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Suicide Downed Airliner Mysteries Solved (Germanwings...)

Suicide Downed Airliner Mysteries Solved (Germanwings...)

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Suicide Downed Airliner Mysteries Solved (Germanwings...)

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Oct 30, 2015


“Who Am I?” In this book I will identify to every reader that there was a presence within the cockpit of Germanwings flight 4U9525 which greatly influenced Andreas Lubitz to do what he did. Many readers who followed the various media reports as they were generated from mere tidbits of information have had some fairly good insight about that case. As I scanned over some of the over 6,000 comments made to a particular online site, there was one that struck me in a particular way.
I want to acknowledge that person and have therefore included that comment in this book because it was the catalyst which prompted me to write about the voice of what was present within the cockpit when many of us just presumed that the co-pilot Andreas was alone. The truth be told, there was much more going on than depression or religious terrorism.
This study of the human soul takes a different approach to what is commonly referred to as being the study of the human psyche. Although I spend a fair bit of time identifying that the “WHO AM I” is not this or that, I found it important to spend more time on the subject of the conscience of mankind even though “WHO AM I” is not the conscience. I discuss ‘WHO AM I” in an openly revealing manner, because it is the very same “WHO AM I” in every crime committed and yet it is the one thing so often rejected by mainstream psychology and psychiatry.
You may or you may not know whether what you are about to read in this book is in truth or not, but you can rest in the assurance that after you have read it and you eventually come to the conclusion as to the identity of “WHO AM I”, that you will know a lot more about how to identify what is not in truth.

Oct 30, 2015

Über den Autor

The author, Garry G. Laser was born in Germany in 1947. After his birth the hospital was unable to treat the infant’s medical condition and he was sent home with his mother to die there. The prayer of godly family and friends and their faith in God brought the healing God wanted to give. The family of five immigrated to Canada in 1954 and settled in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As a child, he was raised in a German speaking home and church environment. Dogma and legalism were never far from being included in all teaching and preaching, yet at the age of 14 years through the work of the Holy Spirit, he asked Jesus to come into his life. In 1971 a beautiful and stunning young lady by the name of Nettie Reiter had come to Winnipeg to attend a family related funeral and as a result it was love at first sight. Within less than 6 months Garry convinced her that he was her man and they got married and had 4 children. Garry and his wife currently live in Chilliwack, British Columbia and attend the Rosedale Community Church of God (affiliated with Anderson, Indiana and its heritage in the Wesleyan movement). Their 4 adult children and now five (5) grandchildren all reside within close driving proximity. What does Garry do for the most part of his day? Well, he gets up in the wee hours of the morning (12:01 to be more precise), studies and writes and then it’s off to work which commences at 5:35 AM in a cold, ‘case ready’ meat processing plant as a general laborer. At least that is the routine until he retires from there. It was as a result of a one year separation early in their marriage that God was able to work in Garry’s life and prepare him for considering the study of Scripture. After reconciling in their marriage the young family with one child (son Kevin) at the time, moved to Germany. Garry studied at Brake Bible School for two years and the family with their second child (son Ron) returned to Canada and moved to Three Hills, Alberta where after a year of studies he graduated from Prairie Bible Institute. With their third child (daughter Cindy), a Three Hills New Year’s arrival in tow, Garry commenced his studies at North American Baptist College in Edmonton Alberta. (Currently operating as Taylor University College and Seminary). While studying at NABC he was introduced to studies in psychology. After his first semester, funds dwindled, and Garry had to consider abandoning further studies. Garry’s work experience started at the entry level of stock boy with the Hudson’s Bay Company and within a short period of time he moved on to data processing and computer operations. He stayed within the field of computer operations until the move to Germany. When his studying years stopped, he found employment with Corrections Canada and commenced his job with corrections that had just opened the new Edmonton Maximum Security Institute. There he engaged in security and case work. At that time he also did voluntary chaplaincy work within that prison. From there he transferred to the newly opened Kent Maximum Security Institute in British Columbia and it was in Chilliwack where their fourth child (daughter Tamara) was born. In 1985, their eldest son, 10 years of age at the time had an inner tube tobogganing accident which resulted in prolonged unconsciousness and spinal cord severance. At that time of their family life the mortgage rates were at 21% and the additional cost of borrowing funds for home renovations resulted in eventual foreclosure action commencement by the bank. It was in this vulnerability that Garry came to believe he had freedom of choice to do whatever it would take to never again let his family down for lack of provision on his part. Garry wanted to get rich and get rich fast so nobody would ever again control his life and force him and his family out of their home. When he entered into the bankruptcy act for creditor protection and participated in the Orderly Debt Repayment program he was eventually able to pay off everything he owed, but there was one thing that really bothered him, he could not obtain a credit card for at least seven more years. That prompted him to seek any way possible to circumvent that restriction and during his pursuits in finding alternatives, he came upon the advertisements that promoted the “Get Rich Now” mail order programs. He took the bait and started selling “Get Rich” books too and that venture provided such an enormous income in only a few months that he quit his work in the field of corrections. This trip into abundance of money, the belief in self-sufficiency and self-resourcefulness and the belief in the lie that he actually did have freedom of choice, moved him into the arena where the rich seek to hide money in offshore accounts. Such company always includes the fraudsters, the hucksters, the money launderers and the deceiving, greedy liars. Keeping such company is bound to catch up to you, and, as often happens, there are those times when people with such labels are given a temporary home away from home. Garry enjoyed such quiet respite under God’s ultimate control for 10 months in Seattle. God has a way of catching up with all those who are His children for He has predestined all His children for the doing of good works for His good pleasure. Garry was one of those whom God wanted to change into the image of His Son. “God knew what He was doing from the very beginning. God decided from the outset to shape the lives of those who love him along the same lines as the life of his Son. The Son stands first in the line of humanity and therefore all of humanity is able to be restored in Christ. We all see the original and intended shape of our lives there in Him. After God made that decision of what his children should be like, he followed it up by calling people by name. After he called them by name, he set them on a solid basis with himself. And then, after getting them established, he stayed with them to the end, gloriously completing what he had begun.” (Romans 8:29 MSG) Garry was one of the names God lovingly called, and finally Garry heard. I believe this short autobiography of Garry’s life will shed some light and insight on what it is that God wants to ultimately accomplish in him in the way of maturing faith and come to use, from his personal life experiences, in the writings of Soulology, the PinPoint Soul-Logical Understanding book series; where the Divine Self Being restores the human self being. Garry is a follower of Jesus Christ; he is the husband of one, father of four, and a grandfather; a lover of God’s church and a general laborer in the service of God. Praise be to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen

