shall die.

alles sagen – say it all

Bluebell Cottages, two words that say it all. Tucked away in a beautiful valley two miles from the Rio Mayor.

alles sein – be all

Every politician knows that image is all.

alles tun, was man kann – do all one can

The chairman said he will do all he can to strengthen the links between the two clubs.

alles verlieren – lose all

Who stood to lose all if the king died without issue?

alles, was er/ sie/ etc. anfasst, wird zu … – everything he/ she/ etc. touches turns to …

And if you are realistic, you will see that everything he has touched has turned to shit.

Allgegenwart – omnipresence

The government make no effort to disguise the omnipresence of the secret police.

allgemein anerkannt – universally acknowledged

It is a truth universally acknowledged that men are mortal.

allgemeine Bewunderung erregen – stir general admiration

Her two speeches stirred general admiration.

allgemeine Praxis sein – be common practice

It is now quite common practice for working class people to send their children to the Gymnasium.

allgemeine Wahlen abhalten – hold a general election

The party bosses decided to hold a general election at the end of the year.

allgemeiner Trend – general trend

The selling of the firm is just another example of a general trend whose economic implications are scarcely comprehended.

Allgemeinwissen – general knowledge

The participants had to answer ten relatively simple general-knowledge questions.

allgütig – all-good

The sample shows that only some 20% of the interviewees believe in an all-powerful and all-good God.

Allheilmittel – cure-all

For many party members decentralization is the cure-all for both economic and political problems.

Alliierte Kontrollkommission – Allied Control Commission

Before its withdrawal, the Allied Control Commission resided in Berlin.

Alliierter Kontrollrat – Allied Control Council

The Allied Control Council in Berlin does no longer exist.

allmächtig – all-powerful

The sample shows that only some 20% of the interviewees believe in an all-powerful and all-good God.

Allmächtiger Gott, … – God almighty …

God almighty, who told you this?

Allmachtsphantasien – fantasies of omnipotence

He had not been able to get rid of his childish fantasies of omnipotence; so he carried them into adulthood.

Allparteien-Gespräch – all-party talk

Unfortunately, the all-party talks on the country's economic future were abandoned.

Allparteien-Kommission – allparty commission

The minister of the interior plans an all party commission.

allzu menschlich – all too human

He is guilty of greed in its all too human form.

allzu oft/ häufig/ selten/ etc. – all too often/ frequently/ rarely/ etc.

All too often it is the teachers who are blamed for the behaviour of children.

allzu seltene Gelegenheit – all too rare opportunity

This exhibition gives us the all-too-rare opportunity to judge what this group of artists has achieved.

Allzweck- – all-purpose

He tries to develop an all-purpose gadget for the household.

Alma mater – alma mater

The old university is the alma mater of many of the country's best linguists.

Alpenrose – alpenrose

The alpenrose grows to a height of one meter.

alphabetische Reihenfolge – alphabetic order

He had no right to change the alphabetic order of the list.

alphabetische Schrift – alphabetic script

Turkish is written in alphabetic script.

Alpträume haben – have nightmares

There are many older people who have still nightmares about the air raids during the Second World War.

als Belohnung kommen – come as a reward

The discovery of the Rilke manuscripts came as an unexpected reward for August's literary endeavours.

als Erfolg zählen – count as success

The ceasefire and the exchange of prisoners may be counted as successes.

als Ergebnis – as a result

The probe was destroyed as a result of a navigation error.

als erster/ zweiter/ etc. auf einer Liste kommen – come first/ second, etc./ on a list

'You come fourth on my list', said the coach.

als Ganzes – as a whole

The politicians were alarmed by the worsening situation, the economic chaos, in the neighbouring country as a whole.

als Ganzes genommen – taken as a whole

Some chapters are less interesting. But, taken as a whole, the book is immensely welcome.

als guter Demokrat – as a good democrat

He was disappointed not to be elected, but as a good democrat he has to accept the results.

