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Vintage Toys for Lucky Boys: A Gay Transgender Christmas Romance

Vintage Toys for Lucky Boys: A Gay Transgender Christmas Romance

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Vintage Toys for Lucky Boys: A Gay Transgender Christmas Romance

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Jun 7, 2015


Max the firm and fit muscle-god doesn't fit Randy's mental picture of an antiques dealer. In fact, he's so smoking-hot, Randy can hardly breathe as Max appraises his shoebox full of vintage toys.

The huge amount of money Max offers takes his breath away yet again. All Randy wants is to buy his supportive mom a really great Christmas gift, and this windfall will surely do it.

There's only one catch, and it's a huge one: Max needs to see some photo ID and Randy's legal name is still Jennifer Ann. Despite how friendly Max is, Randy's afraid that when his secret comes out, it'll be a deal-breaker.

This gay transgender romance by G.R. Richards is a fan favourite!

Jun 7, 2015

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Vintage Toys for Lucky Boys - G.R. Richards


Vintage Toys for Lucky Boys

By G. R. Richards

Max wasn’t at all what Randy expected of an antiques dealer.  Even the shop front blew his mind.  When Randy thought antiques, he thought rocking chairs and doilies, not classic movie posters and little-dolly-wets-her-pants.  Thinking back, it’s not like Max even sounded old on the phone.  Randy just assumed he was old because of his profession.  He came to the shop expecting to meet some ancient dude in a bow tie, but how could he complain when Max turned out to be young and incredible buff?

I’ve got a seller in the back right now, Max called out as Randy kicked snow from his boots.  I’ll be with you in two minutes.

No problem, Randy replied.  His voice sounded way too high.  It was embarrassing.  He pushed it down and tried again.  No problem.  I’m early anyway.

Max nodded and rushed back into the room at the rear of the shop.  As Randy looked around, flipping through vintage bumpers stickers and counting the Felix clocks, he felt a hell of a lot more nervous than he had on the way over.  He had such trouble interacting with cute guys now.  He never used to.

A woman in a hippie skirt and plastic jewellery stepped out of the back room.  Flipping her long brown hair behind her shoulder, she called out, Okay, well I’m outta here.  Thanks Max!

"Thank you," he called out with a low chuckle.

She threw her head back, laughing as she walked past Randy.  She didn’t take a second look at him, which was always a relief.  Bye bye, beefcake!

See you next week, draft-dodger.  Max returned to the shop floor.  Looking Randy up and down with a broad smile, he tapped the glass counter.  Come and show me what you’ve got.

Show me what you’ve got?

Clinging to his shoebox, Randy felt like a kid trying to sneak a pet rat past his parents.  He couldn’t bring himself to look a smoking hot guy like Max in the eye.  His lungs rattled as he walked over.  He felt like his gait wasn’t wide enough, but he was afraid of knocking something off a shelf and having to pay for it.  Money was tight; that’s why he was there.

When he set his shoebox on the counter, he accidentally looked up.  Max was squinting at him like he’d done something wrong.  "I can give you an appraisal, but, just so you know, I can’t buy anything without a parent’s

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