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The Pathfinder Chronicles II Book Two


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The Pathfinder Chronicles II Book Two

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"The Pathfinder Chronicles II Book Two" continues the journey towards strong self-esteem for African Americans. These books were created to help build self-knowledge which is the key to power. Through hidden histories (The Original “Top Guns” Were African American Fighter Pilots!) social and economic insights (The African American Community’s Greatest Asset is Our Women), and possible solutions ("Buying Black" is a Habit Pattern, Not a Movement!), it reveals the pathway to a better life. The book is written from the perspective of the Rev. Bozeman’s life purpose and mission. His Life Purpose is to help God's Children discover their inner divinity, their inherent power and their marvelous beauty. His mission is to help transform African American communities from symbols of poverty, frustration and pain to centers of prosperity, power and pride by changing the mental self-perception of African-American. These commentaries are written by Rev. Andrew Bozeman, a spiritual, self-help writer

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