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Family Story Toolkit: Quick & Easy Guides for Genealogists, #4


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Family Story Toolkit: Quick & Easy Guides for Genealogists, #4

Länge: 17 Seiten8 Minuten


You've done the research. Now it's time to tell your family stories.

Make your family history more interesting to your relatives by telling those tales in a style that they will enjoy. Just like in our research, writing requires tools and methods. In this toolkit, I’m going to give you three that can be used in both small and large projects as you find they fit.

In this toolkit you’ll find:

The basics of writing your story through nonfiction, creative nonfiction, and fiction Websites and tips to use while writing your own stories An example in each form to show you how fun it is to make your ancestors come to life through story. A way to further your storytelling adventure.

Updated in 2018.

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