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Success on the internet: How to earn a million dollars in seven months

Success on the internet: How to earn a million dollars in seven months

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Success on the internet: How to earn a million dollars in seven months

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Apr 2, 2015


This e-book describes exactly how I made 1 million dollars in seven months

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. How my Idea Came About

3. Designing the Product and Production

4. Internet Sales Strategy

5. Automating the Processes for Automatic Revenue

6. Hooray for Problems!

7. Copies and the Likes

8. Free Advertising and Increasing Turnover
Apr 2, 2015

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Success on the internet - Fabrizio Tramonti


1. Introduction

I spent about three years researching different projects that would give me the opportunity to sell products online. I have always been fascinated by the potential of the Internet, because by investing a truly small amount, you have a virtual shop window at your fingertips that can be seen worldwide with potential customers of all nationalities.

I read dozens of books and listened to several video courses on various online earning methods: the time had come to put everything I had learned into practice.

Unfortunately, I soon had to face reality: although the books I read were quite simple, putting their theories into practice was quite a different matter.

I made several attempts with customized Websites and mini Websites based on the type of product I intended to sell online, but results were unsatisfactory.

After several failed experiments and tens of dollars spent, I started to believe that perhaps earning money on the Internet was an urban myth or a only matter for a few multinational companies capable of investing heavily in an online business.

I was demotivated, but I decided not to give up: I felt I had to be overlooking certain important details that prevented me from achieving the results I wanted.

One day, I read an article on Vito Lomele, an Italian guy from Puglia, who had sold to an English company for 41 million dollars. Vito created a Website in 2008 that allowed users to search for work all over the world – a true search engine. It was as simple as entering a type of job and location. Less than four years later, his Website had millions of international visitors every month, and this allowed him to sell it for 41 million dollars.

After having read the article, I was even more convinced that I too could succeed. I simply had to understand where I was going wrong and what immediate steps I had to take.

I looked even harder for a business to launch online. Initially, I would have even been happy with a single product or idea that generated reasonable results – just enough to boost my self-esteem, prevent me from giving up and encourage me to continue.

The solution came to me almost by itself, in less than a month.

The turning point started in May 2012, and a series of events took place thereafter, which allowed me to earn over a million dollars in seven months.

If I can do it, you can too!

All you have to do is follow a few basic rules and NEVER GIVE UP.

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