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Best of Metallica for Ukulele: Ukulele/Vocal with Tab


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Best of Metallica for Ukulele: Ukulele/Vocal with Tab

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(Ukulele). Admit it: you've often wished you had your ukulele handy when your favorite Metallica song popped in your head. Now there's no excuse not to bring the uke out and put those strings to the test! This folio features 18 of their best arranged specifically for uke, including: Battery * The Day That Never Comes * Enter Sandman * Fade to Black * For Whom the Bell Tolls * Jump in the Fire * King Nothing * Master of Puppets * The Memory Remains * Nothing Else Matters * One * Ride the Lightning * Sad but True * Seek & Destroy * The Unforgiven * Until It Sleeps * Welcome Home (Sanitarium) * Wherever I May Roam.
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