als Hebel benutzen – use as a lever

He used both his knowledge of the facts and his political ties as levers in the quarrel.

als Kompliment meinen – mean as a compliment

It may seem unkind to describe her as extremely intelligent. But I mean it as a compliment.

als Musterbeispiel dienen – serve as an exemplar

Carina has many skills; but the following will serve as an exemplar.

als ob (all) dies/ das nicht genug wäre – as if (all) this/ that were not enough

The victim is called to give evidence, and, as if this were not enough, she is cross-examined by the prosecutor.

als ob etwas nicht schon verwickelt/ kompliziert genug wäre – as if sth were not intricate/ complicated enough

As if these phonetic systems were not intricate enough, they are even further complicated by the adding of diacritics.

als ob nichts geschehen sei – as if nothing had happened

On the stock exchange this week it was as if nothing had happened. 'Business as usual', was the phrase.

als ob nichts geschehen wäre – as though nothing had happened

After the crisis they went on again as though nothing had happened.

als oft angenommen – than often supposed

The link between speaking and understanding a language is more complicated than often supposed.

als Retter begrüßen – greet as one's saviour

Most of the inhabitants greeted the soldiers as their saviours.

als solcher/ solche/ solches – as such

The Greek language was once more or less synonymous with logic as such.

als Sprungbrett benutzen – use as a springboard

Some of the managers tried to use their position as a springboard to Parliament.

als Überraschung für j-n kommen – come as a surprise to sb

The decision to change the examination came as a surprise to us.

als Verteidiger/ Mittelstürmer/ etc. spielen – play as fullback/ centre-forward/ etc.

Luca has always played as fullback.

als Warnung dienen – serve as a warning

The accident should serve as a warning to all people that they should exercise caution when they drive in fog.

alt genug sein, etwas zu tun – be old enough to do sth

You are old enough to live your own lives.

alt genug sein, um j-s Vater/ etc. zu sein – be old enough to be sb's father/ etc.

I wouldn't do that. It's dangerous. I'm old enough to be your mother.

alt sein (Revolution, Krieg, etc.) – be old (revolution, war, etc.)

The Revolution was only a week old when the dictator was executed.

alt; zwei/ drei/ etc. Tage/ Wochen/ etc. alt – -old; two/ three/ etc.-day/ week/ etc.old

He crashed the car, harming seven-week-old John.

Altar; etwas auf einem Altar opfern – altar; sacrifice sth on an altar

The speaker warned the politicians not to sacrifice reunification on the altar of short-term political expediency.

alte Flamme – old flame

The game becomes more interesting when the husband encounters an old flame.

alte Freunde sein – be old friends

Dorothy Jesson had attended every service for more than ten years, for the parson and she were old friends.

alte Garde – old guard

In the Eighties, Deng succeeded in sweeping the old guard aside.

alte Leute/ Menschen – old people

We must give old people and young people the feeling that they are competent and efficient.

alte Münze – ancient coin

He has found hundreds of ancient Roman coins near the Roman Bridge.

alte Narbe – old scar

The closer relationship between the university and the polytechnic has meant that the old scars from the failed collaboration have largely healed.

alte Ordnung – old order

After the October Revolution, the old order collapsed very quickly.

alte Schuld; eine alte Schuld begleichen – old debt; repay an old debt

At the funeral, Mr Smith, repaying an old debt, described the dead man as one of the best local politicians.

alte Schulden – old debts

The interest rate on old debts is something between 40 and 50%.

alte Schule (fig.) – old school (fig.)

She called herself a liberal of the old school.

