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Amelia and Cordelia: the Ancient Curse: The Witches Revenge

Amelia and Cordelia: the Ancient Curse: The Witches Revenge

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Amelia and Cordelia: the Ancient Curse: The Witches Revenge

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Jul 3, 2014


Many centuries ago when witches roamed freely, a great wrong was commited. At a local meeting of spells to amaze, a beautiful kind hearted young witch Amelia, along with her spiteful sister Cordelia, have prepared spells to attract the most handsome Prince in the land. Every witch is desperate to impress, but the powerful Shaylar turns apple pips into diamonds and is sure she can't be beaten. The lovely Amelia however has practised her spell many times, and her five second glimse into the future makes everyone gasp! The spell allows the Prince a vision of his wedding to Amelia, and there is a stunned silence in the hall as the witches see their futures crumble. Absolutely furious Shaylar uses her powers to imprison the sisters for eternity, as the girls mother looks on helplessly. Many years later Ella, a young girl visiting a relative during the school holidays discovers an ancient locket in a castle attic. The locket is enchanted and allows many adventures, good and bad. With the lockets powers Ella shrinks to the size of a woodlouse and meets a crazy mole named Bolmour, and an unlucky in love frog, Boggle (who names her Gertrude and insists she marry him). When her friend Sophie is taken hostage by giant ants, Ella enlists the help of a hyperactive Monkey, Impey and a helpful snake named Slither. Together they mount an epic rescue and the two girls form a strong friendship. Along with the unpredictable locket Ella tries to uncover the shady secrets of the man her relative is about to marry, and to solve the mystery of the enchanted locket.
Jul 3, 2014

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Amelia and Cordelia - Lisa Beech


Chapter 1

Ella Knightly sat excitedly on the edge of her seat clasping her knees close to her chest, as the train slowly picked up speed. Peering back at the now blurry figures of her parents, she wondered what adventures six weeks in an ancient castle would bring,

It was great having such exciting clever parents as their work took them all over the world and they always had great stories to tell. Sometimes though it was a little tiresome; like been sent away to stay with strangers. This trip she was visiting her Mother’s cousin Ruby, who Ella knew very little of.

Pushing her dark curls away from her face and scrunching up her dark brown eyes in deep thought, she glanced quickly around the carriage. To her immediate right was an elderly lady, her silver hair in a tight bun and an expression of complete contentment on her face as she knitted at a furious pace. The clicking of the needles seemed to match the movement of the train, and as the motion began to merge, Ella’s eyes grew heavy.

Forcing herself to stay awake she glanced out of the window at the beautiful English countryside, the lush green hills dotted with chocolate brown cows munching happily. Turning her thoughts to her mother’s cousin Ruby, Ella remembered lots of fuzzy red hair and a friendly face. At twelve and a half she considered herself an experienced traveller, and no longer worried too much about time spent away from home.

Her eyes finally closing she began to daydream about adventures in the castle, along with brief images of her mother kissing her goodnight and the kind smile of her father. Glancing at her watch and realizing that she was nearly there, Ella gathered her belongings together and glanced expectantly outside. The station was in view and full of people, mothers and their children, worried looking men in suits clutching their briefcases, and a brief glimpse of vibrant red hair. Struggling with all her baggage Ella squeezed her way through the carriage and stepped out on to the platform. Immediately she was covered in a cloud of perfume and a hug that lifted her right of the ground.

Oh - sweetheart, I’m so glad you’re here. I’ve been so looking forward to this, smiled Ruby, peering through her small round glasses at Ella. You look so like your mother! she gasped, her frizzy red hair as wild as freshly made candy floss. Hooking her arm around Ella’s, she gave such a beaming smile that Ella couldn’t help but respond. This was going to be great!

Chattering excitedly, Ruby began to tell Ella some of the history of the castle as they made their way to the car. You’re going to have such fun exploring. This castle is full of mystery and unexplored passageways. I guess I must have explored them myself as a child, but that was a long time ago and musty old secret alleyways just don’t excite me these days smiled Ruby, with a shrug.

