Murder on Faux Pas Island


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Murder on Faux Pas Island

Bewertung: 3 von 5 Sternen3/5 (1 Bewertung)
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The year is 1935 but this is an America where cross-dressing goes almost unremarked, often unnoticed, and gay relationships are mundane; gay marriage, a quotidian fact of life. Famed chef and female impersonator Pancetta Brulee of New Orleans has been hired to cater a gay engagement party for two prominent grooms at the infamous Faux Pas Island and the Robicheaux estate. Both family and island have a terrible past, and most Cajuns and Creoles avoid the place like the plague. Pancetta attends the weekend engagement party, only to be faced with the gory murder. The family enlists her and her gorgeous yet restless ex, who happens to be on the island as a groundskeeper. The two embark on a strenuous search for the truth of a tragic Saturday night. Among the suspects are a disillusioned fiancé, a Hollywood starlet sister-in-law, an old family friend and admirer of the deceased, a godmother and Countess of Romania, a disapproving mother and father, and a spurned lover of the dead man who has long been a rival for his father's affections. Murder on Faux Pas Island unfolds as a yarn with campy humor and a hint of romance.

''Like a steamy broth with a huge dash of Louisiana hot sauce this mystery rolls over you, catching you by surprise. A good read and a fun boatload of characters.'' --Joseph R.G. DeMarco, author of the Marco Fontana mysteries

''Put on your chestnut bob, silver stilettos, and sassy attitude, drag queen Pancetta Brulee has arrived with more old film references than TCM, and more camp than a scout troop. The caterer/receptionist/lady detective is hot on the case, and in the oven, when murder is doled out at a wealthy couple's engagement party at the Robicheaux family plantation in 1935 New Orleans. Pancetta and her average Joe serve boeuf bourguignon and a smorgasbord of suspects until raising the lid on the murderer. Enjoy the fun, frolic, and frivolity. Charles Busch should star in the movie!'' --- Joe Cosentino, author of Drama Queen

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