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Annie's Story: Brides of Fall River: Fall River Saga, #4


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Annie's Story: Brides of Fall River: Fall River Saga, #4

Länge: 97 Seiten2 Stunden


Book 1: The Fall River Family Saga

Book 2: Meghan's Story

Book 3: Molly's Story

Book 4: Annie's Story 

Mid to late 1800s, Fall River, Massachusetts. 

Annie Lochlan's family wonders if she will ever wed. Her sisters are all married to fine gentlemen, but Annie has always had her head the in the clouds.

Travis Sullivan, a friend from her school days, is the only man she notices, but he's too shy to approach her—until his ten-year-old nephew inadvertently plays cupid.

But a tragedy divides the Lochlans and the Sullivans. Will Annie be able to forgive Travis and finally allow herself to love him?

Annie's Story is a standalone novella (21,200 words). Annie is Abby and Ryan's caughter from The Fall River Family Saga. This is her own love story.

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