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15 Foolproof Strategies to Successfully Survive Unemployment & Rebuild Your Life & Finances: Get Your Life Back Into Full Bloom! - Financially & Otherwise

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As the late Bob Marley (R.I.P) so rightly sang, “Who feels it knows it!” While you can read many books out there that have been written by Ph.D. titled persons, who, I have no doubt, are well respected in their various professional fields, most of them can only offer you ‘classroom’ tactics of how to cope with and survive unemployment because they have never been unemployed themselves.

I have been unemployed for more than five (5) years. So, I have felt the sting and scourge of unemployment and I KNOW, in a very real and intimate way, what being unemployed feels like.

In this book, I share with you some of my own unemployment challenges. At the end of each of the 15 chapters I also share with you some precise activities that you can immediately employ.

In chapter 15, I share some sound financial advice from my cumulative financial qualifications and experience as an M.B.A graduate in International Finance, Portfolio Manager, Associate Professor in Finance & Business etc.

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