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Homo Sapiens Are Bio-Robots. Human "Software"


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Homo Sapiens Are Bio-Robots. Human "Software"

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Back in the 80s of the XX century, researcher Andrey Davydov decrypted one of the most ancient sources preserved in this civilization—Shan Hai Jing. This ancient Chinese monument turned out to be the Catalog of human population—a collection of detailed descriptions of 293 subtypes of the biological type Homo sapiens. It contains information about each person who lived, lives or will live in the future on planet Earth.

Information about the subtype structure is implanted in the form of a program in the unconscious of a person from birth, and this program determines all of his life: personal qualities and character properties, algorithms of life and functioning, hidden motivational spring, abilities, talents, preferences, inclinations, etc. Natural subtype program is that what is called "psyche", "soul." In addition to a program, Homo sapiens, as a biosystem programmed by nature, has modes of self-regulation and regulation (control from the outside).

For colleagues from the scientific environment we are offering our definition of what psyche of Homo sapiens and the Catalog of human population are: "The Catalog of human population is a description of a human as a type by subtype structures. Subtype structure (“psyche”, “soul”) is a combination of individual archetypes, recorded at the genetic level (principle). Expressions and interaction of subtype structures in manipulation modes and phenological algorithms are described with adjustments for gender, age and cultural differences. Information is recorded on six factors."

Programs and manipulation modes of each subtype differ from one another. For this reason, people differ from each other by internal characteristics, and individual manipulation scenarios are necessary for each person. Homo sapiens is a living system, which, as it turned out, exists and functions strictly on the basis of a natural program implanted from birth, and from this it was concluded that a human is a bio-robot. This is confirmed by that knowledge of the natural individual program and manipulation modes of a person from Shan Hai Jing allows uncovering absolutely everything about this person and making him/her 100% controllable.

If the Catalog of human population is such a serious scientific discovery, then why it is not being talked about on television, why the scientific world keeps silent and the Internet is packed with unintelligible nonsense about it? If you asked this question, then it means that you are very poorly informed about how the society in which you live is arranged and functions. Since if you knew a little more about society, then you would have immediately understood that the discovery of the Catalog of human population completely destroys not only many scientific dogmas (in biology, anthropology, psychology, sociology, etc.), but also a huge number of public institutions, professions (including very high-profit), as they simply become no longer needed.

For this reason it is not a sin not only to keep silent about the scientific discovery, but also to sign a death sentence instead of awarding the Nobel Prize. Essentially, this is what was done and details about this are available in the 5th book of this series. Since not only "powerful people" do not care about you personally or the masses, but also even doctors, who had only one question after learning about this discovery: "If all people will be healthy, then who will need us?"

So, do not waste your time looking for positive feedback about us in any sources for the masses. Maybe instead it makes sense to get answers to questions like "Who am I?", "What is the meaning of my life?", "How should I live?" not from your own or other people's fantasies, as usual, but from the ancient source, which existed for tens of thousands or maybe even millions of years? A human in this civilization is just a resource for someone else's gain. Now each person got a chance to make a choice: should he continue being a re

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