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Suicide Downed Airliner Mysteries Solved (Germanwings...) - Garry G. Laser



WHO AM I makes this bold claim …

I was in the cockpit with Andreas Lubitz and you thought he was alone.

You may not know me and I prefer it that way. I come to you from many graves. For the purpose of this book I come to you today from beyond the grave of Andreas Lubitz

Can you guess the identity of WHO AM I?

The concept of involving a reader participation game right from the outset of publication has the intention of soliciting extensive reader problem solving engagement. In that I seek to promote awareness and involvement of Soulology, using PinPoint Soul-Logical Understanding principles as it relates to becoming a soul and soul development, I focus heavily on the area of psychology’s rejection of a personal spiritual life functioning capacity in human beings.


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If I am not Andreas Lubitz but I was in the Cockpit Together with Him WHO AM I?

The words of the author:

The voice from out of a Germanwings plane crash grave is not the voice of Andreas Lubitz. I, the author, am telling you this untold part of the human tragedy story because in most likelihood nobody else will. The WHO AM I of this book really does hide its true identity from those who would seek to know the truth about GERMANWINGS Airbus A320, flight 4U9525. And recent speculation would also suggest that possibly even Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.could belong to this category of suicide mass murder airliner downings. The WHO AM I however will be exposed for the real culprit it is in causing carnage, suffering and death among so many life loving individuals not just in this crash but in every other woe and ill of society.

Hi, this is the voice of WHO AM I so please pay close attention.

Ha, if anyone actually released my true identity as to who I am, in most likelihood it wouldn’t be believed anyway. For that reason I have decided to use this method for disseminating the uninvestigated and untold truth behind this Germanwings flight 4U9525 crash instigator. It appears to me that most everyone who pays attention to what’s happening around the globe just swallows up what the media feeds say and print. It is truly amazing the amount of spin which will be put on everything by those spin doctors who would suffer the most if the truth actually came out.

Most folks will want to believe what they are being told but very few will actually investigate the facts they are presented with in order to come up with what is in truth. Very few folks actually believe in what is truth nowadays. Give us the facts they clamor. Most folks, and probably you included, have this predisposition to believe lies more readily than believing what is true. Most human beings are like sheep going to the slaughter. But who cares, they so often think. Even when true facts are released and revealed that does not imply that the full truth is known.

For many folks it is very difficult to understand that at the very core of a human being is a deep yearning to experience life to its fullest with the greatest amount of pleasurable activity and at the very same time there also exists a deep seated subconscious death wish to which is attached for a better and less painful existence. Have you ever wondered why a person attempts suicide when all they really want is to be able to enjoy the fullness and vitality of life with great relationships? Well keep on reading, you may eventually come to understand this strange human phenomenon for which I take full credit.


