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Statistics covers the basic principles of Statistics. The book starts by tackling the importance and the two kinds of statistics; the presentation of sample data; the definition, illustration and explanation of several measures of location; and the measures of variation. The text then discusses elementary probability, the normal distribution and the normal approximation to the binomial. Testing of statistical hypotheses and tests of hypotheses about the theoretical proportion of successes in a binomial population and about the theoretical mean of a normal population are explained. The text then considers testing of hypotheses about the mean of a normal population when the population variance is not known and testing the hypotheses about the mean of populations that are not normal.
The book also describes correlation and regression, confidence limits, non-parametric statistics, and the analysis of variance. The text concludes by giving more complex problems and step-by-step directions for the various statistical tests.
Statisticians and students taking Statistics courses will find the book invaluable.
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