Awkward Job Interviews


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Awkward Job Interviews

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How many mistakes do we manage to pile up during a job interview? How many missed opportunities? And the poor or bad impressions? I personally remember myself at my very first real interview for a job in a bank, being unable to refrain from telling the selector that the title of the book I was reading at that time was “Death In The Bank”.

Awkward Interviews: What not to say during a job interview is a collection of 16 awkward interviews. It’s a divertissement, a sophisticated way of learning to overcome the anxiety and insecurity of a job interview with a smile.

I wrote this book with the intention of giving the reader, with a touch of irony, some relaxation time, and to help wind down before facing the emotional storm that a job interview can be.

From the introduction:

“A different way to prepare yourself for a job interview that is probably less demanding and certainly more enjoyable. We will present examples of behavior, as they would emerge in real life, amplifying them a bit through typecasting: interviews with the ‘clarifier’, the ‘depressive’, the ‘confused’, the ‘misunderstood genius’, etcetera.

We might smile or even laugh during our reading, but we can also certainly learn. In order to do this we will have to look at ourselves in the mirror, with ‘gentle brutality’, and force ourselves to find ‘pieces of us’ within the following interviews. Those who read with a critical eye, finding ‘pieces of themselves’, will learn to perform better in such situations, following the best course: smiling, a bit of self-consciousness, awareness, learning.”

Lorenzo Cavalieri has written books about the job market published in Italy and Spain. He has been a personnel selector for many years and headhunter for a well-known multinational company. Lately his main field has been in corporate coaching and career consultancy.

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