London Harmony: Doghouse


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London Harmony: Doghouse

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Eliza Montrose lives an unorthodox life. backpacking through Europe with a string bass, Audrey, on her back. She plays her doghouse bass in jazz clubs in every port in her wanderings, she doesn't need anyone but herself and her Audry.

On the last leg of her journey, she finds herself in London to try to get a chance to play in the last two venues on her list before going back to the lonesome life she left behind in Seattle all those years ago.

She resorts to some creative financing whenever funds get low. She never would have believed how her life would change when she accidentally pickpockets the wrong person... June Harris-West.

In her attempt to get back something taken from her by the elusive Scratch, Eliza finds herself falling for the last person she would have believed. A person that was so contrary and frustratingly annoying to her, the person she dubs the gatekeeper, who keeps her away from her goal.

(London Harmony is a spinoff of the Music of the Soul books.)

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