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The Pain Center Manual


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The Pain Center Manual

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The Pain Center Manual is a concise resource that provides practical information for daily use in pain practice. For quick reference or on-the-spot guidance in academic or community pain centers, these pages are filled with the information trainees and experienced practitioners need at their fingertips including common medication dosages, titration schedules, dictation templates, assessment scales, guidelines for interventional procedures, and much more.

A team of experts from one of the country's leading university pain centers covers everyday management concerns such as methadone safety, prescription writing for controlled substances, neuropathic medication adjuvants to consider in pain management, and treatment suggestions for a wide spectrum of chronic pain conditions. With an emphasis on ACGME standards and objectives, the manual offers the fundamental knowledge pain professionals need to provide consistent and compassionate care.

The Pain Center Manual includes:

Quick reference tables for medications and other treatment modalities Clinical pearls for the most common pain complaints Templates for consultations and interventional procedures Useful scales, algorithms, diagrams, and other essential reference materials for performing tests and procedures ACGME training guidelines
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