Alte Welt – Old World

In the 19th century, millions of people left the Old World to settle in both North and South America.

alte Wunden heilen – heal old wounds

After the collapse of Communism, Poland and Germany have shown great determination to heal old wounds.

alte Wunden öffnen – open up old wounds

We were against a discussion of the problem because we feared it might open up old wounds.

alte Wunden wieder öffnen – reopen old wounds

The discussion in the evening reopened old wounds about a lifetime of missed opportunities.

alte(r) Bekannte(r) – old acquaintance

I've known her since 1964; she's an old acquaintance.

alten Wein in neue Schläuche gießen – pour old wine into new bottles

How can the curriculum be modernised? Two routes present themselves. The first is to pour new wine into old bottles. The second ….

Altenglisch – Old English

In the seminar, we used to read the Old English fragment The Battle of Maldon.

Altenheim – old people's home

They refused to send his mother to an old people's home.

alter ego – alter ego

Tell the whole thing to my brother, he's my alter ego.

alter Fuchs – old fox

His successor's wiles and political ruses would have pleased the old fox infinitely.

alter Meister (Malerei) – old master (painting)

The most interesting room in the old villa was in a tower whose walls were full of old masters.

älter; … Jahre älter sein – older; be … years older

He is only some five years older than his wife.

Alter; das Alter von etwas fällt – age; the age of sth falls

The age of marriage has been rising and the age of physical maturity has been falling for decades.

älter; sich … Jahre älter fühlen – older; feel … years older

'After the divorce I felt ten years older,' she said looking at her husband's picture.

ältere Generation – older generation

Smith is a typical representative of the older generation.

altern (Wein, Whisky, etc.) – age (wine, whisky, etc.)

Wine and whisky must age in oak barrels.

alternative Energiequelle – alternative energy source

The poll showed that 80 per cent of the population preferred alternative energy sources.

alternative Gesellschaft – alternative society

Most of the former students of the 1960s are no longer trying to get their vision of the alternative society going.

Alternative Liste – Alternative List

After the election, the Social Democrats and the Alternative List formed a coalition government.

alternative Medizin – alternative medicine

One of the best doctors in our town is known to have experimented for years with forms of alternative medicine.

alternder Rockstar/ Schauspieler/ etc. – ageing rock star/ actor/ etc.

At seventeen she married an ageing rock star.

Altersgruppe – age group

In the past ten years, the 16-25 age group has seen the biggest increase of unemployment.

Altersprofil – age profile

The experts discussed the increasing age profile of school teachers.

Altersstruktur – age structure

The government has published a booklet on the age structure of the civil service.

Altersstufe – age stage

The various age stages of humans vary so much that sometimes you have the impression that you have lived several lives.

altes Regime – old regime

Her father was in prison under the old regime.

Altes Testament – Old Testament

Deuteronomy is the fifth book of the Old Testament.

Altes und Neues – old and new

Trier, on the river Moselle, is a unique city: a dramatic blend of old and new.

Ältestenrat des Dorfes – village council of elders

The village council of elders meets once a month to settle all the disputes in the community.

ältestes Gewerbe – oldest profession

His three wives belong to what is called the oldest profession.

Althochdeutsch – Old High German

He has studied Old High German and Old Low German.

Altniederdeutsch – Old Low German

He has studied Old High German and Old Low German.

Altstadt – old town/ old city

Seven churches stand in Lübeck's old city.

Aluminiumfolie – aluminium foil

The trout was wrapped in aluminium foil.

Aluminiumpreise – aluminium prices

Aluminium prices were then at their lowest since 1990.

Aluminiumrahmen eines Fahrrades – aluminium frame of a bicycle

I don't like aluminium frames, I prefer steel frames.

Alzheimersche Krankheit – Alzheimer's disease

Researchers from three countries co-ordinated their efforts in the battle against Alzheimer's disease.

am anderen Ende (Telefon) – at the other end (telephone)

Though only 14 months old, Luca succeeded in taking off the receiver; then he would say a few words that were clearly audible to his grandparents at the other end.

am Anfang von etwas sein – be at the beginning of sth

The leader said that the students were at the beginning of what he would call a unique evolution.

am Anfang war das Wort – in the beginning was the Word

The priest tried to explain to the young people what is meant by ‘in the beginning was the Word’.

am Baum/ etc. reifen – ripe on the tree/ etc.