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If I am not the Death Wish then WHO AM I?

This is the author writing …

This death wish is not always as evident in every person as it is in some. Often times this death wish intensity demonstrates and tells folks that the answer to real life is attainable outside of the miserable, suffering and painful life which so many experience on planet Earth. Very few ever get to know the origin of these thought seeds that seek to direct individuals to want to exit pain by pre-planning their self-murder.

What I, as your current author of choice, find even more disturbing is that the so called professional mental health workers very seldom, if ever, know anything about the source of this universal death wish. Do you by any chance happen to know where this death wish in mankind is derived and sourced from? Do you understand why it is that every culture and every society has had to experience loss of human life by pre-planned self-murder or mass murder?

Why is it that the pursuit of pleasurable living is coupled with the death wish? Why are these two, the life wish and the death wish so much a part of humanity? Why do so many live in a manner that is sure to lead to death? Why do some plan their self-murder when all they really want is to enjoy life?

Why is it that the dark death wish, which we all experience from time to time, offers to our thoughts the suggestion that if a person were to enter into forming a completion of that death wish thought would result in that person having an easier and better life? Does the death wish not seek to suggest that one could help themselves to a solution that would help them remove themselves from the presence of all those who would dare make their life a misery? Why does the trip to Zuicide offer to take someone to the other side where they may anticipate the ultimate good life where there is no more rejection, abuse, misery or suffering?

Let me share an unedited copy of a Google Plus post, and let me state here that I absolutely disagree with the understanding of what was posted. I enter it here for you to ponder on and observe the inherent death wish which has at its very core the desire to have a better life. So ironic is it not?


imran yousuf

Shared publicly on Google Plus


Please share with dear friends who may benefit from a different, awakened perspective on the longing to die....


If you ever feel like 'leaving' your world, if you ever feeling like taking your own life, if you ever feel a longing to die, if the thought I want to kill myself comes to visit, do not fear and do not despair. Celebrate, for a deep intelligence is now at work in you.

Know that it's the most natural thing in the world to consider taking your own life. It is not a sin, not wrong, not a sign of your weakness or failure, not a symptom of a terrible disease or darkness inside you. It's an urge, a consideration as old as the universe itself, something all human beings have known in some form or other. Know that you are not alone, but connected to all humanity in your aloneness.

The urge to 'end my life' doesn't need to be indulged or worshipped, but understood; not numbed away or acted upon, but embraced for what it is.

Translated, I want to die means I feel homesick, and I desperately want to go home, but don't know how right now. The urge to die is the natural urge to shed the illusion of the separate self, to let go of the exhausting burden of 'me and my life' (who you are not) and rest deeply in presence (who you are).

It is a call to remember your true home beyond all earthly homes - here and now. To taste your own taste once again. To come out of the story of past and future, and live in this precious moment. To be here, fearlessly present, courageously alive, no longer at war with the pain and bliss of life, no longer resisting the slings and arrows of existence.

Use the thought I want to die to begin a deep meditation on the nature of self. Who will die? Who would want to kill a 'self'? Who lives now? Who breathes? If the 'self' can be killed, if it can be loved or hated, is it really who you are?

What is the intelligence in you that knows that the 'self' is impermanent and can be lost? Is that intelligence not fully present and alive and awake now? The 'successful self' and the 'failed self', the 'wonderful self' and the 'terrible self', the 'self that wants to die' and the 'self that wants to go on', are these not all images, pictures, ideas, movies, floating in your eternal movie-screen presence right now? Are you not beyond all of these concepts? Are you not the space for it all?

If you have taken 'self' to mean less than who you truly are, of course you want to 'kill' or 'end' it, for it feels too small in your vastness! If you know your 'self' as Self, your own presence beyond birth and death, then you cannot really kill yourself, for presence cannot kill presence, just as the ocean cannot kill the ocean, and the sun cannot stop shining, even though it burns.

You are just tired, friend; so tired. You feel burnt out. You shine so brightly. So rest now, and know that your longing to die is not a mistake but an expression of great intelligence, reminding you of your deep love of life, your unlimited nature, and your cosmic innocence.

A new life is dawning for you. Stay open. There will be unexpected gifts.

I speak as one who has walked this path. I realize now, my longing to die was always my longing to live. And it ended up saving my life.

- Jeff Foster

I hope, that as you read the above quote, that you may have sufficient spiritual truth insight to catch every negation of truth. I am not a fan of Jeff Foster. It is easier to believe lies than it is to believe in truth. I hope you got real angry and upset at such ignorance presented in those lies as written by Jeff Foster. But remember, I just want to illustrate what it actually is that is universal within a death wish – it is always for a better life.

