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Secrets of Prize - Winning Journalism


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Secrets of Prize - Winning Journalism

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These works are inspiring. They are also instructive.

Interviews with these thoughtful creators of journalism will teach readers lessons in how to cover a breaking news story in the age of social media, like The Denver Post did during the Aurora shootings. We go behind the scenes of investigative stories that were the catalyst for significant positive impact in their communities. One story helped increase state funding for mentally-ill children in Indiana and another resulted in an EPA investigation of chemicals used in flame retardants in furniture and baby products.

This e-book highlights and examines 10 award-winning works produced by creators from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, National Geographic, and the Chicago Tribune. Readers will learn how to improve their craft of writing and storytelling through these best practices with interviews with winners of the year's most prestigious contests including the Pulitzer Prize.
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