An apple that has ripened on a tree tastes better than one that is picked green.

am Ende – at the end

Ernest gave up his job at the end of the war and founded a company.

am Ende des Spektrums – at the end of the spectrum

At one end of the spectrum there are the impersonal housing estates, at the other the original little villages.

am falschen Platz – in the wrong place

John is the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time.

am Fenster sein – be at the window

Their grandchildren were at the window whenever they paid a visit to them.

am folgenden Tag – on the following day

On the following day he met Mary again in the Plaza Mayor.

am Fuß der Treppe – at the foot of the stairs

The inspector found a hammer at the foot of the stairs.

am Fuß eines Berges – at the foot of a mountain

Granny used to live in a little village at the foot of the mountains.

am Horizont – on the horizon

Gradually the column of smoke disappeared on the horizon.

am kurzen Zügel (fig.) – on a short rein (fig.)

For years the prime minister has kept both cabinet and party on a short rein.

am meisten vermissen – miss most

What she missed most as an orphan was a bit of love.

am meisten zählen – count most

'What counts most in marriage, children or money?' -'Money and children'.

am meisten zu verlieren haben – have the most to lose

The man who has the most to lose from her reappearance is her former husband.

am Puls; seinen Finger am Puls von etwas haben – on the pulse; have one’s finger on the pulse of sth

Smith is a journalist who has always had his finger on the pulse of popular culture both in America and Europe.

am Rande eines Gebietes – on the edge of a region

The castle is situated on a hillside in the small town of Bernkastel on the edge of the Hunsrück.

am Rande der Armut – on the margins of poverty

The critic said that thousands of families lived within or on the margins of poverty.

am Rande der Gesellschaft – on the fringes of society

The play shows people operating on the fringes of society.

am Rande der Gesellschaft leben – live on the margin(s) of society

According to the report, some three percent of the population are living on the margin of society.

am Rande des Zusammenbruchs sein (ök.) – be on the verge of collapse (ec.)

In 1989, the GDR's economy was on the verge of collapse.

am Rande eines Abgrundes sein (fig.) – be on the edge of a precipice (fig.)

When shortly after her divorce one of her sons died, she was on the edge of a precipice.

am Rande eines Waldes – on the fringe of a forest

She was born in a village on the fringe of the Thuringian Forest.

am Rande eines Waldes – on the edge of a wood

Witsworth's former village school stands on the edge of a little wood.

am Rande interessiert – marginally interested

The new edition is too long for the marginally interested layman.

am rechten Ort – in the right place

The biologists might have seen the birds, but no one was in the right place at the right time.

am Rhein/ an der Elbe/ etc. sein – be on the Rhine/ the Elbe/ etc.

In 1944, the American soldiers in France speculated whether they would be on the Elbe in two months or in four.

am richtigen Platz – in the right place

In 2000, Ian Smith was the right man in the right place for our club.

am schlimmsten betroffen sein – be worst hit

Worst hit by the new law were the owners of homes.

am späten Abend – in the late evening

We arrived back in Warsaw in the late evening.

am Strand liegen – lie on the beach

It was as sunny as ever in La Marquesa. But instead of lying on the beach, M. went up to The Quarry.

am Tisch/ Computer/ Klavier/ etc. sitzen – sit at the table/ computer/ piano/ etc.

When Angelica returned, her husband was still sitting at the table.

am Ufer eines Flusses liegen (Stadt, Dorf, etc.) – lie on the bank of a river (town, village, etc.)

The little village of Witsworth lies on the north bank of the river Rye.

am Vorabend einer Schlacht/ eines Krieges/ etc. – on the eve of a battle/ war/ etc.

