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Political Timebomb (Playing The Presidential Race Card)


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Political Timebomb (Playing The Presidential Race Card)

Länge: 68 Seiten41 Minuten


“Political Timebomb (Playing The Presidential Race Card)”: (Includes Audio Notebook Links at The End of The Manuscript)
There is an old saying “All Politics is Local.” In this book, I will discuss how most “Presidential Politics is Racial.” The Democrats used to be the “Racist Party” in America. Just watch Steven Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln’ about the 1865 battle to get the 13th Amendment passed nearing the end of the Civil War. The GOP was “The Party of Lincoln” and was much more progressive than the Southern slave-holding racist Democrats, who fought tooth-and-nail against the northern “Yanks.” We all know that the 13th Amendment passed and slaves were “Constitutionally” freed for all times in America. That’s the good news. The bad news is…It didn’t really work in all aspects of American life. You will gain a lot of knowledge with this very easy read for everyone.

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