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Michael Brein's Guide to London by the Underground

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London by the Underground is an ultra-simple travel guide to sightseeing in the London by public transit. It is part of Michael Brein's 'green' travel guide series--the world's first and only travel guide series designed specifically around sightseeing by public transportation. There are 14 travel guides in this series all available on XinXii.

London by the Underground shows you exactly how to go to more than 50 points of interest easily and inexpensively by using London’s excellent Underground system also known as “The Tube”. Selected suburban rail lines are also included.

A series of mini-area-maps shows you which Underground lines to take, which Underground stops to get off at, and exactly how to walk from these stops quickly, directly, and easily to the visitor attractions. Other lesser points of interest are also indicated in case you would like to walk to additional nearby attractions. In some cases, more than one major attraction share the same mini-area-map.

You can easily upload London by the Underground onto your iPad or other similar eReader devices for convenient reference on the go. You can, of course, print out sections of the guide at your convenience.

This travel guide relies mostly on maps, graphics and limited text in order to be as visually oriented and as ultra-simple as possible. Whereas city transit systems can be very complicated, overbearing, overwhelming, and intimidating, the goal of Michael Brein's travel guides to sightseeing by public transportation is to simplify in a concise, compact, and comprehensive way the public transit experience in the big city and to get you to the city's top 50 visitor attractions as easily, conveniently, and cheaply as possible.

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