An angel is said to have appeared to their leader on the eve of the battle.

am weitesten verbreitet sein – be widest spread

HIV seems to be widest spread in Africa.

am Werk sein – be at work

The rebellion did not surprise them. For a long time there had been social forces at work.

Amateurarchäologe – amateur archaeologist

The seal that shows Neptune with a trident is a gift from Gerry MacErn, an amateur archaeologist.

Amateurphotograph – amateur photographer

Kate is an amateur photographer, but she has won several prizes.

Amateurschauspieler – amateur actor

Ernest is a member of a group of amateur actors that perform plays of Shakespeare's.

Amateurstratege – amateur strategist

John Smith, one of her best friends, is a very good amateur strategist.

Amazonasbecken – Amazon basin

It was soon after 1964 that the government decided to open up the Amazon basin.

Amazonasgebiet – Amazon region

Brazil's Amazon region has one of the highest rates of deforestation in the world.

Ambitionen haben – have ambitions

His elder son wants to become a physician. The younger one has as yet no such ambitions.

Ameisenhaufen – ant-heap

Not far from the oak tree, I saw a green woodpecker sitting on an ant-heap.

Ameisenhügel – ant hill/ ant mound

The green woodpecker extracts its staple diet, ants and their pupae, from ant hills.

Aminosäure – amino-acid

Soya beans are a rich source of nutrition because they have all the eight essential amino-acids.

Amok laufen – run amok

After capturing the city, the troops ran amok, looting, raping and killing thousands of citizens.

Amt für Verfassungsschutz (Deutschland) – Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Germany)

The Office for the Protection of the Constitution is responsible for the surveillance of extremists.

Amtseid – oath of office

Under his oath of office he is committed to dissolve these troops.

Amtskette – chain of office

Last Thursday they elected Francis Pralley mayor. Sophie was impressed by the mace and the sumptuous chain of office.

amüsiertes Lächeln – amused smiles

When he was twenty, he founded a party, which so far has evoked yawns and amused smiles.

an alles denken – think of everything

Visitors receive a small fossil at the museum. He thinks of everything, the director.

an Bord gehen – go aboard

The victim must have gone aboard between 4 and 5 p.m.

an Bord lassen – let on board

He fooled the unobservant immigration officer into letting him on board.

an Bord nehmen – take on board

The crew of the trawler took on board the half-dead survivors of the sailing-boat.

an den Fingern abzählen – count on the fingers

Most of us could count on a very few fingers the number of times we have stood up for other people's rights.

an den Fingern einer Hand abzählen – count on the fingers of one hand

Male Myrtons can today be counted on the fingers of one hand.

an den Galgen bringen – bring to the gallows

He is the legendary detective who brought the Lenny O'Moaer gang to the gallows.

an den Rand des Chaos treiben – drive to the edge of chaos

Fanaticism and war, in the name of ideologies, drove Europe to the edge of chaos.

an den Tisch kommen – come to the table

'Could you all come to the table,' said Karin with a smile.

an den Verhandlungstisch bringen – bring to the negotiating table

'Solidarity' tried successfully to bring the government to the negotiating table.

an den Verhandlungstisch kommen – come to the negotiation table

He talked about his efforts to get the rebels to lay down their arms and come to the negotiation table.

an den Verhandlungstisch zurückkehren – return to the negotiating table

In 1988, both South Africa and SWAPO decided to return to the negotiating table.

an den Verhandlungstisch zurückkehren (Gewerkschaft, etc.) – return to the bargaining table (union, etc.)

