Ask Power Questions: A Practical Guide to Help You Get What You Want in Business, Life, and Friendship


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Ask Power Questions: A Practical Guide to Help You Get What You Want in Business, Life, and Friendship

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What is a power question? A power question is one that directly yields the desired answer(s). These are not the answers you may think you want; rather, they are the ones you need.

To perform effectively and provide an environment in which to grow in your world, you need to formulate questions. Not just any questions, but the most powerful questions you can create. To question powerfully, you need to know the purpose of your quests. Powerful questions set a strong focus in motion, and with this focus you will manifest a moving wave of creation directed at receiving your request.

Creativity and the art world gave me the tools to grow beyond a difficult childhood. Overcoming abuse I honed observation skills and learned to ask important questions. In adulthood I was hit by a truck and survived a head injury. The struggle of healing became my opportunity to discover how to ask power questions.
The book is written in two parts both from a Creativity Coach and artist’s viewpoint. It is intended as a resource for anyone who uses questioning dialog for reaching success in their career, relationships, or life in general.
This practical guide gives you clear information about what questions are and, how you can use them to your advantage. I developed The 17 Strategies to Formulate Power Questions that outline the skills to ask, and listen like an expert. The text is peppered with easy-to-understand formulas and simply explained techniques, and includes a ready-to -use appendix packed with thousands of power questions you can use to query in 45 different personal relationship categories.
•Lots of inspirational quotes and fun fairy tale analogies.
•Helpful educational information that is easy to read and assimilate, the text includes a variety of practiced coaching techniques arranged and constructed so readers will be able to develop their own skills and technique for the question dialog.
•A great resource for developing powerful questions, communicating questions with the best querying methods, understanding the personalities engaged in a questioning dialog, and engaging challenging dialogs with special tips on how to handle them.
•Down-to-earth advice and expertly crafted examples and large appendix full of thousands of ready-to-speak questions provide the tools so anyone can master asking power questions.
•Each Chapter ends with a summary of power questions to help as a study guide, and to inforce what you’re learning through immediate application.
Twelve jam packed Chapters explain:
•Questions, Strategies, and the Challenge of Rumpelstiltskin
•The 17 Strategies — Why Did the Ant Survive while the Grasshopper Perished?
•What Was Goldilocks Thinking?
•Going on a Quest — What’s Your Tale?
•If Little Red Riding Hood Had Paid Attention...?
•You Can’t Plant Magic Beans to Get What You Want — Where do Power Questions Originate?
•Get Responses, Not Reactions — The Wisdom of the Third Little Pig
•Using Creativity and Playfulness — The Tooth Fairy Asked Peter Pan Out on a Date
•How to Ask Power Questions — The Billy Goats are Gruff
•Dialogue Snatchers — How Cinderella got Her Prince
•Lemmings Don’t Quest or Look in Mirrors
•Powerful Coached Quests — The Emperor and the Gingerbread Man
•APPENDIX jam packed with useful power questions.

Questions get us what we want. Why not ask the best question you can?
Buy your copy now. Start asking your own power questions and get what you want.

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