Can I go anywhere I like in the castle? asked Ella.

Of course you can. It’s not a huge castle, but the grounds are enormous and the attic hasn’t been visited in years. Who knows what you may find in there, said Ruby, pulling a scary face.

Ella giggled. Who helps you look after the castle?

Well - we have Mrs Merrill, who’s been around for so long that nobody can remember when she actually arrived, said Ruby, thoughtfully, and then there’s Mr Miller, who helps look after the gardens."

Ella look - the castle is in view, said Ruby, pointing ahead.

Peering out of the window, Ella gave a sharp intake of breath; the sun shining in the bright blue sky lit up the turrets and towers, giving it a magical mystical appeal. Wow, it’s amazing! gasped Ella, as they travelled up the gravelled path, the stones crushing beneath the tyres like popcorn exploding in a saucepan.

Ella and Ruby lifted the luggage out of the car and walked up to the entrance. Ella’s eyes were wide with wonder as Ruby opened the ornate cast iron door. As the heavy door slowly opened with a sharp creak, a rush of wind brushed lightly over her and a musty old smell tickled her nose. The interior of the castle was just as amazing, and Ella felt a tingle of excitement.

Ruby laughed at the expression of wonder on Ella’s face. Would you like a tour?

Ella nodded enthusiastically, her eyes darting everywhere. The huge ceilings seemed to go on forever and a grand coat of arms decorated the walls.

That’s the Treharne coat of arms. My family name, said Ruby, noticing Ella’s gaze. "It’s been said that there were smugglers in my family who used this castle as cover for their evil deeds. There may well be undiscovered treasure within this castle.

Wow! I hope so, said smiled Ella, glancing up at the great curving staircase and imagining sliding down the swooping bannisters.

Let me show you the kitchen, said Ruby, Mrs Merrill should be there now preparing lunch.

Stepping along the old fashioned hall, Ella noticed a black cat sitting in the corner washing its face and staring intently at her, its green eyes flashing like emeralds in the darkness. Ahh, here kitty, kitty, come here, cooed Ella, who absolutely adored cats; and they usually loved her back.

Oh - that’s Willow, said Ruby, take no notice of him; he’s not a very friendly cat. Catching mice and looking grumpy is about all he does.

Ella looked back at Willow, who narrowed his eyes, and very deliberately turned his back with a haughty swish of his tail. Mmmm, thought Ella, I hope everyone else in this castle is a little friendlier. Opening the door to the kitchen, Ella and Ruby stepped inside. The kitchen was huge, with a big roaring fire, an ornately carved oak table and an alcove filled with interesting looking artefacts.

Ah, so this is the young lady, smiled a large lady with a rosy complexion. Stirring a huge pot of delicious smelling stew, she reached out to embrace Ella. We’ve all been looking forward to meeting you."

Ella, meet Mrs Merrill, introduced Ruby, she keeps this place shipshape and feeds us all.

Nice to meet you, smiled Ella, breathing in the delicious scent of the stew.

Would you like to try some? asked Mrs Merrill, testing a little of the rich tasting gravy.

Yes please, I’m starving, said Ella.

That’s what I like to hear, she chuckled, ladling huge portions of the delicious smelling stew into three bowls, along with doorstop sized chunks of freshly baked bread.

Ella bit into the bread hungrily. Are you married Ruby, she asked, wondering if any one shared this wonderful castle with her.

No smiled Ruby, I’m engaged to Adrian. The wedding is planned next year in the castle grounds. It’s going to be so romantic. You’ll meet him tomorrow. He’s away on business at the moment."

Seeing the dreamy look in Ruby’s eyes; Ella smiled to herself: Ruby’s in love! Soaking the last piece of bread in what remained of the gravy; Ella sat back, rubbing her tummy with a satisfied groan. Now I’ve eaten too much.

But what about my delicious apple tart, it’s my own special recipe, said Mrs Merrill, looking disappointed, you must try some!

Maybe later, laughed Ruby, I promised Ella a tour of the whole castle. We’ll meet up later for afternoon tea.