After a week, the employers returned to the bargaining table.

an der Ecke (zweier Straßen) – on the corner (of two streets)

The author was born in the centre of the town, in a house on the corner of Fleethorn and Townhall Street.

an der Ecke stehen (Haus) – stand on the corner (house)

The 'Earl of Witsworth' pub still stands on the corner, but next to it there is now a supermarket.

an der falschen Stelle – in the wrong place

Some trace elements seem to accumulate slowly in the wrong places in tissues.

an der Front – at the front

Her husband and her two sons were killed at the front.

an der kurzen Leine halten – keep on a short leash

The prime minister was determined to keep the critics in her own party on a short leash.

an der Küste liegen – lie on the coast

St Peter lies on the coast.

an der Lohnfront – on the wage front

The inflation rate of the past years has partly been determined by what has happened on the wage front.

an der Macht bleiben – stay/ remain in power

They will have to bring down unemployment rates if they want to stay in power.

an der Macht halten (j-n) – keep in power (sb)

Labour has done all to keep the Conservatives in power.

an der Macht sein – be in power

The Liberals have been in power for more than a decade.

an der Nase herumführen – lead by the nose

The diplomat called the general a criminal leading the UN by the nose.

an der Nordseite/ Südseite/ etc. – on the north/ south/ etc. side

In 1969 they built their house on the north side of the ‘Hill’.

an der Schwelle eines neuen Zeitalters – at the threshold of a new era

There can be no doubt that we are at the threshold of a new era.

an der Spitze einer Hierarchie – at the top of a hierarchy

The manifesto is known to only a small group at the top of the party hierarchy.

an der Tagesordnung sein – be the order of the day

In the sixties, speculative development was the order of the day in most towns.

an der Zeit sein – be time

It is time to end the economic stand-off between the two countries.

an die Macht bringen – bring to power

A revolution might bring the fundamentalists to power.

an die Macht helfen (j-m) – help to power (sb)

It is obvious that these allegations were disseminated to help that rogue to power.

an die Macht kommen – come to power

Margaret Thatcher came to power in 1979.

an eine Tür hämmern – hammer on a door

The runaway was woken by the sound of people hammering on the bedroom door.

an eine Tür klopfen – knock on a door

Angelica knocked on the door of a room from which light came.

an einem Buch/ Artikel/ Stück/ etc. arbeiten – work on a book/ an article/ a play/ etc.

He has been working on his novel for some ten years.

an einem Frühlingstag – on a spring day

On a spring day in 1945, two young people met in the American sector in Berlin.

an einem klaren Tag – on a clear day

The sitting-room window looks out over the sea, and on a clear day there is a superb view right to the Isle of Eerim.

an einem Kreuzweg stehen (fig.) – stand at a crossroads (fig.)

At the beginning of 2000, Christian Democratic politics stood at a crossroads.

an einem März(etc.)morgen – on a March (etc.) morning

He remembers clearly seeing her for the first time in Aveiro on a March morning in 1982.

an einem warmen Juli(etc.)abend – on a warm July (etc.) evening

She celebrated her birthday on a warm July evening.

an einem Wendepunkt sein – be at a turning-point

Many people hope that with the two powers starting new talks we are at a historical turning-point.

an einen Haken hängen – hang on a peg

Will you hang your coat on the first peg?

an einer Hand abzählen – count on one hand

I am writing you after three weeks in London and I can count on one hand the number of days when it has not rained.

an einer Universität lesen – lecture at a university

Professor Smith was lecturing at two universities in those years.

an etwas arbeiten (Buch, Stück, etc.) – work on sth (book, play, etc.)

His colleague is working on a new edition of Shakespeare.

an etwas grenzen (fig.) – border on sth (fig.)

Their macabre delight in destroying other people's houses borders sometimes on the weird.

an gebrochenem Herzen sterben – die of a broken heart

When she learnt that her three sons had been killed in action, Mrs Jones died of a broken heart.

an Grippe sterben – die from influenza

At the beginning of the 20th century many people died from influenza.

an hohem Blutdruck leiden – suffer from high blood pressure

She should not drink so much alcohol since she suffers from high blood pressure.

an Interesse gewinnen – gain in interest

The debate gained in interest through the recent publication of her book.

an j-m/ etwas vorbeischießen (schnell fahren) – shoot past sb/ sth

The racer shot past the spectators.

