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WordPress Websites: Beginner's Guide to Easily Building a Website & Customizing It With Themes and Plugins


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WordPress Websites: Beginner's Guide to Easily Building a Website & Customizing It With Themes and Plugins

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Build Your Website in an Hour

Updated and revised Fall 2015

And then customize it with themes and plugins. WordPress is user-friendly - just like this book. If you want to build a site in 60 minutes or less, WordPress makes it easy and this book shows you how.

*Note: This book was originally published under the title WordPress Your way. It has been revised, updated and expanded to better reflect the most current versions of WordPress and newly available Themes and Plugins. 

User-Friendly & Geek-Free

Unless you love coding, there's no reason to build your website on any platform other than WordPress. WordPress is free, it's easy to use, it's highly customizable, and your site can be up-and-running within an hour - without knowing a single thing about coding. (Yeah!)

Written using non-technical terms and language, this guide will walk you through a typical WordPress installation then jump off into how you can use WordPress' built-in features and functions to quickly customize it to your niche, hobby or business using Themes and Plugins. 

What You'll Learn

how to install WordPress how to change layouts (themes) how to set up your RSS feed where to find free WordPress themes how to search for niche-specific themes how to set up Google Analytics photo apps for adding images to WordPress posts how to choose the best categories WordPress apps for iOS how to use WordPress tags how to use Pages and Posts how to upload, edit and add images how to use widgets how to safeguard against hackers how to create a unique favicon how to setup a gravatar how to build a custom menu free plugins that extend functionality  how to increase reader participation

Your Guide to Behind-the-Scenes Tweaks

With thousands of free themes and plugins for WordPress you can easily customize your site so that it reflects your niche and your goals. With this guide you can choose the best settings, the must-have plugins, the customizable features, and the "do it your way" look and feel that makes the site uniquely yours.

Build a professional-looking, highly customizable website in 60 minutes or less. It really is that easy.

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