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Taming the Alpha: The Werebear's Mate

Taming the Alpha: The Werebear's Mate

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Taming the Alpha: The Werebear's Mate

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Sep 2, 2015


Sometimes it's hard to give in, even when you want to...

When an alpha werewolf comes of age, they must set out on their own to found a pack. But before he starts a pack of his own, young alpha Derrick wants to find his mate, the werewolf he's destined to love.

But when Derrick finds his fated mate, he discovers that he's an older and more experienced shifter— and he's not even a werewolf. Jack is a werebear, and he has his own ideas about who the alpha is in their unusual pair. Of course no alpha would submit to their mate— so why does Derrick want to?

Will the two be able to overcome their differences and embrace one another's unique strengths— and their deep attraction? Can they realize Derrick's dreams of running a pack together?
Or is their fated pair a fated flop?

Sep 2, 2015

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Taming the Alpha - Carlita Rosa


Derrick stopped at the gate and turned back to survey his pack’s property in the gray half-light before dawn. There was the big house where most of his packmates—no, former packmates—lived, and the smaller houses for some of the mid-ranked couples. But his eye was drawn to the alpha’s home, the one he had shared with his parents and sister for the last 21 years. He stared at his former home for a long moment before finally turning his back and continuing his walk out into the woods.

He’d been born an alpha, and he knew he had to fulfill his responsibilities as an alpha, but it was still hard to leave his pack—former pack, he corrected himself again. His birthday had been last month, and at the next full moon they had held the coming-of-age ceremony. That had been last night. Where he had been tall, strong and naturally commanding before, after the ceremony his packmates had looked at him with something like worship in their eyes. His father’s presence had suddenly become an imminent threat that chafed on his every nerve. Derrick had been warned beforehand, but it had still been difficult to keep from reflexively snarling and baring his teeth.

His only choice was to leave or else forfeit his birthright. As hard as this was, he didn’t want that.

And if I never leave, I’ll never find my mate...

Derrick wondered again what his destined mate would be like. As he trudged through the woods, birds beginning their first songs in the pines around him, he couldn’t help but imagine his mate: he’d be small and flexible like a dancer, probably an omega to Derrick’s alpha—he knew almost all alphas’ mates were omegas. His mate would be good-humored and slow to anger; they’d lead his eventual pack together with wisdom and good grace. And he would have a soft mouth and a sprinkling of delicate freckles across his cheeks that only he would notice, as he leaned in to kiss him and press him down against the earth to mark him as his own with his teeth...

He sighed. Leaving isn’t all bad. I just hope I meet him soon.

Most destined pairs found one another within a couple years of coming of age, though he’d head of rare cases where an alpha could reach middle age before finding their partner... if they ever did.

That wouldn’t happen to him, though. He’d already planned his route through the next few towns to the nearest big city. He would work there for a year or so and get himself set up properly to start a pack. If he didn’t run into his mate by then... well, he’d move on. It’d all turn out right in the end.


Derrick’s walk to the nearest town took most of the morning, but it didn’t matter; his bus tickets were for the next day. He spent the day wandering the town, remembering the times he had come here with his family. It was different to be here alone and independent, as his own person. For now, he was a pack of one. As dusk fell he spotted a place he had never visited on previous trips: the Muskrat, the town’s excuse for a bar.

What the hell, why not, he said out loud. It wouldn’t hurt to celebrate his full-alpha status and check out somewhere new before he left.

Entering the bar was like walking into a solid wall of cigarette smoke and stale-beer stink. With Derrick’s heightened senses he had to fight to keep from gagging, though a human walking into the place wouldn’t have fared much better. But as he

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