an j-s Lippen hängen – hang on sb's lips

I entered the lecture hall. The students were hanging on Professor F.'s lips.

an j-s Seite – on sb's side

In 1914, the Germans entered the war on the side of Austria.

an j-s Seite kämpfen – fight at sb's side

It is only after her brother's death that she learnt he had fought at Franco's side in the civil war.

an Kopf und Gliedern – in head and members

In the 15th century, there was a movement for reform in head and members of the Church.

an Krebs sterben – die of cancer

In 1966, Kalou's father died of cancer.

an Land leben – live on land

Green and brown algae live both in fresh and salt water and on land.

an mehr als einem Punkt (fig.) – at more than one point (fig.)

The treatise is very interesting, but at more than one point there is urgent need of a summary.

an sein (Licht) – be on (light)

When he came home, the kitchen light was not on.

an seiner Zigarre ziehen – draw on one's cigar

'It would be wrong not to help her,' said the old man, drawing on his cigar and frowning.

an sich – in itself

One of the questions discussed at the forum was whether life is a value in itself.

an sich haben – have about it

The lifestyle of the people here has nothing provincial about it.

an Sommerabenden – on summer evenings

On warm summer evenings we used to go for a walk to the nearby river.

an Sonntagen/ Montagen/ etc. – on Sundays/ Mondays/ etc.

In Germany there is a ban on lorry traffic at night and on Sundays.

an Stelle von – in place of

In place of a religious world view he wanted something more 'rational'.

an Tuberkulose sterben – die of tuberculosis

Two of his father's cousins died in Arosa of tuberculosis..

an Verachtung grenzen – border on contempt

The study of psychology was regarded with disdain bordering on contempt.

an zwei Fronten kämpfen – fight on two fronts

With more students and less funds than before, the universities have to fight on two fronts.

analytische Chemie – analytical chemistry

Bridget studied organic and inorganic chemistry, analytical and physical chemistry, but not biochemistry.

anaphylaktischer Schock – anaphylactic shock

'Is there a remedy for anaphylactic shock?' - 'Yes, adrenalin.'

anbrennen lassen – let burn

Look after the fish and the potatoes; don't let them burn.

ANC-Führung – ANC leadership

John reported from the conference of the ANC leadership.

andere Dinge zu tun haben – have other things to do

He could not go on quarrelling with his brother day after day. He had many other things to do.

anderer; es gibt jedoch einen anderen Goethe/ etc. – another; there is, however, another Goethe/ etc.

Napoleon invaded nearly every European country, establishing a huge empire. There is, however, another Napoleon; he is not only the general, but also the man who greatly influenced French law.

ändern; sich schnell ändern – change quickly

At first, innovators were welcome; but that changed very quickly.

aneinander vorbeireden – talk past one another

The two governments now talk past one another. Germany wants to discuss immigration. France wants to discuss agriculture.

anerkannte Autorität – recognized authority

Mr Eerim is a recognized authority on grammatical questions.

anerkanntes Recht – recognized right

The dictator deprived the minorities of their recognized rights.

Anerkennung bekommen – receive recognition

Although Pralley was one of the most remarkable painters of the group, he has not received the recognition he deserves.

Anerkennung bringen – bring recognition

Being awarded a scholarship or a prize brings recognition and acclaim.

Anerkennung gewinnen für – gain recognition for

The purpose of the exhibition was to gain recognition for something that handicapped children do.

Anerkennung verdienen – deserve recognition

Though he is a remarkable painter, he has not received the recognition he deserves.

Anerkennung; j-m Anerkennung bringen – recognition; bring sb recognition

'The Jay' is the painting that brought him national recognition and international success.

Anfang vom Ende – beginning of the end

It was the Second World War that ushered in the beginning of the end of Central European tradition.

Anfang; den Anfang vom Ende markieren – beginning; mark the beginning of the end

The first demonstrations in Leipzig marked the beginning of the end for the East German version of

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