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A Dark Faerie Tale

A Dark Faerie Tale

A Dark Faerie Tale

5/5 (1 Bewertung)
Mar 14, 2013


This is book 9 of A Dark Faerie Tale Series

Shade lost everything to save the Land of Faerie, but she was never one to conform to anything.

Learning her role as a new Ancient of Faerie, Shade struggles with the loss of her humanity. As she navigates her new life, it reveals some hard truths; she’s an anomaly, an aberration of faery laws. How does a halfling become an all-powerful Ancient? Why does her magic remain unaffected? Why does her heart still ache with longing for her family? The courts are asunder, turning on each other as the human world threatens to swallow the magical land. Shade is unwilling to help but must face a difficult choice between her family, or her duties. Will she find a way to return to the ones she loves for good or fade into the oblivion of Faerie forever?

Books in this series:
The Withering Palace
Ever Shade
Ever Fire
Ever Winter
The Cursed
Ever Wrath
History of Fire
Without Armor
Ever Dead
Legends of Fire
Guardians of Fire
Ever Fade

Mar 14, 2013

Über den Autor

Alexia is a USA Today Bestselling author who currently lives in Las Vegas and loves spending every free moment writing or hanging out with her four rambunctious kids. Writing is the ultimate getaway for her since she's always lost in her head. She is best known for her award-winning Reign of Blood series, and A Dark Faerie Tale Series.Sign up for email updates and exclusive giveaways:'s websites:www.alexiapurdybooks.comhttp://alexiaepurdy.blogspot.comTwitter: @AlexiaPurdyAlexia Purdy Fan page: Dark Faerie Tale Series by Alexia Purdy FB page: of Blood Series FB page:

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