Thanking Mrs Merrill, they stepped back out into the huge hall. I’ll start with the chapel. That’s where Adrian and I will marry. smiled Ruby. All castles had them. It’s where everyone would gather together and pray. Climbing the grand staircase and with a dramatic flourish, she opened one of the doors leading to a tower. There it is, said Ruby proudly, and the altar is in front of the window.

Situated above the altar was an ornate stained glass window. It was absolutely dazzling, showing a mother and child embracing. Each window was a unique work of art. Amazing, said Ella, listening carefully and thinking about all the generations of people that had passed through the chapel. Realizing that Ruby was still talking, Ella took one last look at the historical room, and followed her out into the hallway.

Closing the door to the chapel, Ruby led Ella to the dining room. The room was huge, the kind you see in old films. Closing her eyes Ella imagined all the dancing that would have taken place in this room. Do you hold any balls in the castle? she asked.

Yes, replied Ruby, we’re giving a charity ball in a few weeks’ time, and we usually have another around Christmas or the New Year. It’s a great way to help others and have fun at the same time. Taking pride of place in the dining room was a huge oak dining table, with a large golden vase covered with delicate red roses in the centre.

Wow - how many does that seat? gasped Ella.

Oh, around sixty people! You need a loud speaker to shout ‘pass the salt’ to the person at the far end. laughed Ruby. The vase in the middle of the table, she continued, is the most ancient item in the entire castle. It’s been in my family for generations, its priceless and unique, and my favourite piece of china. Now - where would you like to go next, she continued.

Can I see my room? asked Ella; secretly wishing for a four-poster bed. Climbing up another set of stairs and turning left, Ruby opened a door and let Ella enter the room. Wow, it’s bigger than the ground floor of my house! gasped Ella, and best of all, next to the curved window was a huge four-poster bed, ornately draped with luxurious pink fabric. Oh, thank you, thank you! cried Ella, hugging Ruby.

I’m sure you’re going to be happy here. said Ruby, smiling fondly at Ella. I’ll get Mr Miller to bring up your suitcases and you can unpack later."

Sitting on the bed with her hands behind her head; Ella looked around the room. It certainly wasn’t a cosy castle, (the rooms were a little too large and cold), but this room had charm. Despite its size and the huge windows, the roaring fire gave the room a soft glow that made her feel at home.

A sudden knock at the door made Ella jump. Realizing she must have dozed off, she climbed down from the high bed and opened the door. In front of her stood an elderly, but strong looking man, with wild streaky grey hair and cobalt blue eyes.

Hello, Miss Ella. I’m Mr Miller, he smiled, his eyes crinkling like a weathered old map.

Nice to meet you, said Ella, shaking his outstretched hand.

I’ll just leave your luggage here, and maybe I’ll see you later for some of Mrs Merrill’s apple tart, he beamed.

Thanking the caretaker, Ella closed the door and crossed the room to the small washbasin in the corner, splashing her face with the cool water. Feeling more awake, she unpacked her clothes in the mahogany antique wardrobe, and then stepped out into the hallway and down the sweeping staircase. Opening the door to the kitchen, a wonderful smell of cinnamon apples made her stomach growl.

Here she is, smiled Ruby, who was sat at the big oak table with Mrs Merrill and Mr Miller. Take a seat Ella and make yourself at home. The next hour was spent chatting and eating the delicious apple tart, smothered with thick Devon cream. Mr Miller, and Mrs Merrill, were both wonderful storytellers and had Ella in fits of laughter.

As nightfall approached, the moon sent its pearly gleam across the stone kitchen floor and Ella said goodnight, climbing the stairs to her bedroom. The castle had an unreal, eerie quality at night and Ella shivered at the cold draught. This must cost a fortune to heat, she thought.

As she approached the top of the stairs, she caught sight of Willow wandering across the hallway. Deciding to follow him as he disappeared around a corner; Ella stopped in disbelief; where had that cat gone? The hallway was very long and all the doors were shut, and yet there was no sign of him.

Shaking her head, and deciding that he must have shot around the next corner at record-breaking speed, Ella turned around and opened the door to her room. After brushing her

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