In the writing of this book I hope to present to you what I understand is happening with the human soul and it will be my endeavor to have you know the truth even if you do not want to believe the truth. To believe truth is not a matter of having freedom of choice. To believe truth is a matter of obedience to what you in your conscience know to be true. For example, if you believe that life, as we experience it on planet Earth, is about Me first! and the way you feel about living or dying for your own benefit, then you know that such is a lie. The evidence that you are believing in lies is seen in the number of business, social and personal relationship you have been in which have deteriorated over time. The ‘me first’ attitude is a belief in lies and by such beliefs all manner of wars, relationship difficulties as well as mental and emotional health issues are caused.

Now that you know this is true, continue with me please and attempt to figure out what the identity of WHO AM I is.


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If I am not a Human Soul WHO AM I?

It was WHO AM I that was present in the cockpit with Andreas Lubitz and why were you never told the truth about that presence?

In the event that nobody told you the truth, please pay close attention to what you will read next. Not every soul on board Germanwings flight 4U9525 died in that horrendous crash that day. Some souls are still alive while others were in death prior to the crashing of the airbus. I know this may be hard to swallow as being in truth, but it is a fact- some souls never ended up with the dead.

A human soul is non-corporeal reality. A human soul is judged according to the knowledge it has and the mental reasoning ability it has to use the spiritual truth knowledge of the conscience in making morally right and good decisions. A young child is unable to enter into the area of mental logic and discernment and for that very simple reason there cannot be present what some would say was intentful disobedience to what it knew to be right and good. Such a soul is not in the realm and dimension of death. Therefore it is accurate to say that not everyone ceased to exist after impact. No Sir! Not even one non-corporeal soul was pulverized or annihilated either.

The voice of WHO AM I

I am not a human soul, yet I survived the impact of the crash. WHO AM I is not mentioned on the passenger manifest but if you are not going to believe any other truth, you should believe this - I was there and fully present and I was never hurt in the least bit. All of me is fully intact. I wasn’t even amazed that I survived the crash, but if you are at all honest with yourself, you may be very skeptical about my claim and if you are, you wouldn’t be the first.

I’m still very much aware of what is presently going on with the numerous investigations and I am also very much aware of what took place up there in the sky. Yes, I was in the cockpit with Andreas Lubitz and you thought he was alone. And believe me, - if you dare, that real blameworthy and culpable party in the reported death of those 150 deaths of passengers and flight crew members was not Andreas Lubitz; it was not his death wish and it was not another human soul. I am the guilty party. WHO AM I –can you guess yet?


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If I am not His Genetic Family Pass-along then WHO AM I

This is the voice of WHO AM I

Andreas Lubitz was a Great Sport. The both of us were inseparable. What he did, we did together and he did it all because of me. He did not inherit a genetic disorder that made him want to kill people, but just a minute, maybe he did inherit this tendency to kill others. Kind of absurd is it not to believe that one could inherit a trait that causes on to be a mass murderer?

Well, maybe it is not so far-fetched. First we are told that same sex homosexual perversion is a natural inherited predisposition. Now we are being told that pedophilia is also an inherited genetic pass-along trait. Well, I am here to declare that bestiality, necromancy, mass killings, homicides of anger and passion as well as self-murder, stealing and lying are all pass-alongs. How can you blame anyone for what was genetically inherited? Is that not what is being asked of us to consider? Eventually nobody can be blamed if this trend continues – and I am positive it will if I have anything to do with that process.

Just recently an article came out and therein we read:

Margo Kaplan is not very popular today. In the Monday edition of the New York Times, the Rutgers-Camden law professor, an NYU and Harvard graduate, takes to the op-ed pages to argue that we’ve got it all wrong when it comes to pedophilia. She writes that pedophiles don’t necessarily turn out to be child molesters and that pedophilia is not a choice, i.e. a pedophile might be born that way.

Kaplan says a pedophile is a person with an intense and recurrent sexual attraction to prepubescent children, and cites the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which defines pedophilia as a mental disorder if it causes marked distress or interpersonal difficulty.

(

Mass killings may not be nice but what can be done when it is an inherited genetic predisposition? If you believe that lie then I consider you an ardent hardcore believer in lies.

There are even those of you, who, after knowing the truth upon completion of reading this book, would rather still hide your head in the sand like the ostrich and wish the truth would just go away. In some strange psychologically unexplainable behavioral way most of you, if you had the opportunity to do so, would probably prefer to protect the real guilty party from the charge of culpable homicide and not cast blame. And believe me, - if you dare to believe truth, that real blameworthy and culpable party in the reported death of those 150 passengers and flight crew members was not Andreas Lubitz’s genetic family pass-along predisposition.

Ask Margo Kaplan, she should be

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