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Wilde Twins



Follow THE WILDE TWINS in a twisted tale of love and loyalty. . .

A psychological thriller about a brother sister serial killing team--and their slow descent into amoral mayhem.


As kids, Tania and Trevor's unsupervised play time offers a lifeline to sanity amidst the chaos of family dysfunction. When danger threatens Tania, Trevor isn't willing to stand by and watch his sister get hurt. The instinct for survival is only rivaled by the killer instincts the Wilde siblings encourage in each other. Instincts that turn into a deadly game igniting their first taste for blood.


As teenagers, the siblings pursue random hookup romances in an effort to distract themselves from two things: their propensity for murder, and the burgeoning sexual tension between them. What begins as harmless flirtation soon turns into jealousy and ruthless competition in a wild game of sibling rivalry, as Tania and Trevor seek to prove their undying love and loyalty to each other.


As young adults, Tania and Trevor attempt a fresh start in terms of paying their debts to society. When the siblings both find themselves in unfulfilling marriages, they become increasingly drawn to each other for comfort and solace. The profound evil from their past is back to haunt them with a chilling reminder: *You can get away with this, again...*

Can Tania and Trevor trust each other with fighting their inner demons, or will they embrace their dark side to the bittersweet end?


Praise for Jess C Scott and her award-winning fiction:

-Reviewer Top Pick at Night Owl Reviews (2011)
-Readers' Favorite Five Star Award (2014)

"Rate this thriller high octane from the opening chapters and beyond!"
-- Clayton Bye, editor of The Speed of Dark anthology

"Tapping into a deeply dark and emotional subject matter, The Wilde Twins promises to develop into a spine tingling journey to unveil the human darkness within us all. Right from the start you know this tale is going to disturb you to your very core, so read on if you think you can handle it."
-- K.C. Finn, author of The Atomic Circus

"A chilling portrayal of two young siblings from a broken home who embark on a journey of bloodlust. Scott captures the pathos, the inner turmoil, and the cold logic of surviving childhood in a world without tenderness--with only the smell of cheap wine on its breath."
-- Charles Austin Muir, contributing author to Hell Comes to Hollywood (Stoker-nominated)

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